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इष्ट विद्या
I  S  H  T  A   V  i  d  y  a
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 K n o w l e d g e  f o r  l i f e

(आत्मा विद्या Atma Vidya)

Self Knowledge
– A revolution in modern thinking

Self Knowledge is not for everyone. You have to have a particular type wit or intellect to understand and stomach it.

Having said that, of all the things in the world at the moment, the teachings of Self Knowledge could not come at a better time.

Why one may well ask do I need to get to know myself? If anyone knows who I am, I do.

But this is not necessarily true. When it comes to knowing ourselves you’d be surprised to learn just how little we all know.

Thinking we know about a lot of things, there is always somebody who knows a lot more than we do. Our mechanic for instance. Thinking we know all about our car, our mechanic knows a lot more about our car than we do. Our plumber and electrician know the plumbing and electricity in our house a lot better than we do. Likewise when it comes to ourselves, someone knows a lot more about us than we do. For a start, thinking I know all about my body, my doctor knows more about my body than I do. A psychiatrist, knows more about how my mind works and brain operates than I do.
Thinking I know who I am, thinking by knowing my age, my name, my qualification’s qualifies me for knowing who I am, I am showing my ignorance.

My age has to do with the ageing of the body. Nothing to do with me. My name, my identity, my degree or qualification are also relative to me. Thinking my marriage, home, car, bank account and all I possess is who I am, I am listing all the things I have. Listing all my limitations.

Things that relate to me cannot be me. Thinking I am my identity or even my personality is me, I don’t know the truth. My identity and personality belong to me, they are something I have. As long as I keep thinking I am what I have, I keep ignoring the truth. I’ve spent my whole life ignoring the truth. Forgetting who the owner of property, owner of the identity, the owner of my personality is, I keep forgetting me. Without me, none of it exists.

Thinking I am anything is a mistake. Thinking I am what I have, my bank account owns me, my home, my degree, my identity, personality owns me. Being owned by all these things no wonder my life is a mess and in constant crisis. Feeling threatened all the time, the moment my bank account is low, or my personality threatened, or beliefs feeling I am being threatened I get thrown into crisis. If I am owned by all these things, if my bank account owns me, my home owns me and all my relationships own me, how can I ever have a sane moment.

It doesn’t take rocket science to see that this is a mistake. What I have can never be me.

Even the thought of me is not me. Having a thought of myself, the thought is happening in my presence. How can this ever be me.

More on this later.

Thinking we own anything we are limited. Living on borrowed time. Terms and conditions apply. Trying to relieve and remove the stress, thinking yoga, meditating and hiking in the forest will melt the crisis and make it all go away, while I might enjoy a brief respite for some time, the relief is limited and the stress persists and the feeling of oneness and peace I get being in nature or in the forest or meditating doesn’t last. No matter how much I try and meditate and do yoga or immerse myself in nature, something keeps getting in the way, separating me. And so it will. While I persist in perceiving myself as an idea, my peace and happiness is always going to be subjective. Subject to conditions, my need of identity and my perception of myself keeps separating me throwing me into crisis. No matter how much I try, seeing myself as the oneness, at peace and one with everything doesn’t work. My identity keeps isolating me from the oneness of myself. Well its not the identity really. Being absent to myself, my conditioning makes me think my personality and individuality identify and complete me. Seeing myself as an exclusive individual, my exclusivity keeps separating and isolating me, separating and drawing me apart even from the ones I love. Conditioned by the patterning I inherited, trying to escape and change the patterning becomes an obsession. Obsessed, possessed by one thought, the thought, ‘I’, my individuality keeps isolating and excluding me even from my own life. Forced to see the world through the lens of this ‘I’, conditioned by this ‘I’, I keep seeing myself for who I think am and am unable to see the reality and end up not getting the whole picture.

The truth is, there with or without my degree or qualification, with and without anything is always my true nature; Self.

Always present and always available.

While self remains ever free, unblocked and eternally liberated, still stuck on an idea of myself, under the spell of this ‘I’, my ignorance, ideas and beliefs will block me and keep getting in the way, getting the better of me. This is what creates all my conflict.
Thinking I am in crisis the whole time, at no time, is the whole of me, the complete picture ever absent or in crisis. Only the thought of me is in crisis. In fact under the spell of ignorance the ‘I’ is the crisis. Yet, while my idea I have of myself may get conflicted, and my own perceptions of myself are making me feel wholly incomplete and absent to myself, Self, the reality is ever present.

Thinking I can meditate and solve the problem, meditation offers only a temporary respite and solution. Meditation like yoga is a tranquilliser. Suspending the ‘I’, the ‘I’dea I have of myself getting suspended only solves the problem momentarily. Its not a permanent solution.

If only the idea, the perception of myself is getting in the way, making me absent, then getting to know myself without the idea, without conditioning must solve the problem? My being ever present and available, means getting to know who I am without my degree, car, mortgage etc. without anything – must be easy.

A piece of cake!

And so it is. Self knowledge called आत्मा विद्या Atma Vidya or आत्मा ज्ञानम् Atma Gnanam solves the problem , breaking the patterning and conditioning, breaking down the barrier of our perceptions. Breaking through the barriers of time, Self knowledge has been depersonalising and revealing the true nature of this ‘I’ to human beings for generations.

We are not the first to want to know the truth of who we are. Neither will we be the last.

But in order to know anything, first you have to want to know. We need to know that we don’t know. I have to acknowledge that I am ignorant. Once I acknowledge my own ignorance getting to know he truth is always easy. Otherwise lost forever in the bliss of my ignorance, my ignorance is on going. Unless I am forced through crisis to question, fooled by the bliss of my ignorance, my patterning keeps on fooling me and I don’t want to know. Like thinking I know my way around the big city for instance, then one day getting completely lost and not knowing my way around. Only when I end up getting caught out and completely lost do I ever think to question and ask for directions. And even then its normally only under extreme duress.

In my life, thinking that I know everything, thinking I know who I am, only when I find myself in a similar extreme crisis and in danger, under pressure, do I ever stop and question. Until then it doesn’t even cross my mind.

Because nature makes sure. Creation taking care of everything for us makes sure everything remains perfect and everything is possible. Until we run out of options.

Usually when do we run out of options? When we hit a snag in our lives. Even then we do run into problems we want to run away as far and as fast as possible

Getting diagnosed with an incurable disease, losing a business, or marriage or relationship turning sour and breaking down, running out of options, feeling let down and left stranded we wonder why? What happened? Losing anything meaningful forces us to question.

When do we finally run out of options? Death kills all our options.

Even the thought of dying is enough to make us question.

Today watching someone lose a cellphone you’d think the person themselves is dying.

If we want to know how we respond in crisis as human beings and what crisis looks like all we have to do look at someone losing a cellphone.

Turning a normally sane person turn into a nervous jabbering wreck, they become a professional contortionist, and acrobat! The power in the cellphone is amazing. Throwing them here and there in and out of restaurants, as they search under beds, toilet seats, under cars, searching everywhere, just trying to hold a normal conversation you may as well talking to the walking dead. The person’s a zombie. Having poured all their meaning of their lives and identity into a cellphone, the moment it dies or goes missing they feel like they themselves are dying and their lives are missing!

We can all laugh at this, as we have seen this many times. But it can happen to anyone.

Now lets take a good look at ourselves. As individuals whenever we get in a crisis, we behave the same way. Having poured all the meaning and identity of our lives into a word, an idea, we have made the word ‘i’ the measure, meaning and currency of our lives. Giving it the power, like the cellphone, we have given the power to control and rule our lives to something we don’t know. An ‘i’dea. Having handed over control of our lives to an ‘i’dea we create of ourselves, how long before our ‘i’dea gets us in a mess and we get in trouble. Using the idea of our individuality as our map, our GPS we use to navigate and guide our lives in the creation, having nothing to do with the creation, its only a matter of time before we end up in crisis. Like trying to use a map of NYC Times Square trying to find the Eiffel tower in Paris how far will we get? Relying on our individuality, made up of our patterning and conditioning having nothing to do with the reality, can only end up getting us lost. This result is all our pain and suffering. Experiencing nothing else but crises after crisis all our lives, the moment any part of the map goes missing, or our GPS falls apart, feeling a part of ourselves missing, we want to die. Relying on anything for our independence is ridiculous. Using our idea of ourselves to navigate the cosmos is highly dangerous. Once one of my ideas get threatened all my ideas get threatened and its like my whole life threatens me. Life itself becomes a burden and a threat. Relying on this ‘i’, every moment that goes by becomes a challenge. Challenged by the second, I feel like I am dying every second.
Maintaining the idea of independence, how long can I keep it going and hold onto my sanity. Depending on anything for my independence I am fooling myself and it is only a matter of time! Terms and conditions apply! Depending on anything I can never live maintenance free.

Until we get to know ourselves, all in the same boat, we keep falling into crisis on regular basis. Surviving one crisis after another all on account of this ‘i’, as I keep trying to make sense of it all, do I need to get rid of and renounce my individual patterning and conditioning, my personality or somehow rid myself of my self ignorance?

For the change to take place in our lives, all we have to do is fix a mistake in identity, by making sense of this – ‘I’.

One thing in all our lives stands in our way. Our own self ignorance, our ignorance of this ‘I’.

Using the word ‘I’ in every second breath, every second sentence; does anyone know the meaning of the word ‘I’?

Super human intelligence

In a world thats become filled with smart phones and social media, as we rely more on computers, and software and computers get quicker and smarter, thinking computers are getting smarter than me, Self-knowledge couldn’t come at a better time. Already replacing our interaction with other human beings, taking over all our menial tasks at airport check-ins, switchboards, online, GPS navigating our cars, conversing through SIRI, as much as individuality and self-ignorance rules our lives, smart phones and the internet are also beginning to rule our lives.

Jump to AI (artificial intelligence) – if computers become superintelligent, i.e. if computers already replacing the human brain and smart phones already thinking for us automating our lives take over, becoming that smart; what will become of us?

What if future superintelligent computers replace us completely?

The job of any computer is to crunch data. Given a complex task a computer will continue doing that task forever until either it breaks down or somebody switches it off. Computers are unconscious. Being unconscious limits them. Operating only on electricity it can only think at the speed of thought and do tasks set by the designer of its software. As such computers being unconscious, can replace the need of a human being but can never replace the human being.  

Already computers have been living with us our whole lives. Our minds are crunching and resolving data solving our issues for us every millisecond. Through understanding our minds, we need never fear the computer. As part of human intelligence, the mechanism of the mind is computing and processing data all day long doing the job of a billion computers. With infinite bandwidth, quicker than quick (for the human mind rooted in timeless consciousness time is slow – a nanosecond is slow!) processing thoughts even in our deep sleep, being rooted in consciousness our minds capacity and capability is far faster than any computer. Not based on any pattern, while computers need patterning and software replacing and upgrading our minds never do. Only we, the operator of the mind, in whom all our minds patterning takes place need re-educating.

Making sense of the mind mechanism, our personal patterning and management tool is part of the job of Self-knowledge. Lightning quick speed, our personal assistant and thought processor, our minds and functionality as a human being is only limited by how we limit ourselves. Like a computer, the device is never the problem. Only we the thinker using the device are.

If we still think our minds are a problem, or computers are a problem, then definitely we are the problem.

Before we can rationalise a thought first we have to be conscious. Already conscious what is it that is conscious? Not only that, what is consciousness?
Just by knowing I am conscious, whether I am rational with it or irrational, saves and prevents me ever being controlled by the machine.  

The problem with the human being does not lie in thinking or not thinking – it is thinking that I am all my thoughts. As humans beings, we are conscious. Being conscious means, until we know ourselves as the thinker of the thoughts, ruled by all our thoughts, seeing only our thoughts and ideas we cant see clearly.

Until we start to question, all we have are our thoughts. With nothing better to do than think we are our thoughts, thoughts and patterning gets us in all sorts of trouble.

A computer doesn’t have this problem.

If we want to be free to enjoy the limitless nature of who we are, we need to ‘jailbreak’ this patterning. Freeing ourselves of conditioning we can truly be ourselves.  Jailbreaking the human being we liberate the ‘I’. No longer stuck thinking life is challenging me, or computers are a challenge, the human being can once again challenge society.

By breaking the patterning we break free and open this ‘I’ to get the passcode. The password to humanity is ‘I’. ‘I’ is the universal PIN code, the passcode to infinity. Being ourselves, the first name of the whole human race is ‘I’. By breaking the code getting to know this ‘I’, we get to know ourselves. Left alone with our minds, with nothing better to do than think we are our thoughts we have forgotten ourselves as consciousness. Conscious already as human beings, there is nothing we need to do to make us more conscious. All we need is to remember that we are already conscious. We need to re-learn the basics. Know what it means to think and understand to see how our software and patterning as human beings rather than limit us, can be used to save us.

A computer is limited by its software, our conditioning our patterning never limits us.

Knowing ‘I’ the thinker of the thoughts.

Thinking doesn’t limit us. Thinking we are our thoughts limits us. 

The human body is a USB, a gadget. Top of the line as far as gadgets go, in the showroom of life gadgets in creation it don’t get any better. A USB to experience the creation in, with unlimited wifi, memory, infinite bandwidth, audio and video capacity built in and the ability to taste, touch and smell everything it doesn’t get any better than this. Looking for the limit to the human being people have only found the limitless. Like having our own little space pod or space ship, the only limit to our experience is how we limit ourselves. Not measured by Gigabytes or Terrabytes, our human capacity is immeasurable! Trying to measure and compare the human being to anything is impossible. There is nothing else like the human being. Being nothing else like it there is nothing to compare to.

Comparing ourselves to anything is dumb. If we’re thinking a dumb thing like a computer or smart phone compares to the human being, that makes us even bigger dummies. Thinking a computer can outthink and outsmart the human being and think faster and quicker is stupid. Compared to the human being even our mind is slow, so how fast does that make a computer?

If you are still locked off in thoughts, lost in ideas, if beliefs and thoughts still blind, condition and pattern you, then you don’t need a computer to slow you down. Your own thoughts having gained control are already slowing you down.

Running on pure consciousness the human brain is always busy outthinking all our thoughts. Thats its job. Consciousness is stable. Relying on thoughts that are unstable will always make you unstable as a person. Thoughts keep changing. Identifying with them means you as a human being keep on changing. A thought is subtle. Far subtler than any thoughts is always the human being, the thinker of the thoughts.
Always slower than you, no matter how fast you think your thoughts are, or a computer or smart phone is no thought can never outthink or outsmart you, the consciousness.

As a human being you are the quickness itself. 

Continuing to believe in thoughts, allowing ideas, beliefs thoughts to pattern you, thinking your patterning is who you are, still stuck in this belief, computers will always have the edge and outthink you.

As computer technology quickens and their processing gets smarter and more powerful, without acknowledging your true nature, not only will a computer slow you down and be quicker and smarter than you, your own brain will always be quicker and faster than you. While the intelligence and nature of the mechanism of mind is simple, it remains up to us to get to know it and learn how to use it.

If your unlimited nature and mind is still a mystery to you and you are still a mystery to yourself, in the advent of artificial intelligence – AI – computers smarter and quicker than you will not only replace you, even your own thoughts will end up replacing you and leave you behind.

Its called death

As soon as we can remember ourselves as the thinker of the thoughts, uncomplicating everything, even death becomes a joke! If thoughts are complicated its because we complicate them. We complicate everything.  Complicating all our lives is one thought alone – the ‘I’ thought! 


For any thought to exist first there has to be a thinker. Having already decided that we are all our thoughts, we complicate everything. Taking the thinker for granted our whole lives, allowing thoughts and their offspring – emotions – overall control, the result is thoughts and emotions rule us and have taken over. Appearing to colour and rule our world we forget the real ruler of the kingdom is not the thoughts but the one choosing the thoughts, ourselves.

The one thought we all have is the thought of ourselves. Who is having this thought?

Without you as consciousness there are no thoughts. 

Thinking thoughts and identifications are who we are is so 20th century. 

Adept at knowing what we have and how much we own, we all get full marks for knowing what makes us individuals. But knowing how much property I own or that I have an identity, and how much money I have in my bank account or what degrees I have doesn’t qualify me for knowing the truth of myself. All it means is I know what I have. When it comes to knowing who I am without my degree, my qualification, without my bank account, without anything I get a big fat zero!

I have a name. I have a degree and qualification. I have a home.
But I cannot be what I have.

I have a dog – I cannot be my dog!

Long before I had a name or identity I am already present.

Present with or without the name, with or without anything, who exactly is present?

If my identity is not who am I? If my name isn’t who I am, then who am I?

No matter how many degrees I have to my name, they don’t qualify me. Name, degree, beliefs in act nullify me. Without them I feel useless. But they are useless without me. If these things don’t qualify me, then what does qualify me?
In the end nothing qualifies me like I qualify myself.

But having taken all the things I have to be the truth, I don’t know that.

Thinking anything qualifies me, when that goes, left isolated and alone, I am left devastated.

‘I’ qualifies everything. But I don’t know that.

Left not knowing who I am, still thinking I am my qualifications, thinking I am what I have,  everything in my life owns and qualifies me. Thinking I own everything, everything owns me. Thinking I own my qualification, my degree owns me, my PhD owns me, my position owns me.

Thinking I own my house, my mortgage owns me!

The moment my degree or qualification gets taken away, say my knowledge or speciality gets superseded by some newer more exciting technology or discovery, or someone sprinkles a little doubt on my beliefs what happens to me? Losing everything, left stranded I am finished.

Thinking anything qualifies me I forget myself – the one qualifying everything.

Without me there is no degree, no name, identity, no qualification. Without me there is nothing.

In the end if I take a closer look at myself I realise, I qualify everything. But it is only this this ‘I’ qualifying everything. Until I know myself as this ‘I’, my ignorance qualifies everything.

Since the word ‘I’ qualifies everything surely this ‘I’ needs to be understood?

In the end I discover that the ‘I’ being absolute needs no qualification. Without knowing it I qualifies everything. Qualifying everything I just need to get to know this ‘I’.

Experiencing nothing but myself all the time, nothing in my experience tells me or teaches the nature of what I am experiencing. Nor does it tell me anything about the nature of creation. This ignorance leaves me with a huge gap in my understanding. Putting me at a huge disadvantage. In fact the size of the ignorance is the size of the universe. With ignorance this size, like a huge black hole in space, my ignorance keeps tripping me up, ready to suck me in at any moment. Hoping ignorance will eventually evaporate and my experience I will solve the mystery, as I keep on experiencing, experience hunting, because experience is blind nothing changes. In spite of my experience everything remains dark. No matter how big or small my experience I still end up empty. Waiting for somebody or something to tell me and provide the answer, I will keep on waiting. The more I experience, I find the smaller and more inconsequential I feel. This is because all I am, gathering is information. The more information I gather the less I know. No matter how much I experience, the more I think I know the more ignorant I get and the black hole of ignorance just keeps getting bigger. Eventually the ‘I’ experiencing a crisis can’t stand the darkness. As the darkness gets more oppressive all it wants is to know the truth.  

If ‘I’ am a thought happening in my presence then who is the thought? And who am I?

Am I also just an idea? A fiction?

Or am I that presence in whom all ideas and fiction is taking place?

Thought Management.

Thoughts are wonderful. A beautiful reminder. As part of the human gadget, our mind made up of thoughts is a mechanism. Thoughts themselves are innocent. There to help remind us. Without thoughts our mind cannot function, and we cannot remember or do anything. Without our thoughts labelling everything for us we’d be lost. But the one thought co-ordinating and managing everything, labelling everything, the ‘I’ thought is still to be known. If ‘I’ is still a thought, of me busy trying to identify myself. If ‘I am’ is a function, a fiction of my imagination, and I am still getting lost in that fiction, then what chance do I have?

If my ideas and beliefs keep reminding me of who I am – then who am I without my ideas and beliefs?

Co-ordinating and making sense of every thought, included in these thoughts is this ‘I’ thought, co-ordinating everything. Bringing it all to life, tying all the pieces and experiences together is not a thought, but the seer of all the thoughts. Who is that?

If ‘I’ this is not a thought, then what is it?

If ‘I’ survive and outshine everything including the ‘I’ thought – the thought of myself – then who am I?

For any thought to be real and meaningful first I have to be real and meaningful.

First I have to exist. 

Getting lost in this or that thought, lost in the thought of ourselves our whole lives puts us to sleep. Asleep to ourselves we are sleep walking through time having yet to awaken to the reality of who we are.

Meditation and Mindfullness.

Thinking when I find peace, oneness and stillness in a forest or meditating, what happens to that peace or meditation once I step back into the real world and out of the forest? Getting a text – or phone call from my bank manager or partner telling me someone hacked into my bank account, if all that peace disappears in an instant what type of peace is that?

What type of peace disappears the moment you need it?

Once you know yourself as PEACE itself, the stillness itself – THAT presence in whom all thoughts appear only to disappear no thought can ever bother you.

When do you want stillness, sitting under a tree in the middle of the jungle or desert island? Or stuck in the middle of a crisis, when the traffic jam is all your own thoughts and emotions backing up on you? Isn’t this when you want peace of mind? If your peace keeps disappearing and you are always left stranded wondering what happened to it – then you do not know what peace is and stillness was never yours.

Peace never disappears. Peace like stillness is ever present. If peace disappears thats not peace and that’s not stillness.   

Peace never disappears or goes anywhere. Only we, getting lost in thoughts and emotions lost to ourselves think peace and stillness is lost. Mind-fullness is knowing that I am the peace whether I am meditating or not. If the one having the thoughts is not peaceful, no matter how hard you try, peace will never come. But knowing peace, knowing peace as yourself, knowing all thoughts and identifications are only arising and dissolving in me, and not me, then only is peace permanent. As much as I am not a thought, I am not an emotion either. Being the the one having the thoughts, if I persist in personalising all my thoughts, thoughts will always end up getting the better of me. Getting caught up in emotions, thinking I am my thoughts, something that Im not, if I keep forgetting myself – as that Presence, present with and without the thoughts – I cannot be peaceful, nor can I meditate.  

True mindfulness is no longer getting caught up in anything, least of all ones thoughts.

Knowing peace as oneself, you knowing stillness itself. Then no thought or emotion can bother or get the better of you. 

This is what Patanjali means in his Yoga Sutras. In fact the Self never has thoughts. Only we do. Modifying all our thoughts especially this ‘I’ thought, still needing to identify ourselves everything becomes vritti. Getting lost and locked off in one thought, the ‘I’ thought, we can’t help getting conflict. Like all thoughts the thought ‘I’ too is innocent. If the thought of myself makes me dizzy and makes peace disappear, then its because I still don’t know myself and yoga oneness eludes me.

How big does a thought have to be to get me in trouble? A thought is only as big as you make it.

A thought has no dimension.

If I make a thought with no size on its own bigger than me, then what size does that make me? Still held hostage, imprisoned, mesmerised by a single thought or emotion, hypnotised by this ‘I’ thought I obviously won’t know peace.

Yoga is knowing. Avidya.is not knowing

Thoughts have no dimension on their own. Thoughts are never dangerous. Only the one using the thought is dangerous. Without someone there to entertain the thoughts all thoughts are innocent. Only if someone persists in surfing and entertaining the thought can a thought ever bother you and get the better of you. We give thoughts their power and potency giving them the potential to rule and ruin our lives. Continually wreaking havoc is not the thoughts but the owner, the driver of the thoughts. Thoughts cant drive you crazy in your life unless you let them. Are thoughts troublesome or do you become troubled by the thought? Blaming all your thoughts – you forget the one using the thoughts is to blame. Yourself. The thought which has no personality on its own a thought is always innocent. You give the thoughts personality. Personifying every thought we can only get in trouble. 

Unless you let it no thought can drag you . You drag the thought around. Eventually all thoughts are only as powerful as you make them. 

Responsible for dragging us into all our conflict and crisis in our lives is one thing alone our ignorance. The ‘I’ thought, or rather our ignorance of who this ‘I’ is, keeps throwing us into conflict. Having poured all our identity and meaning into a word, we have given all our power to something we don’t know. Imprisoned in this ‘I’dea of ourselves, how long before the ‘I’ getting stuck throws us into crisis. Rather than being caught, become its ruler. As the emperor or empress, the ruler ruling the kingdom, rule the ‘I’. Because of ignorance a world has power.
Letting a word rule the kingdom, we have all become its subjects, its servants. Victims of , under its spell, blind to ourselves, we remain at its mercy. Until we break out of the spell our ignorance binds and blinds us. Using knowledge we can break the spell and release the grip of ignorance.As long as I remain a mystery to myself, my ‘i’dea of myself has control over me, and my whole life is a continuous roller coaster ride. At its beck and call, why go on impersonating myself, when I can put a stop to it instantly? Going through one crisis after another, one storm after another, always stumbling around in the dark like a blind person I am navigating a nightmare, a ride in hell.

What is peace?

If someone told you peace, stillness and happiness is already yours – already your true nature. Not only this, they tell you that the happiness and peace you seek is already who you are without doing a thing? Would you believe them?

Would you be interested? Who wouldn’t be interested?  

If happiness is unlimited and peace permanent and eternal, changeless, being my true nature, surely the next best thing is to find out more about it! Surely this is not something I should take lightly. If this is true, there is enough reason to halt my search right there and spend the rest of my life finding out about it.

 Self –  the root of all Happiness

If I choose what makes me happy – in other words being the chooser of my own happiness surely I must be the source of happiness?

The teachings of Self knowledge show me rationally beyond a shadow of a doubt that peace, absolute happiness, stillness and completeness are my true nature. Beyond a shadow of doubt, Mine already, already gained, I just don’t know it yet. 

Without searching for peace and seeking happiness we don’t find it. But whether we search for happiness outside or peace inside, still looking for it in meditation and contemplation, or relationships, still thinking its on some desert island, the fact that I am still searching means that I haven’t found it.

Searching for anything that you already own how successful are you going to be? If the happiness you seek for belongs to you already of course you’re not going to find it!
Blind to happiness, not knowing what happiness is looking anywhere you can never succeed.

Experience is blind

Experiencing happiness and completeness all day 24/7, because experience is blind, until someone points it out we don’t know it. .
Pointing out the nature of true happiness is the job of a teacher.  

That we exist is obvious, but who or what is existing or the purpose of existence is not. 

I can be experiencing sweetness all day long, but if I don’t know what sweetness is, how do I know it. Have you ever tried describing sugar or sweetness to someone who has never tasted sugar before? It doesn’t work. Sweetness is like what? Once they know sugar, having tasted it for themselves, instantly recognising it they say ‘Ah yes of course I know what sugar is’. Likewise experiencing nothing but ourselves all day long, 24/7, until someone introduces us and points out our true nature, we have no idea that the happiness we enjoy in everything is indeed nothing but ourselves.

Is the sugar sweet or are you sweet? 

प्रमाण Pramana means ‘a means of knowledge’.

Is the sweetness in the sugar or are you the sweetness? When you think about sugar is not sweet without you. Is the sugar sweet or are you sweet? Sugar is never sweet. Only you are sweet. Without you there is no such thing as sweetness.

Whatever form of enquiry our search takes, to get answers to our questions, a suitable means of knowledge – pramana – is needed. Whether we are looking for the meaning of happiness, or seeking fulfilment and completeness, in the same way that words used correctly articulate and reveal the truth about sugar so words of someone who knows themselves reveal the truth of who we are. Just as the truth of the sweetness being in sugar is always available, so the truth of who we are is also always available. 

Truth is always simple. Ever present (there is no time when the truth is absent!) once the truth of who we are is known, like any truth it can never be forgotten. Just as the source of sweetness in the sugar was unknown to you until the words revealed the truth, so the words of the teacher reveal the source of yourself happiness as yourself.
Can you ever forget the source of sweetness?

Just as you can never forget sugar as the source of sweetness itself, so once you understand yourself as the source of all happiness you never forget.

Truth is the simplest of the simplest. Knowing the truth always simplifies and uncomplicates everything.

How many answers to one question can there be?

When it comes to questioning wanting to know the truth of ourselves, how many true answers can there be? Where do you live? What age are you? Always only one true answer to everything means, in questioning ourselves the answer can also only be one. Being already implicit in the one questioning, our existence already being obvious, and our already being present and available means getting to know the truth of who we are is easy. Because there is only one questioner, this makes it easy.  

In the case of Self Knowledge we have already reached our destination. Already reached, knowing ourselves couldnt be easier.

Truth is always the simplest. Lies complicate. Always totally rational truth is the least of our worries.

Wanting to answer the question of yourself and who you are – your being already present and available makes it easy. All we have to do is make sense of this ‘I’. 


Sri Adi Shankara the worlds great revivalist who revived the teachings of Self Knowledge – Advaita Vedanta  – 3000 years ago.

Guru –Teacher

The word guru is a beautiful word. Like all words though, open to misunderstanding, a word is only useful when you know its meaning. 

guru –  means the one who removes darkness. Right now my darkness could be because I lost my cellphone – seeing darkness all around me, until I get my cellphone back my ignorance is all I see. Then hearing my cellphone ring in my jacket pocket, my ring tone reveals the truth. Because the ring tone is the remover of darkness in this case the ring tone is guru.

Because truth removes the darkness, the revealer of the truth is guru.

Was the cell phone ever missing? No. Only knowledge is missing. The truth is the cellphone was never lost. Only you the owner of the cellphone is lost.

The definition of truth is simple: Truth is that which once verified as the truth is never subject to cancellation. Once verified, it stays true forever.

As an example – once while everyone was still arguing that the world was flat someone sailed around it to prove them wrong.

So what everyone thought was the truth proved on verification to be false. Once the truth that earth is round was known, can it ever go back to being a flat earth?

Lost in a thought, lost searching in the darkness of our own ideas of happiness – happiness always remains exactly where it is – where its always been.

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