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Revelling in the Absolute  

Whatever we Love most because it brings us to ourselves,
dreaming, worshipping and resonating only with that in our hearts
sanctifying and making that our god, that is our Ishta Deva.
When we are no longer separated, one with our beloved Ishta –
at peace, at our most powerful.

it is
ISHTAM  इष्टम्

ISHTAM इष्टम् Trilogy

The Quintessential Teachings of Yoga

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला

ISHTA-MALA इष्ट माला   A Practice for Life 

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a suite of yoga exercise called asana designed to match individual lifestyles, abilities and fit any timeframe. Depending on the type of student you are ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला shifts accordingly.

All you have to do is memorise it.  

Establishing a routine ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला stays fresh meeting you daily you at the very heart of your practice. No compromise yoga in the vintage tradition, once memorised ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला becomes your personal ally and practice for life..

To become adept just takes a practice a day. (Read More)

Bhoganathar Siddha Maha Guru of Babaji and Patanjali SIddha

ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय | The Great (Maha) Siddha Kriya Method

Knowing how to dynamically transform the magnetic subtle body through using breath and meditation is a secret that has long been kept by the Siddhas.

The Siddha Kriya Method of breathing and meditation using the body as a nuclear reactor is at the core of ISHTAM इष्टम्.

Shifting the gears of yoga from asana to breath control dynamically transforms and expands the bodies vitality and wellbeing.

By v
oluntarily influencing the sympathetic nervous system, ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय boosts the body’s immune system and recharges our resistance dynamically enhancing our capacity to tackle any of life’s challenges and ward off disease.

Once the autonomic nervous system and innate immune system were regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. But science has now proved otherwise.

The Siddha Kriya Method is taught in the Asta Yoga Tradition of Rishi Agastya  – the living lineage of Boghanathar Siddha and Yogi Patanjali Siddha.

John was given the name Siddharthan and appointed representative of the dynastic Bhoganathar Siddha Parampie (traditional lineage) abroad.

Private only and One on One classes currently available. (Read More)

Sri Adi Shankara

ISHTA VIDYA  इष्ट विद्या  | The Teachings that Yoga Forgot 

(Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या  – Self-Knowledge)

Throughout the ocean of time, since man first questioned himself, the teachings called Atma Vidya have answered all of his questions. The quintessential teachings of the Upanishads, revived by India’s great sage and revivalist Adi Shankara 2500 years ago, getting lost in religious orthodoxy the teaching all but disappeared. Taboo to teach women and only taught in Sanskrit by priests to single men, the translating of Atma Vidya by modern revivalists into English, rescues the teachings from ambiguity and obscurity and reveals it to the world for the first time. 

The jewel of Advaita Vedanta, referring to classical upanishadic texts (sastra) the teaching typically takes place over a few days or weeks.

As human beings, other than food, clothing, water and a place to sleep we lack nothing.

Free already, that we don’t know it and keep trying to complete what is already whole and complete and free what is already perpetually free is the source of endless mirth and amusement to the yogi. Pressed hard up against the glass ceiling of our ignorance, until the teacher points out our obvious mistake, while the true Self, Atman though ever present remains hidden we keep struggling. Like the earth getting caught in its own shadow at night appears to get swallowed up by the blackness, swallowed by the darkness of our ignorance we know only pain and suffering. Fortunately knowledge destroys the darkness. Like the sun rising swallows up the blackness in the morning, Atma Vidya, Self-knowledge obliterating our ignorance destroys all the darkness and cures all our suffering.

Revelling in the outcome, knowing that absolute peace, pure potentiality, unbound happiness and beauty, Satchitananda, has always been our true nature, is yoga. (it just hasn’t been pointed out yet!)

Having never been separate, whatever form our suffering takes, it is only our ignorance that separates us. 

Like getting lost in a big city, looking for an address asking someone the way we discover the address was always right there. Getting lost in the creation, eventually seeking guidance we discover the truth we’ve been looking for has always been right here. (until it gets pointed out we just don’t know it.) 

It is for good reason therefore that sages like Shankara warn us not to try doing this alone. Wanting our journey to end successfully, trying to fathom the unfathomable depths of consciousness on our own without a teacher is not advisable.

To learn how to stretch your body and your breath takes time. But just as we don’t have to learn how to breathe, we don’t have to learn how to be present. Already present, being conscious is effortless.
All we need to learn and someone needs to point out is, the nature of what is 

(Read More)

Eternal Pranams to That which is Ever Present Ever Existing Ever Omniscient – 
Sharing in the Light of Living Tradition
Asta Yoga – The Great (Maha)Yoga of Maha Rishi Agustya