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Knowledge That Humanity Almost Forgot

Through the ocean of time, since man first questioned himself, especially in times of deep crisis, Self-knowledge, ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) has always answered all our questions. 

For this reason it has survived.

We are not the first to question, nor will we be the last. After uplifting countless generations of human beings, when the teaching threatened to disappear 2500 years ago, to ensure it survived for all future generations, Adi Shankara, India’s great saint, spent his life dedicated to its revival.

Thinking by keeping it secret the knowledge would survive, after Shankara, priests kept the teaching so secret and well hidden, it became a secret even to themselves. Getting lost in religious taboo and orthodoxy, had Indian modernists not revived the teaching of ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) and recovered it’s methodology, the knowledge could have been lost to humanity for good. 

Dragging ‘enlightenment’ out of the dark ages, knowledge that has always been the preserve of yogi’s, saints and sages and only available in sanskrit has now been translated and taught in English.

If you have ever questioned your existence and wanted to know the truth.
If you have ever wished the stars could speak.
Let the wisdom of the ages and knowledge that is eternal speak to you through the timeless teachings of Self-knowledge.
If you want answers answering which there are no further questions – we urge you to come join us as we share the wisdom and teaching of the ages.
Using as little sanskrit as possible, our popular courses in Self-knowledge are offered ‘live’ online and on retreat gatherings worldwide.

 Self-knowledge – K n o w l e d g e  f o r  l i f e

Questioning the questioner, because both question and questioner arise out of the same creation, means answering one you get to answer both. Questioning this ‘I’, the question being absolute, demands the absolute answer. This has always been the job of the upanishads and the teacher versed in Self-knowledge. Once the question of this ‘I’ that is questioning is answered, all our questions cease to be important and disappear. 

Through Education What Was Once Considered Exceptional Becomes ‘The New Norm’ 

Any child being able to read and write a few decades ago would have been thought exceptional.
Now children by the age of 8 are expected to read and write or considered challenged.

Reviving Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या modernists making Self-knowledge that was once the preserve of yogi monks and saints available for all future generations are making sure knowing our true nature in the future will not be the exception.  

If a child in primary school getting educated in their true nature and nature of the creation can understand the truth, so can anyone.

Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या – knowing our true nature, destroys all ignorance and cures all suffering.

Replacing the traditional mantle of ‘guru’ and the role of ‘ashram’ with the modern school classroom, Indian revivalists through excavating the past are reaching ‘back to the future” to save further generations from needless suffering.

The root cause of all human suffering is ignorance. 

Resurrecting knowledge that was once available only if you spoke sanskrit and were a single male, Self-knowledge retraces humanities footsteps to the beginning. Bringing back the eternal teachings from the past, by revealing our true nature as timeless, Self-knowledge brings inner peace. While a secular education gives relative skills that afford relative comforts in the world, modernists insist without Self-knowledge our education as human beings is incomplete. To live comfortably and enjoy absolute peace and happiness each person must get educated in their absolute nature.

In India, teachers trained in Self-knowledge are tasked with including Self-knowledge in classes on mathematics, science and geography etc.

Yielding a 100% pass rate in 27 schools year on year, the results speak for themselves.

Through its modern revival, following India’s example, soon anywhere in the world people not knowing their true nature as a human being will be the exception rather than the rule.

Other than food, clothing, water and a place to sleep human beings lack nothing.

As human beings, because we spend our entire life on earth trying to free what is perpetually free and make whole what is already perpetually whole and complete this is a source of endless mirth and amusement to a yogi – one who knows. Born virtually blind at birth into a creation we know nothing about, living in a body we know nothing about, while experiencing nothing other than creation 24/7 as long as our ignorance of it’s meaning is still intact it creates all our suffering and confusion.
As long as we stay ignorant, stumbling around in a perpetual blindfold, as we try to s
urvive crisis after crisis, battling through never ending conflict – our suffering seeming so real and unavoidable, it turns out is not what creation had in mind for us. 

Eventually succumbing under crisis we are forced to stop and question ourselves. When the crisis no longer relative is us, when we are the thing in crisis, no longer having the luxury of blaming everything else, trying to find the meaning and reason for our existence, we end up questioning the thing that has always been the most questionable: ourselves.

While creation is just getting on with its business as usual and having no problems, we seem to have a problem. So if we are the only things having a problem who needs or what needs questioning the most?
The human being. Being the only thing in a crisis, we need to question ourselves.

This brings light into the tunnel. if we are the problem and thing in question, we must also be the solution.
As it turns out this is absolutely the case.

To stop the stumbling around in perpetual darkness and remove all suffering completely, all we have ever had to remove is the blindfold. Knowledge – Self-knowledge – by removing the blindfold of our ignorance of ourselves gets rid of all the blackness and kills all our frustration born out of pain and suffering.

Yet until we get in a crisis serious enough we don’t knows this. The truth is only when we get in a crisis do we wish to be free.
Simply by knowing the truth of ourselves we can then drop all our illusions and drop the burden of ignorance creation lays on us and creation can never burden us again.

Struggling for freedom is the supreme human paradox. Struggling under this great irony is, generations have come and gone before us and shouldered the burden of unnecessary pain. 

Once the blindfold is removed no longer a mystery to ourselves, creation no longer being a mystery or a burden, means death is no longer a burden. We realise there has never been such a thing as death. Always only life and living, life becomes an absolute peace. Knowing our true nature as eternal, having always been ever whole and complete, our human crisis is over.

Being born ignorant doesn’t mean staying ignorant. No one should stay ignorant. 

Self-Knowledge makes us realise – Unhappiness is never real. Nor was happiness ever a Goal or Destination

As long as happiness is still a goal and a destination, that long we still don’t know the truth and that long we continue to suffer.

The longer you keep on ignoring our true nature, living in the stone age we are stuck living in a vacuum and true happiness and freedom always a dream can never be ours.  

As timeless as the Self Atman so are the Upanishadic teachings of Self-knowledge – Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या 

Without Self-knowledge there is no such thing as yoga. Without the knowledge of oneness separation is still possible. Always seeing ourselves as separate, our ignorance separates us from the truth. Then true yoga cannot happen. In the end our ignorance is all that separates us.
Yoga happens when there is no longer any split or apparent separation from Self. This in the upanishads is called kevalyam.

The modern revival of Self-knowledge heralds the end of the search. The new age of yoga. The yoga of awakening. Self-knowledge is the end of ‘enlightenment’ and end of Self-realisation. Rather than just stretching our bodies, Self-knowledge invites you to stretch the mind and venture from the unknown to the known, from limitation to that which knows no limitation.
Showing us our true nature as pure wisdom, true understanding, pure intelligence and happiness, Self-knowledge ATMA VIDYA is the true path to moksha – absolute freedom.  

The key that unlocks yoga has always been the knowing of Self. Knowledge of the knower. 

Upanishadic Wisdom

The vedas are said to be the oldest books of mankind. Part of the vedas, yet older than the Vedas are the upanishads. While the vedas like all relative systems of knowledge – e.g. mathematics, science, physics, chemistry etc. can only deal with the relative world of matter and form we see around us, incapable of answering questions of a non-relative nature, this has always been left up to the upanishads. Revealing the timeless truth of the Self, the absolute ‘Seer’ of time, to which all knowledge relates, the upanishads are thus regarded as superior to any other form of knowledge.

Absolutely rational, upanishadic wisdom reveals and unravels the true mystery of creation that is yourself, takes away that responsibility from mathematics, physics, science and chemistry etc.