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What are the religious implications of yoga and will yoga influence my religious beliefs?

Yoga has no religious connotations or affiliations. The equivalent word for yoga in Englishwould be ‘health’. What is health but ‘effortless well being’? Yoga practice helps bring us closer to our beliefs helping us manage and live better lifestyles according to our beliefs whatever they might be. Virtually every country in the world is seeking the benefits of yoga and seeing the proliferation of the practice, enjoying its recreational and health management benefits. Truth and knowledge have no borders nor boundaries, and belong to no country, faith, or religion.

What should I wear?

Prepare to sweat, wear light clothing and bring something warmer for after class.

Any other tips?

Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before class; avoid drinking for half an hour before class; and try not to drink during class.

Can I practice yoga while I am menstruating?

We call this a ‘ladies holiday’. It is advised to rest entirely for the first three days of your cycle; gentle exercise however is fine. It is best to advise your yoga teacher before class but, should you prefer to keep things to yourself, make sure to avoid all inversions, abdominal compressions and backbend asanas. Performing these asanas during menstruation is detrimental to the health of your reproductive system.

I am pregnant, can I do Yoga?

Yoga is a wonderful gift to give your growing child. Mothers-to-be are welcome to join Yogalife classes. Above all others, we recommend the Lotus and Classic mala’s; but for a slightly more strenuous workout you may enjoy Air mala. Please make sure to inform your teacher that you are pregnant and give details of your trimester. In all cases make sure to avoid twists, backbends performed on the belly, asanas that place pressure on the navel area, and inversions. Follow your intuition and do only what feels comfortable.

What is the significance of the tree on your website?

The Pipal tree (Bunyan tree Bodhi tree) is apparently the only tree that releases no carbon dioxide only oxygen continuously throughout the day and night. It is also the tree under which traditionally,students would gather with a teacher to hear the knowledge of truth. It is sacred in India. The roots, it is believed, represent Brahma, its bark Vishnu, its branches Shiv Mahadeva. “As the wide-spreading peepal tree is contained in a small seed,” says the Vishnu Purana, “so is the whole universe is contained in Brahma.” I photographed this lovely young example in the middle of a dense jungle area in southern Orissa. It is a local supermarket, with animals like the buck, and birds collectively gathering in and around the tree all day to eat its fruit, and chatter away.


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