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Self-Knowledge Online Learning 

Our launch date for Self-knowledge online is set for Sunday March 17, 2019

March 17- April 28 2019

The online course on Self-Knowledge is one class a week on Sundays for 6 weeks and will run from March 17th – April 28th 2019.

We will be meeting on Zoom an online meeting room that automatically records each class so you can replay and review to your hearts content.

Times are as follows:

Australia: Sunday 7- 8.30 pm AEST

East Coast: U.S. Sunday 7-8.30 pm

West Coast: U.S  Sunday 4-5.30 pm

Europe: Sunday 9 – 10.30 am ( Zurich time)

South Africa: Sunday  10.00-11.30 am

Self-knowledge ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या
The little known teachings of Self-knowledge are as old as the hills. For countless generations, since we first started questioning ourselves and our existence, Self-knowledge has been answering all our questions. Getting lost in religious taboo and orthodoxy its modern revival brings the timeless teachings and its methodology back to life. 

Having sat with my teacher through the teachings and been blown away every year for 7 years (2004-2011) told to go out and teach I have been sharing the teaching ever since. 

– ‘John, your teachings really blew my mind in the best possible way. I was literally hanging on every word thinking yes, yes yes that speaks exactly to me and my experience, thank GOD someone has finally explained this to me in a way that makes sense so I can get on with my life!!’ – Madeline Lipson. Byron Bay. NSW

We have created a closed pop-up facebook group for course participants to catch the replay, ask questions and
connect one on one with John. As soon as you sign up for the course you’ll receive a welcome email with the link to join the group as well as the Zoom links for your time zone

In our experience those who benefit the most from online learning are the most disciplined. So class times and dates should be cemented in your diary and you need to commit to doing the required homework at least once a week and get it in on time.

To make sure that this is not a canned learning experience, growing our community of live online teachings we need to all show up. 

Who knows you might meet some like-minded individuals. 

‘I feel this incredible freedom that I don’t need any of the shit I thought I needed to be happy – some destination where I will magically find happiness – ha! I look at it now and it seems so stupid. … and the idea that it’s ok to have desires, that I don’t have to become some swami who lives in a cave and eats dal every meal. All the therapy to try and think myself out of my depressed state that is caused by my thinking – trying to cancel thoughts out with more thoughts – imagine how stupid this is! And then the mindfulness training, knowing that I need to detach from my thoughts but not understanding how to do that because I didn’t understand the whole happiness concept because nobody had ever explained who I am in a way that I understood.’

Madeline Lipson

Course Title: ‘Self-knowledge – Who is this ‘I’? What is happiness? What is the difference between relative ‘i’ and absolute ‘I’.  

Class times as above  and commencement date:  Sunday March the 17th , 2019 

Total course donation per participant is US $108.00

If your Partner would like to join for half price it’s U.S $54.00

If you feel like donating more you’re welcome to just click the Donation Bowl Button and put in your amount in USD.

If the donation price feels too high please send us a message

 Limited class numbers

Book now to avoid disappointment the course closes on commencement
no late comers will be allowed to participate