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Absolute Knowledge Arises in Absolute Silence.
Historical Teachings on the Power of ‘I’  
Atma आत्मा 

 Self-knowledge – K n o w l e d g e  f o r  l i f e

Self-knowledge -The Living Teaching That Yoga Forgot

Through the ocean of time, especially in times of crisis, the Upanishadic teaching of Self-knowledge – ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) – has answered all our questions.

Since we first questioned ourselves as human beings wanting to know the truth about our existence and meaning of creation the teaching has always given the answer.

After surviving and uplifting countless generations of human beings, in danger of disappearing 2500 years ago, to ensure its survival for future generations, India’s great saint Adi Shankara dedicated his life to reviving the teaching of Self-knowledge.

Thinking by keeping it secret the knowledge would be preserved, after Shankara, priests hid the teaching keeping it so secret it even became a secret to themselves. Lost in religious taboo and orthodoxy and it got lost in religious obscurity, if not for its modern revival in the 21st century and translation into English, the teaching of ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) and its methodology could have been lost forever.

Now India’s modern revivalists are dragging ‘enlightenment’ out of the dark ages into the school classroom,  and teaching Self-knowledge to children in primary school.

If you’d like the wisdom of the ages to help you in your life we invite you to accept our invitation to go through the teachings of ATMA VIDYA (आत्मा विद्या) . Taking texts written by Adi Shankara our annual courses are offered online and in person on retreats and gatherings worldwide.  

What is Self-knowledge?

The question of the questioner and question of creation both arising out of the same creation means, by answering the question of the questioner, we answer both and have no further questions.  

Through Education What Was Once Considered Exceptional Becomes ‘The New Norm’ 

A child being able to read and write a few decades ago would have been considered exceptional.
Now children by the age of 8 are expected to read and write or thought to have a learning disability.

Reviving Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या modernists are making sure the knowledge that was once the preserve of yogi monks and saints has been saved for all future generations. 

If primary school children can grasp their true nature as already absolute, then it means we all can.

Becasue Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या – knowing our true nature, destroys all ignorance, it destroys all suffering.
Replacing the traditional mantle of ‘guru’ and the role of ‘ashram’ with the school classroom, India’s modernists excavating the past are going ‘back to the future’ to save future generations from needless suffering.

The root cause of all human conflict and suffering is ignorance. 

Resurrecting knowledge that was once only available if you spoke sanskrit and were a single male, Self-knowledge retraces our footsteps and brings us back to the very beginning to reveal our true timeless nature.

While a secular education teaches us relative skills and assures relative comfort, because Self-knowledge brings inner peace and happiness, modernists insist that for a persons education to be complete, each person must get educated in their absolute nature as well.

Training primary school teachers in Self-knowledge, school teachers in India are now tasked to include the knowledge of Self Atma in classes on mathematics, science and geography etc.

Yielding a 100% pass rate year on year in 27 schools the results speak for themselves.

Through the modern revival of India’s classical teaching, soon the same as anyone being able to read and write is no longer the exception, anyone ignorant of their true absolute nature as a human being will be an exception.

Other than food, clothing, water and a place to sleep we human beings lack nothing.

Watching humanity spend its entire lifespan on earth trying to free what is already perpetually free and make whole what is already whole and complete is a source of endless mirth and amusement to the yogi – someone who knows. 

Because we are born in the dark, born into a creation we know nothing about, not knowing the reason for our existence or the meaning of creation, as long as we remain in the dark and ignorance is still intact, like living in a perpetual blindfold, we can’t help suffering. Stumbling around in perpetual darkness, surviving one crisis after another, we endure endless conflict. Until the blindfold is removed and we are freed from our ignorance. Until then knowing nothing else but suffering we cant get on with our lives.

Struggling under this supreme paradox and irony, generations have struggled though the endless cycles of birth and death. Enduring nothing but non-stop suffering and endless pain, that the knowledge of who we are that removes the blindfold and prevents any further suffering is available to us is not known to us. 

Once we remove the blindfold creation places on us, knowing nothing but absolute peace, no longer a mystery and misery to ourselves, knowing our true nature as ever whole and complete, the crisis afflicting us is immediately over and we can never get conflicted again.

Self-Knowledge – Happiness not a goal nor destination

As long as happiness is still a destination and completeness and freedom still our goal that long we will suffer.

The longer we keep ignoring ourselves and our true nature, like living in the stone age, the longer our happiness and freedom remains under lock and key.

As timeless as the Self Atman so are the Upanishadic teachings of Self-knowledge – Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या 

There can be no yoga without Self-knowledge. Without Self-knowledge oneness; yoga is not possible. Always seeing ourselves as separate for the truth, true yoga happens when there is no longer any separation from Self.

Its modern revival heralds the new age of enlightenment. Stretching our boundaries not our bodies, Self-knowledge invites us to venture into the absolute and let go of all our limitations. By showing us the true path to pure wisdom and true and lasting happiness, it is the true path to liberation – moksha –  

This has always been the key to the teachings of yoga.

Upanishadic Wisdom

The vedas are said to be the oldest books of mankind. Part of the vedas yet even older than the Vedas are the upanishads.The vedas like all of the other relative systems of knowledge – mathematics, science, physics, chemistry etc. only able to deal with the relative objective world of form we see around us, is therefore incapable of answering questions os a non-relative nature. Throughout history, revealing the timeless nature of the Self has always been left up to the upanishads. Because they have always revealed the absolute truth of ‘the Seer’, the ‘Knower; to which all other knowledge relates, the upanishads are seen as superior to all other forms of knowledge.
Absolutely rational, upanishadic wisdom takes away the responsibility of unraveling the mysteries of creation from mathematics, physics, science and chemistry etc.