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The Siddhars made a science of exploring our limitless nature. But what does Siddha mean today?
Sadhana, gaining what is not yet gained. Accomplishing the goal, successfully one is Siddha.

Today our work is our sadhana. Staying on top of our game putting food on the table, paying the rent or mortgage. While you try and maintain a secure, healthy lifestyle, keeping our family relationships and marriage together while putting food on the table is the goal, the work is the sadhana

To succeed at any sadhana you need a disciplined happy, clear mind.

Kriya - the way to health and wellness.

It is clear that the body in its unnatural state can become sluggish and mind unresponsive. Yet the body is the perfect tool or vehicle to help us accomplish all our relative goals. The practice of Kriya yoga keeps it that way. As long as we adhere to a moderate diet and lifestyle, using yogabhyasa to burn off the toxins and get rid of Am, prana life force, responsible for the body's healing and immune system flourishes. Building and expanding the subtle energy flows through kriya pranayama, prana saturates the body's energy pathways. (nadis). 

Once these pathways are suddhi, purified and open, the second wave of yoga - dynamically opening and expanding our vitality begins. Through the Kriya process the vital pranas merged with pure shakti become fully dynamic enabling the healthy connection of the subtle body (the enjoyer), causal and physical body (the counter for enjoyment).

The ageing of the body is inevitable. इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA combined with इष्ट क्रिय ISHTA Kriya by rebooting the body's immune system brings everything back to full force and power. Siva and vitality - Vasi -  Sakti - are the dynamic forces flowing as swara, responsible for the magnetic power in the body. Once the Sun and Moon - YIN & YANG magnetism and dynamism flows evenly distributed the nadhis become powerful. With swara at full force, the more vitality and clarity you have, the more you succeed and accomplish in life. 

Without vitality and clarity, succeeding at anything is difficult.


At Patanjali Samadhi with Sri Lasri Sivananda Pulipani Pathira Swamigal dynastic head of the Boghanathar Siddha Parampei which spawned the Patanjali sutras.

Visiting Patanjali Samadhi with Sri Lasri Sivananda Pulipani Pathira Swamigal dynastic head of the Boghanathar Siddha Parampei - Sage Patanjalis Guru Parampara.

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