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 ISHTA KRIYA इष्ट क्रिय

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Breath of Life
Asta Yoga of Siddha Rishi Agustya

Absolute Power Arises in Absolute Stillness

Both the autonomic nervous system and innate immune system were regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. But science has now proved otherwise. Practicing the Kriya Siddha method can voluntarily influence the sympathetic nervous system and immune system. The ability to voluntarily influence the body through the breath is a secret that has always been kept by the Siddhars. 

Siddhars make a science of exploring and realising their purest potential. What is meant by Siddha today?
Sadhana: gaining what is not yet gained. Accomplishing a relative goal. Anyone successful at sadhana is Siddha.

A sādhaka is one who seeks to accomplish something; he is the seeker. Sādhana is the means of accomplishing a particular goal. What is to be accomplished is sādhya. What is to be accomplished gives meaning and determines the means or sadhana. When the sādhaka has accomplished the sādhya, employing the sādhana, he is called a siddha.

A sadhana can be as simple as getting a newspaper from the store. Today work is our sadhana. Staying on top of our game, putting food on the table, paying the rent or mortgage, while trying to maintain a secure, healthy, happy lifestyle and keep family relationships and marriage together.


Visiting the Sage Aghustya’s cave with Sri Lasri Sivananda Pulupani Swamigal and Siddha Vaidyas.

Kriya – path to the pathless. Effortless wellbeing. 

Having a clear prepared mind (adhikari) makes reaching the goal of moksha, freedom and liberation from all pain and suffering in this very lifetime is possible. 

To succeed at any sadhana requires a disciplined and clear mind.

As we age our body becomes sluggish and mind less responsive. Yet the body is the only tool we have that we can use to accomplish all our relative goals. Practicing the Siddha Kriya Method the body’s immunity to disease and ability to remain in its natural state of resilience is maintained. While ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला clears the Am (toxins) so that Prana can flow, the Siddha Kriya Method expands the body’s energy giving dimension to prana enabling the vitality shakti, power and life force responsible for well being and immunity to flourish. Expanding the body’s subtle energy the Siddha Kriya Method forces the Swara (flow of sun and moon vitality) to flow through the body’s nadhis (energy flows) revitalising and re-energising the whole system bringing it back to life

Merging the full power of prana and shakti opens the main gate sushumna the central nadhi which when activated becomes fully potentialized. Filled with the power of pure dynamism the counter for enjoyment – the body – becomes strong and beautiful.
Once the connection between subtle body, physical body and causal body (the enjoyer)
becomes strong all enjoyment is possible.

Doing ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला combined with the ISHTA Kriya इष्ट क्रिय daily reverses the ageing of the body and re-boots the body’s immunity. Because the Siddha Kriya Method awakens the swara (the flow of energy) in full force, Siva and Sakti – Siva Vasi (consciousness and energy, Sun and Moon), the two dynamic principles powering the atmosphere and creation no longer seemingly separate unite under our control. Once swara is under control accomplishing even your wildest dreams is possible. Depending on the desire and karma (action) taken, acting dharmically the more conscious, the more vitality and more power you have at your disposal and the more successful and accomplished you become in your life. 

With vitality and clarity, succeeding and enjoying everything becomes effortless.

At Patanjali Samadhi with Sri Lasri Sivananda Pulipani Pathira Swamigal dynastic head of the Boghanathar Siddha Parampei which spawned the Patanjali sutras.
At Rameshwram site of Siddha Patanjali’s Samadhi. Known in the north by his North Indian name Vyagrapadar, Sage Patanjali’s Guru was Sri Pulipanni Siddha the ancestor of Srilasri Sivananda Pulipani (pictured here with John and an astrologer Krishna Ayer). Patanjali did his Sadhana on Shiva Giri Palani and Pulipani Siddha Ashramam. 

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