Yoga Trilogy : Self-Knowledge ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या | Yoga Vidya योग विद्या | Kriya Vidya क्रिय विद्या

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ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या 

 – Who Are We REALLY! – The Shining Light of Self.

One word explodes the secret of mankind and reveals our true human nature and destiny. Already its captives, hypnotised and enslaved by its mystery, using the word ‘I’ ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या explodes our secret and resolves the human mystery.

No adventure is more captivating, exotic or enchanting than the journey of the human being. And nothing captivates and enthrals us more than the story of ourselves. To discover our secret and know our outcome, all we have to explode is the meaning of one word. Born out of creation, one word  represents the truth of every human being. ‘I’ being absolute and universal is the first name of the whole human race. By exploding it’s secret we reveal not just the secret of ourselves, but get to unlock the whole mystery of the universe. Once our relationship with creation is understood through understanding the word ‘I’, ignorance having been the only reason for conflict disappears and all suffering ends.
Putting us under constant pressure is one word. Our ignorance being the size of the universe, once ‘I’ explodes the weight of the universe lifts off our shoulders. By putting ourselves under the microscope examining all our ideas, having superimposed our own ideas on Reality, Truth challenges us in every moment. Putting all our relative ideas and names to the test,  the teacher using the laser beam of pure logic and rationale in a time tested manner, methodically wields words to point out our true destination and decodifying and demystifying nature stops the mystery.
Self no longer mysterious is the journey that brings us to the ultimate destination.
Without realising it, ‘I’ is the password and PIN code to the universe. Already carrying the truth with us all, if anyone wants to know their ultimate destination and outcome all they have to know is the meaning of one word. Once the meaning is pointed out, being the truth, we never look back. 
Being nothing else like human being, and no other word like ‘I’ before we use the word we already are the truth. Already born eternal, we already are the solution. All we need to recognise the truth we all carry with us is someone to point it out. Ignorance creates the distance. Having never been separate, there has never been any distance between us and the truth. All that separates us is our ideas. Already reached, to reach the eternal we just have to be ourselves.
Truth already being ourselves, already gained, to get thee is effortless. To get the right address though someone has always had to point it out. .
So busy looking for meaning in everything else, we forget to look at the only meaningful thing in our lives, ourselves. Ignoring the one looking, we take ourselves for granted. Which is why someone else has always had to point it out. Hidden in plain sight, already reached, our destination is ourselves. Looking anywhere takes us further from the destining. Getting the greatest shock in our lives, that the truth was always present, invisibly present as the Seer is the inescapable truth. Having always been ourselves, in a flash, the words of the teacher and sastra scripture light up the darkness to reveal what was ever existing as ourselves. Getting darshan, we glimpse the truth. Seeing beyond our relative visible world to the invisible, we recognise the truth that has always been.
Recognising ourselves, like finding our long lost friend, Self having always been our best friend the search is over.
Until we study the Self in Self-knowledge, Self remaining invisible goes unnoticed and has yet to be pointed out. Once shown, having experienced being with nothing else our whole lives, having always been closer than the closest, we recognise the Truth that has always been and freedom; liberation is instantaneous.  

The longer it takes to get to know the truth, the longer ‘I’ like a dictator controls our human destiny and steals the future. Like the sun rising in the morning destroys the darkness, Self-knowledge, knowledge of ‘I’ atma, removing all doubt, cures all psychological and emotional trauma and distress and removes all anguish and conflict.
Confusing us all is a thought. Confusing ourselves with a thought, the truth has yet to dawn. Hidden beneath layers of ignorance is the jewel of humanity. Having lived under the rule of a thought, dictated to by ignorance for so long, we only question the thought when we get into crisis.
Living under ‘apartheid’ our whole lives, seeing self as separate, to stop being dictated to by a tyrant a revolution has to take place. To cure all our confusion and destructive behaviour we only need a change of government. We remove the imposter by understanding our true nature.
Screaming at us to unlock the truth and help us reclaim our lives and future is one word: ‘I’. 
The longer we ignore it, held hostage by a thought, ‘I’ being Absolute, all that separates and sets us apart is a thought: an ideology.  No longer held captive, no more mesmerised by ignorance, our nightmare is over. We need to own our secret. By owning the meaning of the word ‘I’, the future no longer uncertain and insecure, the roller coaster ride is over.
Self-knowledge breaks the spell. Resolving the ‘I’ thought, no longer under its spell no more governed by ignorance the universe can no longer play tricks on you.
Always present is yourself. The thoughts are never real.
Lacking only is knowledge. Already the Reality Itself already the very meaning of existence, meaning of completeness, knowing it, all feelings of emptiness and incompleteness melts away.
No linger dreaming of some future outcome, once we resolve our thought of ourselves the journey is complete. Getting in a crisis and a mess, conflicted and conflicting everyone there is only one way out. Whatever gets us in the mess gets us out. One thought gets us in trouble. One thought gets us out. ‘I’ resolves the crisis. 
Until then like a virus ‘I’ keeps on mutating. Putting us under constant pressure and conflict with ourselves.
Feeding on ignorance the fake keeps mutating and getting stronger with each generation. 
To save the future we only need to save ourselves. 
Whoever wakes us up from the coma we are in, is no longe in crisis. 
Self-knowledge is the vaccine. Getting the cure you kill
the virus and you are free. 
As long as ignorance dictates and governs human behaviour, we shall never be free.
To stop ignoring ourselves and stop taking our existence for granted, we need to stop ignoring ourselves. 

Crisis is man’s best friend and greatest blessing. Crisis lifts the darkness and puts us back on track. Crisis reveals the fake and stops the virus mutating. 
Once the words of the teacher explodes the Truth, the teachers job is done. No longer needed, the words of the teacher having confirmed and verified what was ever present both roles of student and teacher disappear. 

Throughout the ages, Atma vidya आत्मा विद्या (Self-knowledge – knowledge of ‘I’) has been exploding the truth for us. Exposing mans ignorance, countless generations have understood their secret by resolving the mystery of ‘I’.
Once understood, laughing and delighting in the wonderment the joy never stops.

The very last teaching of the veda/upanishads, Self-knowledge has always been held sacred. Having endured the test of time, it has always survived. Sharing in English, no longer only in sanskrit. Self-knowledge is available to everyone. No longer exclusive everyone can understand, shining universally as the truth has always been yourself.
Exploding the myth of mortality, to
reclaim our human destiny we only have to go as far as ourselves. To rebuild a just humane society and reclaim the future, we only need to own the truth that is ourselves.
Having lived with the truth our whole lives without realising it, once recognition takes place, we can’t help embracing it. Truth being universal and all of us, we take back our common destiny. 

Travelling through us all is the Eternal ‘I’, the original time traveller. Already touched by the infinite  until it is pointed out we just cant recognise it.
Like the wave is ever married to ocean all of us is eternally married to the truth. No one and nothing can separate or tear us apart. 
Recognising who you are the universe can no longer keep it secret.

Hidden behind every thought is the truth. To end the mystery and unlock the universe, once we can see through the facade we can’t stop laughing and marvelling at the creations wicked sense of humour. Flabbergasted, we wonder how we could have missed seeing it for so long. Rather than feeling brilliant, proudly arrogating the truth to ourselves, we’re left feeling utterly stupid. Wondering at how ignorant we must have been. To have ignored the truth for so long, when it was right under our noses! Once the joke is seen, seeing the stupidity of ourselves, the laughter doesn’t stop. Seeing the joke was always on us, delighting in the meaning and power of truth our enjoyment doesn’t stop.
Exclusivity doesn’t last. Leaving you destitute and exhausted, feeling utterly excluded from Reality tying us to mortality is a thought. Already a life member of the Big Bang club, just by being human , exploding the myth of mortality, not only your life makes sense, Big Bang make sense. 
The whole creation is the universe celebrating itself. Inseparably bound, inseparably part of Reality, your whole life becomes a constant reminder of the celebration.
Once the truth is verified, being truth it is never subject to change, loss or, cancelation!
Already the proof ‘in the pudding.’ we are all the proof we need. Seeing and recognising ourselves for the first time the disambiguation of Truth is irrefutable. Having never been farther than ourselves, nearer than the nearest, closer than the closest, nothing is needed to invoke the truth. All truth ever needs is pointing out.
What complicates and stops us recognising it is ourselves.
Hiding beneath our ideas and our conditioning hides the unconditioned truth. Because no one has ever shown it to us, we do not see it. 

Teachers in the past like Adi Shankara cautioned us not to try this on our own. Complicating what is a very simple process, thinking truth is anywhere other than ourselves, has led to generations of misunderstanding. To grasp wha is closer than the closest is the least complicated thing in the universe. Lies complicate the truth. Being nothing else, truth being one is one without a second. Stopping us from seeing and recognising it is only our conditioning. 
Conditioned by our thinking, living with nothing else but truth 24/7 365, seeing, experiencing and enjoying nothing else,
because we cant see it we think truth doesn’t exist. It just means we haven’t been shown yet. Or the teacher is goofy. To recognise what you’re experiencing every nano second, if the person doesn’t know it, not knowing where to look, or what to look for, to recognise it on your own, complicates it and makes recognition difficult. 
Nothing makes the job of the teacher more difficult than the one who thinks they know.
Thinking we know something we don’t, we keep being blinded. Until the teaching explodes and the ‘I’ reveals its true secret, we haven’t a clue. And we remain nature and creations best kept secret. Once  recognised though, we can’t believe how simple and how we could have missed it and been fooled for so long. 
Standing between us and the infinite, conflicting and confusing everybody is only our ignorance of ourselves.
Hiding in each heart beat, is the ultimate solution. Already the infinite; our immortality is already gained. Lost in the immortal embrace of the eternal – as long as we stay ignorant and we let creation keep doing what it likes with us it holds us hostage. Kept ignorant – we don’t know what completeness means!
Having focused on nothing but our idea of ourselves our whole lives, used to ideas running our lives, used to running on empty, for our understanding to be complete requires
the complete turn around solution – it has to give us the absolute alternative.
Not ‘maybe’; ‘could be’ or ‘should be’. Discovering the truth is not an option. It is our only option. 
Which is why Self-knowledge as a teaching works. Giving us the complete answer, Self-knowledge doesn’t fire blanks. Brilliantly straightforward it shows us we already are the solution. We bring the truth and the solution with us. Using ‘I’ as the universal PIN code, the instant we open its secret and recognise the truth we have been carrying all along we wonder why it was so complicated. 
No longer obsessed, we reach the stillness that is ever complete and the struggle is over. The i
mmortal has always been our destination. Once recognised the human journey ends.
Realising the ever reached, the teaching and teacher no longer needed drop out.
Nothing can produce the truth that is already existing nor can anything hide the truth. Nor is anything needed to produce the truth. Already ourselves, unless the teacher doesn’t know how, getting lost in an orbit around the ‘I’, we miss the boat. 
Orbiting an idea of ‘ourselves’, we get lost in orbit and miss out on the punch line of creation. Discovering the truth is yourself is the whole point. Being only one race called human being, ‘I’ is the universal password to liberation. One thought is making us confused and upset. Understanding it is not who we are makes all the difference between being irrelevant and obsolete. While we remain ever fresh, one word has the power to put us all in a coma or lift us all out of it and up wake us up to Reality. Understanding one word is all it takes to free the human race and and pull us out of the nose dive and back from extinction. To release the spell and reclaim the future requires education. A teaching is needed. We just have to show up. Once we remove the enigma and mystery that is ourselves, our conflict and difficulty instantly disappears and we can work on reclaiming the future. 
The teacher is just a mirror. Able to mirror and reflect the truth pointing out what nature is hiding in all of us. Once truth is revealed, no longer having anywhere to hide it cannot escape. Nor can we escape being the truth. Truth, having always been us, having always been closest to us our whole lives, recognition is instantaneous.

Imprisoning us all is an impersonator; an impressionist. A fake notion of ourselves has stood in our way. ‘I’ made up of all our ideas has made us a slave. Imprisoned by fake ideas, a fake notion, making everything else in the universe seem more relevant and important than we ourselves, we have forgotten the most relevant important thing in the universe: ourselves.
Taking our existence for granted, until crisis reminds us, we have failed to see the importance of our own existence.
Once Atma vidya आत्मा विद्या removes the shackles and rescues us from slavery, the imposter flees.
Until we get forced to wake up, the question of ourselves doesn’t get answered.
‘I’ is a constantly mutating thought; a virus that keeps putting us to sleep. 
‘I’ being the universal first name of the whole human race: once you understand yourself as ‘the Meaning’ of the universe – you capture the Truth.

No longer its prisoner, no longer held hostage by a thought, owning the truth of yourself – nothing can challenge or overwhelm you again. 
Learning to listen, hearing the story of your timeless self you discover you’re all thats ever been missing your whole entire life. Self-knowledge by revealing the truth, brings you back home to the pure, absolute enjoyment, sweetness, beauty and bliss thats been missing in all our lives.
Having never been absent, always present as ourselves, all that is missing is knowledge: we just don’t know it.

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Yoga Vidya योग विद्या
ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला 

Practice for Life
ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a sequence of exercise designed to suit everyday life. Suiting every individual’s body, lifestyle and ability, as a daily yoga program ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला reminds you of your true nature making you fit to enjoy the timeless secret of perfect health.
Fitting any timeframe, all it takes to become adept at ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a practice a day.  
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Kriya Vidya क्रिय विद्या

 Bhoganathar Siddha, Maha Guru of Babaji and Patanjali SIddha

– The Great Siddha Kriya Breath. 
Searching for the limit to the human being the Siddhas of Tamil Nadu found the limitless.
Over thousands of years, the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing has systematically helped turn the human body into its own self-sustaining power system.
Rising beyond the natural to the supernatural, using your body as your personal nuclear energy plant 
Siddha Kriya pranayama is yoga’s next step.
Siddha Kriya is a system of breathing that uses the breath to trick the body’s immune system into releasing its full creative power and energy. Using the flow of life force swara to build up stamina, you build a nuclear fortress to ward off disease.
During COVID a lot of people are using the breath as a secret weapon to health.
The secret that the Siddhas used to trick death, is the secret weapon we can all use to trick the body into releasing its juice (amrit) and strengthen its immune system.
To see how it works try the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing for yourself.
Taught in a timeless living tradition.

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Asta Yoga of Agustya – the yoga of the Great Rishi and Muni Agustya is the Great (Maha) Yoga of the Tamil Siddha’s. OM NA MA CI VA YA