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Absolute Knowledge. The Power of ‘I’  Atma आत्मा 

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The Teaching Yoga Forgot
Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या (Self-knowledge) is the little known quintessential teaching of the Upanishads and Advaita Vedanta.

Whenever our existence is threatened getting in a crisis, we are forced to question ourselves.

All our other relative sources of knowledge we rely on normally like the internet, becoming redundant dry up and, wanting to know more, suddenly we realise for the first time in our life how little we know about ourselves and our true nature and the nature of existence.
The truth is we know squat.
Wanting to know more where do we go?
Luckily we are not the first human beings to be faced with a crisis. Faced with similar crises, wanting to know the truth, in India human beings have always been able to go to the upanishads. 

As timeless as time itself, the teachings of Self-knowledge, Atma Vidya have successfully answered all our questions uplifting human beings for countless generations. Curing us of all our human ignorance, called pramana, the means of knowledge, upanishadic wisdom is defined asAnadhigata abadhita jnana janakam sastram” – knowledge which is not available from any other source. Solving all our problems Self-knowledge has a reputation for helping human beings in distress. Because it has always shown human beings the truthonce the truth is known, upon verification it is never subject to cancelation.  

Because Self-knowledge cures all suffering, it’s survival as a teaching was so important to Sri Adi Shankara 2500 years ago, that the sage dedicated his whole life to its revival. Thereafter treated as sacred, it was lost in mystery and religious orthodoxy. Hidden in taboo its methodology forgotten, threatened with extinction it became forbidden to teach Atma Vidya to foreigners and India’s lower caste. Only taught by priests to men who knew Sanskrit, modern revivalists, breaking with tradition have now translated Atma Vidya into English. Dragging the teaching of Self-knowledge out of the dark ages and and rescuing its methodology, the teaching of Self-knowledge has become available to the general public for the very first time.


As timeless as the Self Atman so are the Upanishadic teachings of Self-knowledge – Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या 

As part of the new wave of yoga and spirituality Self-Knowledge pushes us to new levels of understanding, showing us the pure path to happiness and liberation – moksha – has always been knowledge.

Upanishadic Wisdom

The vedas are said to be the oldest books of mankind. Part of the vedas and said to be older than the Vedas are the upanishads. Like all of our relative systems of knowledge – mathematics, science, physics, chemistry etc. the vedas only deal with the relative world of objectivity we see around us. Incapable of answering our questions of a non-relative nature, throughout human history this has always been the job of the teacher versed in upanishadic wisdom. Because it deals with the absolute knowledge of the knower, the Self, in which everything is relative it is superior to all other forms of knowledge.
Absolutely rational,
upanishadic wisdom takes away the responsibility of unraveling the mysteries of creation from mathematics, physics, science and chemistry etc.  

The revolution in modern thinking. Yoga’s next wave

‘As long as creation remains a secret to us and we remain a secret to ourselves we suffer. Our modern education and upbringing teaches us to look for happiness in the world. Religion and modern spirituality takes this one step further, telling us to look for eternal happiness within or it lies waiting for us in the hereafter. Both these ideas are false. Because happiness is already our true nature (only hidden beneath a cloud of ignorance) searching everywhere else for happiness other than ourselves we never find it. Spending our entire lives searching, the more we look in all the wrong places, the more pain, suffering and misery we all experience.  

Fortunately just like the sun destroys the darkness, Self-Knowledge, Atma Vidya, because it destroys our ignorance, cures all our suffering.
What the sages and prophets have been trying to tell us for generations throughout history, that bliss, happiness and liberation is already ours, gained already, (praptasya prapti) being our true permanent nature as human beings, means nothing needs to be done to get it. Until we know this, our desires are never fulfilled and making happiness a destination the destination is never reached!
All we ever needed is pointing out. Once our true nature is shown to us, freed instantly, we cannot believe how foolish we have beenAs long as we’ve searched in the world for happiness, that it was always ourselves, the longer that stays secret the longer we stay miserable. Like the clouds cover up the sun, ignorance covers our true nature. Staying ignorant, stuck in darkness (that doesn’t exist!) we cant help but keep on suffering.’

Knowledge for the i generation

For the little wave to appear separate from the ocean, the whole ocean has to come into existence first.
For us to appear separate from each other and from the creation, the whole Creation has come into existence!

However as much as the little wave in the ocean is never separate from the ocean, being married to the ocean, so we are never separate from our true nature. Already part of the vast creation, already free, even if we don’t do know it, all we need is someone to point this out for us. 

To deal with our sense of separation all humanity needs to remove is blindness. Through an education in Self-Knowledge we learn what is already true by nature. Before we try to take ownership of what already belongs to us Self-knowledge because it removes our ignorance of ourselves, frees us from limitation and a sense of incompleteness. 

Just like the little wave, already perfect, whole and complete, being water, needs nothing to complete itself and make it ocean, so nothing is needed to make you more whole and complete than you already are.