ISHTAM इष्टम् Trilogy


Whatever we love the most is called our Ishta Deva or Devata. 
Because it draws us like a magnet to the truth, s
anctifying and worshiping that alone, making it our god our Ishta could be anything.
At one with our beloved Ishta we are at peace and at our most powerful.
This is called

Logo Butterfly2इष्टम् ISHTAM 

Self-knowledge -The Living Teaching That Yoga Forgot

Through the ocean of time, especially in times of crisis, the Upanishadic teaching of Self-knowledge – ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) – has answered all our questions.

Since we first questioned ourselves as human beings wanting to know the truth about our existence and meaning of creation the teaching has always given the answer.

After surviving and uplifting countless generations of human beings, in danger of disappearing 2500 years ago, to ensure its survival for future generations, India’s great saint Adi Shankara dedicated his life to reviving the teaching of Self-knowledge.

Thinking by keeping it secret the knowledge would be preserved, after Shankara, priests hid the teaching keeping it so secret it even became a secret to themselves. Lost in religious taboo and orthodoxy and it got lost in religious obscurity, if not for its modern revival in the 21st century and translation into English, the teaching of ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) and its methodology could have been lost forever.

Now India’s modern revivalists are dragging ‘enlightenment’ out of the dark ages into the school classroom,  and teaching Self-knowledge to children in primary school.

If you’d like the wisdom of the ages to help you in your life we invite you to accept our invitation to go through the teachings of ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) . Taking texts written by Adi Shankara our annual courses are offered online and in person on retreats and gatherings worldwide.  

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ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला 

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला

A Yoga Practice for Life 

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a suite of yoga designed to match individual ability and lifestyle and to fit any timeframe.
A daily yoga festival ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला keeps you healthy by reminding you of your ever perfect divine nature

Once memorised Mala माला becomes a yoga practice for life.

To become adept takes just a practice a day. (Read More)

Bhoganathar Siddha Maha Guru of Babaji and Patanjali SIddha

ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय  – The Great (Maha) Siddha Kriya Yoga Breathing Technique Direct from Bhoganathar and Thirumular Siddha.

The Breath of Life – Offering the inflowing breath into the outflowing breath, Kriya breathing and meditation techniques show you how to use your body as your personal nuclear power plant.

Siddha Kriya Breathing expands and shifts gears from yoga asana – to hyperspace. Expanding and transforming the sadhaka by reinforcing and awakening the body energy system, ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय boosts the body’s immune system and dynamically enhances our capacity to tackle life’s modern challenges and ward off disease.

Learn the Siddha Kriya Method from the living tradition.  

John Weddepohl – Siddharthan – is the appointed lineage representative of the dynastic Bhoganathar Siddha Parampie (traditional lineage).

Private only and One on One classes currently available. (Read More)

Eternal Pranams to The Ever Present, Ever Existing, Ever Omniscient, Ever Whole Ever Complete –
Share in the Light of a Living Tradition
Asta Yoga – The Great (Maha)Yoga of Maha Rishi Agustya