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Whatever we love most because it brings us to ourselves is called our Ishta or Ishta Devata. 
anctifying and worshiping only that making it our god our Ishta can be anything.
When we are one with our beloved Ishta, at peace and at our most powerful
it is called

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Self-knowledge -The Teaching The World Almost Forgot

Because Self-knowledge reveals our true nature as a human being it answers all of our questions. Seen as sacred, the great sage Adi Shankara 2500 years ago spent his whole life reviving the teaching.
However after Shankara the teaching got lost again in religious taboo and orthodoxy. If it weren’t for modernists rescuing the teaching and translating it into English the teaching could have been lost for good.
Lost in religious obscurity and secrecy,
what was once the preserve of yogi monks and saints and only available if you knew sanskrit, is now being taught to school children in primary school in India.

Through education what was once thought exceptional becomes the new norm.
A child being able to read and write a few decades ago would have been exceptional.
Now school children by the age of 8 are expected to read and write or thought to have a learning disability.

Revisiting its past, trading the traditional role and mantle of the ‘guru’ and the ashram with the school classroom India is dragging enlightenment out of the dark ages. School teachers tasked with including Self-Knowledge in classes on mathematics, science, geography etc. are bringing the ancient teaching of Self-knowledge back to life. While a secular education affords only relative skills and works to bring about relative comfort, because Self-knowledge brings about inner happiness, modern revivalists insist for a person to be successful they must be educated in their absolute nature as a human being as well.  

Soon with the modern revival of the classic teaching a person not knowing their true nature and the nature of existence as a human being will be the exception. 

As human beings, other than food, clothing, water and a place to sleep we lack nothing.
Born a human being in the creation we know nothing about, while creation provides everything we need to exist and survive, not knowing the meaning of our existence or what we are doing here, we keep on stumbling around in the darkness. 

Like watching a person in a blindfold, watching humanity struggling to free what is already perpetually free and make whole what is already whole and complete is a source of endless mirth and amusement to the yogi – someone who knows.

Born free, that no one knows it, shows just how limited we still are and how primitive our education is. 

Educated to think that the name and number we have printed on our passport and burned into our brains is who we are, what if creation is busy hiding something from you? What if reality is something quite different and the real identity of every human being is something nature keeps so well hidden, until we get in a crisis and get educated, no one knows it exists?

What if happiness we all so desperately seek is already part of the package and our freedom is already gained? (praptasya prapti प्राप्तस्य प्राप्ति) 

That this identity remains so secret and so well hidden is no coincidence. Revealing one of life’s greatest surprises and greatest mysteries, the gift of Self-knowledge is creations greatest gift of all. 

Knowing yourself as a relative human being is just the start of life’s great mystery. The reveal that creation keeps hiding from you is its bigger picture.

As a human being you have always been natures best kept secret and biggest mystery. But you don’t know it until you get educated.

While you’re still such a mystery to yourself and your nature is hidden away that the avoidable crisis continues on unabated is inevitable.

Until we grow up and get to know the truth everything nature throws at us is a curved ball. Getting conflicted and in crisis, questioning everything the questioning doesn’t stop. Until such time as crisis comes in our lives, none of us wants to know the truth or is bothered about the creation. Only when the crisis gets big enough, then sick of stumbling around in darkness we want to know the truth.
Like a treasure hunt, the bigger the secret, the bigger the mystery and bigger the eventual surprise waiting for you at the end of the search.
All crises find their beginning and ending in you. The resolution therefore of any crisis or conflict is not found elsewhere but – in yourself.
Without crisis – would we ever bother to question? Getting in crises human beings are forced to question, or else get nowhere.
The crisis and reason for conflict is ignorance. Ignorant of our outcome, questioning the experiencer, the one thing that’s meaningful and thats questionable and needs answering the most in our lives – if we’re lucky gets answered.

Answering the question of the questioner all our questions disappear. 

Once you grasp the truth of yourself – no longer under the spell of ignorance, realising all our ideas including the limited idea we had of yourself – in which we place so much importance, is just that – an idea – awake to the truth, ignorance no longer stands in our way and no longer deluded we suddenly find ourselves shining with the brightness of the sun.

Until then the idea of who we are hangs like a could blocking and getting in the way of the self – the Sun. Not real, the one holding onto the idea is real. All our ideas we have picked up from somebody. All belong to to the world. The one though making everything meaningful is not an idea but ourselves. Getting lost in our ideas, including our idea of ourself, making then all more important and meaningful than we are we forget the one thing that is meaningful in our lives – ourselves.

While ideas might be meaningful, an idea is only meaningful because we are meaningful. Existence therefore not meaningful without us. So if we are the missing link wouldn’t it be a good idea to get to know the truth of who we are – get to know the one holding on to all of the ideas?
If children in primary school can grasp the understanding of themselves then why can’t we.
Having been deluded by this word ‘I’ for long enough, its time to own up to the owner of the delusion. Then we can no longer be owned by delusion. Find out why delusion is so old hat. Finding out what alone is meaningful makes all the delusion disappear for good.
To get rid of all conflict and end all crises and remove insecurity instantly all you have to do is find out the truth of yourself.
No matter how surprising or easy it might seem, nothing equals the surprise of solving the riddle and mystery of yourself. Because solving the mystery of yourself solves the riddle and mystery of the universe.

Self-knowledge; the key that unlocks the universe.
Until crisis comes along, used to living with the limitation we don’t recognise the limitation we’re living under. Limited by our understanding of ourselves, ignoring our true selves, the job of nature and creation is to force us to wake up to the truth and get to know ourselves. Through conflict getting in crisis, hitting hard, hitting rock bottom, fearing the worst as we spiral into fear and doubt struggling for answers, as our insecurity gets the better of us studying Self-knowledge helps us to breathe and come up for air.

Only when we can hardly breath anymore and our discomfort becomes so oppressive and overwhelming is our head open for business!
Only then sick of questioning, sick of ‘maybe?’, ‘could be?’ or ‘should be’ wanting answers to which there are no longer anymore questions, Self-knowledge gives us the truth.

This could not happen to us at any better time than the crisis we are in right now. The crisis we find ourselves in right now as human beings is a blessing.
As insurmountable as the crisis in the earths atmosphere and climate may seem, the more insurmountable the crisis the better, because it forces us to question. Questioning ourselves and our true nature, once we manage to survive, this crisis we survive all crises.

Therefore while Climate Crisis makes our future seem bleak and uncertain it is a blessing. 

The crisis facing us as human beings is inevitable. It has always been our biggest blessing. Crisis has always been sacred in India.
Because the closer we get to crisis, the closer we get to answering and resolving the question of ourselves.
Once we solve the mystery of the human being all our crises evaporate and we are free to get on with planning for our future.
The longer we stay in crisis the longer the mystery and misery continues to plague us. The longer we stay in the dark the longer we all suffer. 

Limiting humanities bandwidth is one thing: ignorance; humanities ignorance of itself.

That mother nature keeps us ‘as though’ so well hidden from the truth as though living beneath a blindfold is no coincidence.
Forced to grow, forced to discover the truth of who we are we can eventually free ourselves. 

The mother of all our problems is being born into our existence not knowing. Then when our innocence no longer a virtue becomes a liability – and ignorance, no longer blissful becomes a source of suffering we start to question our existence.
Seeing no need to question before then – we blissfuly ignore all the signs and roadblocks.
Once the questioning begins, questioning everything we want to know the truth.

Like all our crises and conflicts, wanting the crisis to end it only ends in the truth.

Steering us all towards the final resolution of the truth, is the fear of the unknown; the fear of death and dying.  

When the crisis no longer relative is ourself, and we are the only thing in crisis and the reason for the all the conflict, wanting the crisis and conflict to end where do we go?

Just ask the universe.
Just because you ask doesn’t mean the universe automatically has to answer you.

But we don’t have any choice. And if we don’t ask you don’t get the possibility of the answer.

When only one question getting asked needs answering and solves the problem – ‘Who am ‘I”?

How difficult the answer be?

There being only one ‘I’, because the questioning of this ‘I’ arises as a result of your being in creation, knowing the answer instantly lifts the veil and removes the blindfold getting rid of all the dark conflict.

Who are you? Your relative identity makes no difference. Once you make sense of ‘I’, the ‘I’ being absolute, because everything relates to ‘IT’, knowing its true nature all the confusion suddenly stops and everything makes perfect sense.
No longer blindly looking for answers, as understanding dawns, no more looking for answers the weight of the whole universe lifts off your shoulders.

Free to get on with whichever life you want you are free to plan for the future.

Because truth instantly evaporates the darkness and stops all conflict, never again will you be subject to spiralling woes of darkness and doubt and suffering on account of your ignorance.

Self-Knowledge – Happiness not a goal or destination

As long as happiness is still a destination and completeness and freedom is still a goal we suffer. 

Struggling to resolve feelings of doubt and incompleteness wanting the plane to land and our pain to end, still controlled by everything, we’re out of control and all our problems persist.

Because we already are free and happiness and completeness is already our true nature the teachings all talk about it. Discovering this to be the truth all our problems stop. 

The problem being one; our Self-ignorance, in order to free myself, I only need to let go my ignorance of myself. Nothing else is needed bu the knowledge that helps me let go.

The destination having been ourselves – already reached, means true absolute happiness is also ever reached. That happiness was never the goal and freedom and completeness has never been a destination due to our ignorance is not known.

Finding relative value and comfort in the world is easy. Especially today. Shopping malls are full of it. But the comfort offered by the world never lasts and being impermanent can never equate to true lasting happiness.
We may all be extremely wealthy and comfortable in the world but that still doesn’t make us extremely happy. Frustrated and miserable if you look closer you will see besides all the comforts, happiness is not there. Happiness is always missing. Blinded by the need for comfort, until something makes us extremely uncomfortable, comfortably miserable, we don’t question.

Having a cosy peaceful home is nice. But when the whole world is on fire and fire storms are raging outside your bedroom door, nature can steal your peace and hijack all your comfort.

The world will always steal your comfort from you. But no one can steal your happiness.
Because happiness doesn’t belong to the world. It already belongs to you and therefore it can never be stolen.

This is why the more we struggle to find happiness in the world the more incomplete and unhappy we get.

Looking for happiness where its never been is a big mistake. With no land marks to go by, trying to reinvent ourselves, trying medication and meditation looking everywhere for the source of happiness, because it is already ourselves we never find it and get nowhere and we find nothing works.

Because you already are the solution, you keep trying to solve a mystery that doesn’t need solving. The more you work at it the darker everything ‘appears to’ get.

When the mystery of existence has already been solved, why not just get to know the truth.

Because you don’t know yourself you don’t KNOW IT.

Still waiting for the train to reach its destination; how long will you keep waiting? The longer we take, still reaching out for solutions outside and inside us, the more depressed, lonely and desperate we get.

Still thinking our limited ideas hold the truth, the ensuing crisis is inevitable. 

The longer we keep ignoring ourselves and our true nature, like living in the stone age, the longer our happiness and freedom remains under lock and key.

As though imprisoned, a victim of our own ignorance stuck between a rock and a hard place without Self-knowledge the door to our future happiness remains locked.

Still looking for the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, if you already are the pot of gold will you ever find it?

The truth is the further you chase the rainbow, the farther away the rainbow gets and farther away from the truth – the pot of gold – ourselves – we get. Chasing what already belongs to us, thinking happiness is in the world we never find it.

Looking everywhere, as long as we keep on ignoring ourselves, looking inside or outside, all we’re doing is changing the location of our search.

Getting nowhere, still blindfolded by nature, nature has the upper hand and the search continues.
Not our fault that we are all born dumb. But that doesn’t mean we should all stay dumb.

Every human being has to eventually get to know the truth. Or else permanently blind, ‘as though’ sleep walking through eternity, like zombies, we’re forbidden entry to its timeless secret – ourselves. Since we still a secret to ourselves we cant help fumbling and stumbling around in total darkness.

Victims and slaves to our own ignorance.

If you want to stop being a victim and stop being a vacuum all you have to let go are primitive ideas.

Staying ignorant you’re living in the stone age, fighting a losing battle the darkness will keep overwhelming and getting the better of you.

The funny thing is, for your life to change – you don’t need to change.
Without lifting a finger or changing a thing, because we already are the truth, all that needs to happen is, someone who knows has to come and point out the problem and remove the blindfold.

Naturally once the truth gets pointed out and the blindfold gets lifted all our conflict instantly disappears.   

As long as the blindfold remains intact and you keep ignoring yourself that long you keep trying to fill the vacuum and suffering continues.
For happiness to no longer be a dream, human beings need to discover the truth.

Otherwise the seeking itself becomes a nightmare.
At odds with ourselves or at odds with creation, having the truth pointed out killing our ignorance stops the all the conflict. 

Freed from the spell of the past the goal of happiness is ours.

Getting happier the farther removed you are from ignorance the farther way the darkness gets and no longer pushing aside your happiness knowing the truth stops all suffering.

Once you realise, as the chooser of your own happiness, you have always been the master and source of your own happiness all along – so the problem goes away and happiness doesn’t stop.

You can never have enough happiness. But you can have enough of unhappiness. 

Because the ‘unknowable’ (nature of happiness) is finally known happiness never stops.

Previously, not knowing, going around and round in circles, the circles never stop and you get nowhere.

As short as life is, to reduce it to a bundle crises and conflicts, (with a few odd bits of peace in between) – when you can just end the sadness and madness completely and make all the unhappiness go away –  just by knowing your true Self – is a no brainer. 

Bleeding on account being human was never Gods intention. To continue to blind ourselves to the truth is stupid. Once you get rid of blindness you stop being stupid. Why bleed when you can just get educated. We bleed only as long as we remain in the dark; uneducated. The longer our ignorance remains, impossible to see beyond it, the threshold of darkness doesn’t disappear. Consumed by ignorance consumed by the vacuum it becomes impossible to see beyond ourselves and impossible to free ourselves.

All We Human Beings Ever Need is Educating.

Through education Self-knowledge shows how simply being present you have always been the truth. Always the seeker is the truth. For the truth of what is already here and has always been all you need is knowledge.

The only question needing answering is who are you, the questioner?

There is a sharp contrast between knowing ABOUT yourself and KNOWING yourself. 

Stuck living in a constant vacuum, you are still stuck in the dark ages.

Freedom from unhappiness is not a dream. Because true happiness has always existing as yourself it is real. Never distant all it needs is for us to be shown.

Knowing that this has always been your true nature and identity and that happiness has always been as close as you are to yourself and has always been your true nature ends all conflict and makes all crises disappear.

Our life can no longer be like a big black hole in space sucking in everything we throw into it. Filled with the endless promise of abundance your life finally reflects the truth.

As long as we stay confused and see ourselves as an extension of our existence, that long our existence owns us, everything we own owns us and we keep on feeding a hungry monster.

To stop the threat and turn off the vacuum all we need to burn off is ignorance. Then no longer threatened by anything least of all our existence, knowledge is complete and happiness instantly fills up the vacuum.

Growing sick of the endless conflict, if we’re lucky we stumble across a teacher of Self-knowledge.

Finally finding the solution that has always been available as ourselves, letting go the ghosts of the past we can’t believe how easy it is or how stupid we’ve been. That the solution was always right here under our noses and only our ignorance prevented it, until someone points it out, is not known and we refuse to listen or see it.

That truth is always easy and lies are all that complicate it we don’t see and don’t want to know.

Nothing is complicated about the truth. All that complicates the truth is lies.

There being nothing else but the truth, until it is pointed out lies hide and complicate everything.

Still drowning in ideas, people spend their whole lives searching. Struggling under the weight of all their lies, the biggest lie being the one they tell themselves, the blindfold getting bigger and bigger obliterates the possibility of truth being seen. Weighing them down, the lie they’re carrying on their shoulders gets heavier and heavier.

Because there is nothing but the truth, finding out the truth is always the simplest of the simplest.
But we don’t want know it and don’t want to until its too late.

Exhausting all our options, still getting nowhere, we keep beating a dead horse.
Rather than being elated in the discovery of the truth ending up berating the truth life ends up being empty and the person exhausted.

Meanhwile the truth has never exhausted anybody.
Atma Vidya
 bursts the bubble. Based on pure rationale – nothing but pure logic, because truth doesn’t require any belief, requiring nothing, an education in Atma Vidya sets you free. Because you are free already reality is the easiest of the easiest.

You don’t have to believe in existence. Existence is happening already.

To exist human beings don’t have to believe in anything.

What is existing and what existence means is the problem.
Already existing as ourselves to even search for the truth denies our existence!

Atma Vidya’s logic strips away the lies and reveals the truth. Truth that never stops. All that stops is our stupidity. Stopping our questions is the never ending job of logic. Logic is all that stops our never ending search for answers. Ending the crisis of this ‘I’ ends all crises.
Because we have always been free for all time and happiness is ever existing, finding out our true destination is always happiness is easy.

As long as humans have existed the Truth of who they are has existed. Only ignorance – not knowing and not wanting to know – is all that  prevents it. Not wanting to let go all our ideas

Getting educated in Self-knowledge finally liberates you. While ignorance prevents our happiness, with education, we ‘as though gain’ the freedom that has always been ours at no cost. Freed from suffering, lifting the lid on the meaning of being human an education in Self-knowledge clears the sky of FUD – (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and removes conflict.

Staking his life on it, Shankara knew – applied to the individual Self-knowledge solves the problem of the human being. Applied to the whole of humanity, Self-knowledge by changing our human behaviour can clear the world of human conflict forever.

Just like the sun rising in the morning obliterates all the darkness, Self-knowledge destroys the blindfold of our ignorance and reveals nothing but the truth that is always present .

Because ATMA VIDYA frees what is already ever free, seeing the truth for the first time, liberation is not only easy – it is instantaneous. 

From pure ignorance, comes pure knowledge. Only knowledge destroys ignorance.

Knowledge is the cure for all our primitive behaviour.

Proven Track Record 
Self-knowledge is the lifeline needed in the 21st century. It’s proven track record over countless generations proves it. When it comes to the issues that face us in the 21st century, lifting the burden of ignorance proves to be humanity’s number one priority. The moment we remove human ignorance we can work to save our future.
The biggest problem by far is not the human being – but our Self-ignorance.
By removing a simple error; a misconception; Self-knowledge and its proven methodology reveals the true human story.
Saving us not only from ourselves, Self-knowledge ‘as though’ lifts the whole weight and burden of creation off our shoulders.

Lifting us for thousands of years, like Google is to the Internet, because Self-knowledge shines a huge spotlight on the inner workings and mind of the human being, all already free, an education in Self-knowledge proves it.
All scriptures ever talk about it is the nature of one thing – you – the human being.
Instantly shattering the myth of darkness, Self-knowledge destroys ignorance, destroying what we human beings have come to call ‘evil’.

Making even a mockery of death once the truth is known – death becomes a joke.

While our existence may be effortless, discovering the truth requires us to take action.

Before a crisis serious enough forces us to question ourselves, get to know the truth of you are now!

Because you already exist, doesn’t mean you know the truth of that existence or what existence means. Therefore don’t allow your ignorance of yourself to consume your whole life. Make the effort now to get to know the truth of who you are and study Self-knowledge.

All thats needed is for the truth of your existence to be pointed out.

Then truth that has always been, shines forth.

Before you can even think of swallowing the truth, the Truth has already swallowed us whole!

All thats required is the teacher of Self-knowledge – someone who knows – to point it out.

– ‘John, your teachings really blew my mind in the best possible way. I was literally hanging on every word thinking yes, yes yes that speaks exactly to me and my experience, thank GOD someone has finally explained this to me in a way that makes sense so I can get on with my life!!’ – Madeline Lipson. Byron Bay. NSW

Knowing that our true absolute outcome has always been assured, getting convinced through the teachings, the result, revelling in the absolute freedom and happiness, because it is our nature, is permanent.

Thereafter our enjoyment is permanent. Knowing your true nature as abundance and happiness, your joy knows no limit. Nothing but pure peace, pure unbound potentiality, pure unbound freedom, called satchitananda in yoga is permanently ours.

In reality human beings have no limit. All that ever limits the human being is how we limit ourselves. Therefore our own limited understanding of ourselves limit us.

Having never been separated from our true nature, that ananda bliss abounds and is the true nature and meaning of YOGA, hidden only by a cloud of ignorant indifference, this is all that needs clearing by the teacher who simply points it out.

Finding out that no matter what our reason for conflict or how deep our suffering, our outcome has always been assured, is the sweetest, most profound gift anyone can receive in their lifetime.

Like getting lost in a big city, searching endlessly for an address, asking someone local the way you get told that the address you were seeking so desperately was always right there, you just couldn’t see it. Getting lost in the creation, eventually you discover the truth of who you are has always been right here. (Until someone points it out, we just don’t know!)

It is therefore with good reason that the great sages like Adi Shankara warn us not to try to do this on our own!
Wishing for a successful outcome, trying to fathom the unfathomable depths of your own infinite nature, without guidance, is not possible nor is it ever advisable.

Just as we have never had to learn to breathe, so we don’t have to learn how to exist or be present.

Already effortlessly present, our presence, our existence is already obvious. What is not obvious, is what is existing and the meaning of existence.

This is all that needs pointing out.

Once this has been pointed out we can all relax! 

‘I feel this incredible freedom that I don’t need any of the shit I thought I needed to be happy –  some destination where I will magically find happiness – ha! I look at it now and it seems so stupid. …  and the idea that it’s ok to have desires, that I don’t have to become some swami who lives in a cave and eats dal every meal.
All the therapy to try and think myself out of my depressed state that is caused by my thinking – trying to cancel thoughts out with more thoughts – imagine how stupid this is! And then the mindfulness training, knowing that I need to detach from my thoughts but not understanding how to do that because I didn’t understand the whole happiness concept because nobody had ever explained who I am in a way that I understood.’

 – Madeline Lipson. Byron Bay. NSW

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