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ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या 

 The Universal Light of Truth. Who We All Are – Light on Self.

Atma vidya आत्मा विद्या the teaching of Self-knowledge uses one word to free us from the mystery of ourselves and unlock the truth of the universe. 
Because one thought holds us all captive, obsessed with one word, a word can be used to free us all. Having made the word ‘I’ more powerful than we are, once knowledge of ‘I’ explodes, unlocking the secret and mystery of the universe, having held us all captive, ‘I’ frees us all.
Atma vidya 
आत्मा विद्या (Self-knowledge – knowledge of ‘I’) has been using the word for countless generations to unleash the power of the human being. To reveal and revel in its mystery is to revel in the absolute. Just one word frees us: one word needs to be understood. Unraveling its mystery ‘I’ reveals the secret of the universe.
Shining universally as one in all human beings is the eternal truth. One word speaks for each of us. ‘I’ being absolute, pointing it out, the truth already irreversible is recognised. Revealing the eternal time traveller travelling through all of us, once ‘I’ is no longer a secret, no longer holding us all captive free to enjoy ourselves, the human being is complete.
To understand our meaning and the meaning of existence, someone teaching Self-knowledge knowing the mystery, knowing the secret and the methodology just has to point it out. 
Showing us our true nature, truth already existing, being ourselves is instantly recognisable.
Because we all come from the universe, carrying the universe with us, once the universal truth is pointed out, being irreversible it is never being subject to change, loss or, cancelation.
A teacher of Atma vidya 
आत्मा विद्या who knows the truth of this ‘I’wielding the truth, using a time tested method, flawlessly and seamlessly pinpoints the nameless and names the invisible. Pointing out what has always been creations best kept secret, Self-knowledge is able to reveal the unseen seer, the invisible doer in all of us. Once we are able to recognise the truth, instantly recognising the truth as ourselves, all personal confusion, conflict and needless suffering disappears.   
Standing between us and the truth conflicting and confusing everybody is only one thing: ‘i’. Until ‘I’ frees us, held prisoner by our own thoughts our own ignorance holds us all captive. Separating and stopping generations from being themselves is only ignorance of one word. Having captured the absolute, the same word that captures us now sets us all free. For generations, the word that binds and blinds the human being, explodes to reveal the infinite and reveal the truth. Already the infinite Itself, already the eternal, we can’t escape creations infinite embrace – we just don’t know it!
Mesmerised and imprisoned by the idea of ourselves, to free ourselves of our obsession and reach the timeless, infinite destination, because it is already us, already existing as ourselves to reach the destination is easier than the easiest. All it needs is someone who knows to point it out. For someone to point out our freedom, because we are already the freedom, and bring freedom with us is instant. No longer waiting, held hostage by ignorance, because the timeless is always waiting for us, always available, eternally present as ourselves, to be eternally free, we just have to show up. We must make ourselves available.
A teacher is just a mirror. Able to point out the hidden truth, truth cannot hide, truth cannot escape from us, nor can we escape being the truth. Once it is pointed out, truth having always been ourselves, recognition is instantaneous.

Imprisoning us all is an impersonator; an impressionist; a notion of ourselves holds us all hostage and captive. Being impressed with everything else in the universe we have forgotten to be impressed with ourselves. Because Atma vidya आत्मा विद्या removes our ignorance and rescues us from our obsession, the imposter flees.
Until we get forced to wake up, as long as the question of ourselves remains unanswered, the word ‘I’ puts us in a coma. 
Being the universal first name of the whole human race: once you understand it’s meaning – you capture the Truth.

No longer its prisoner, no longer held hostage by a thought, owning the Truth of yourself – nothing can challenge or overwhelm you again. 
Learning to listen, understanding the history of yourself you learn how you have been missing your whole life. Self-knowledge because it reveals the truth, brings back the pure, absolute enjoyment, sweetness, beauty and bliss of existence back into our lives. Having never been absent, having always been ourselves, we just never knew it. 

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Yoga Vidya योग विद्या
ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला 

Practice for Life
ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a sequence of exercise designed to suit everyday life. Suiting every individual’s body, lifestyle and ability, as a daily yoga program ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला reminds you of your timeless fitness, beauty and nature: the secret to perfect health.
Fitting into any timeframe, all it takes to be adept is a practice a day.  
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Kriya Vidya क्रिय विद्या

 Bhoganathar Siddha, Maha Guru of Babaji and Patanjali SIddha

– The Great Siddha Kriya Breath. 
Searching for the limit to the human being the Siddhas of Tamil Nadu found the limitless.
Over thousands of years, the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing has systematically helped turn the human body into its own self-sustaining nuclear power system.
Using the power plant 
Siddha Kriya pranayama is the next step in yoga.
Siddha Kriya breathing uses the breath to trick the body’s immune system into releasing the full creative energy, flow and life force building a fortress to ward off disease.
During COVID a lot of people have been using the breath as a secret weapon to health.
The secret that the Siddhas used to trick death, is the secret weapon we can all use to trick the body into releasing its juice and strengthening its immune system.
To see how it works try the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing for yourself.
Taught in a timeless living tradition.

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Asta Yoga of Agustya – the yoga of the Great Rishi and Muni Agustya is the Great (Maha) Yoga of the Tamil Siddha’s. OM NA MA CI VA YA