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Revelling in the Absolute  

Whatever we love most brings us to ourselves.
Dreaming, worshipping and resonating
only with that in our hearts, sanctifying it, we making it our god.
Called Ishta Deva or Devata, as the object of our love our Ishta could be anything.
The moment we are one with our beloved Ishta –
at peace and at our most powerful
it is called
ISHTAM  इष्टम्

ISHTAM इष्टम् Trilogy

Quintessential Yoga

Sri Adi Shankara

ISHTA VIDYA  इष्ट विद्या  | Self -Knowledge | The Teachings that Yoga Forgot 

Through the ocean of time, since mankind first questioned himself, teachings called Atma Vidya have been answering all our questions. So important was the survival of teachings to the sage Adi Shankara 2500 years ago, that he dedicated his whole life to its revival. Subsequently getting lost in religious taboo and orthodoxy, the teaching of ATMA VIDYA and its methodology all but disappeared until recently.
The jewel of Advaita wisdom, referred to in classical upanishadic texts (sastra) as Atma Vidya, Atma Gnanam or Brahma Vidya or Para Vidya, the teaching typically takes place over several days or weeks.

As human beings, other than food, clothing, water and a place to sleep we lack nothing.

Free already, that we don’t know it, but keep trying to complete what is already whole and complete and free what is perpetually free is a source endless mirth and amusement to the yogi.
The source of all our human madness, the more we try to complete ourselves on our own, the more we get pushed into the glass ceiling of our own ignorance.  Until the teachings of Atma Vidya point out our obvious mistake and remove all our doubt and confusion,  our nature though ever present remains a secret and we remain an absolute mystery to ourselves. Like living with a blindfold, struggling to find the solution, until the blindfold is removed we keep stumbling around in the dark and know only pain and suffering. 

Just as the earth ‘appears to’ get swallowed up by the blackness of its own shadow at night,  getting caught beneath the dark shadow of our own ignorance, swallowed up by the blackness we know only pain and suffering. 
Fortunately, like the sun coming up in the morning destroys the blackness, Atma Vidya, Self-knowledge destroys the darkness of our ignorance and all suffering stops.

– ‘John, the teachings really blew my mind in the best possible way. I was literally hanging on every word thinking yes, yes yes that speaks exactly to me and my experience, thank GOD someone has finally explained this to me in a way that makes sense so I can get on with my life!!’ – Madeline Lipson. Byron Bay. NSW

After freeing ourselves, forever revelling in our outcome, we know nothing but absolute peace.
Pure potentiality, unbound happiness and freedom, s
atchitananda, having always been our true nature, just has yet to be pointed out! – This is the true teaching and meaning of YOGA. 

Having never been separate, finding out that no matter what form our suffering took, it was only ‘an appearance’, and only our ignorance ever stood in our way creating the ‘blackness’, is the biggest gift someone can receive in this lifetime. 

Like getting lost in a big city, looking for an address asking someone the way we discover the address was always right there, we just could not see it. Getting lost in the creation, eventually seeking guidance we discover, the truth that we keep looking for is always right here. (until it gets pointed out, because we cannot see it, we just don’t know it!)

It is therefore with good reason that the sages like Shankara have warned us not to try to do this on our own!
Wanting our journey to end successfully, trying to fathom the unfathomable depths of existence
 on our own without guidance is not advisable.

Just as we don’t have to learn how to breathe, we don’t have to learn how to be present.

Already present effortlessly, our presence is obvious, all we need is for someone who knows to point out the truth of what is present. (Which is not at all obvious!) 

‘I feel this incredible freedom that I don’t need any of the shit I thought I needed to be happy –  some destination where I will magically find happiness – ha! I look at it now and it seems so stupid. …  and the idea that it’s ok to have desires, that I don’t have to become some swami who lives in a cave and eats dal every meal.
All the therapy to try and think myself out of my depressed state that is caused by my thinking – trying to cancel thoughts out with more thoughts – imagine how stupid this is! And then the mindfulness training, knowing that I need to detach from my thoughts but not understanding how to do that because I didn’t understand the whole happiness concept because nobody had ever explained who I am in a way that I understood.’

 – Madeline Lipson. Byron Bay. NSW

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ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला

ISHTA-MALA इष्ट माला   A Practice for Life 

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a suite of yoga asana designed to match individual lifestyles, abilities and timeframes and bring daily remembrance of our already existing nature. Depending on which type of student you are ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला adjusts and expands according to ability.

Establishing a routine of yogabhyasa (daily practice), ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला meets you at the very heart of yoga.
No compromise yoga in the deep vintage tradition, once memorised ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला becomes a personal practice for life.

To become adept just takes a practice a day. (Read More)

Bhoganathar Siddha Maha Guru of Babaji and Patanjali SIddha

ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय | The Great (Maha) Siddha Kriya Method

How dynamically do you want to transform your life?
Breathing meditations that can dynamically transform your body are a secret that has long been kept by the Siddhas.

Using the body as our own nuclear power station, The Siddha Kriya Method of breathing and meditation shifts the gears of yoga from asana to breath control, dynamically reinforcing and expanding the bodies power and wellbeing.

By voluntarily influencing the sympathetic nervous system, ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय boosts the body’s immune system dynamically enhanicing our capacity to tackle life’s modern challenges and ward off disease.

The Siddha Kriya Method is taught in the living tradition of Siddha Yoga of ancient India.  

Recognised as yogiraj given the name Siddharthan John was appointed to represent the dynastic Bhoganathar Siddha Parampie (traditional lineage) abroad.

Private only and One on One classes currently available. (Read More)

Eternal Pranams to The EverPresent Ever Existing Ever Omniscient Ever Whole Ever Complete –
Sharing the Light of Living Tradition
Asta Yoga – The Great (Maha)Yoga of Maha Rishi Agustya