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इष्ट विद्या
I  S  H  T  A   V  i  d  y  a
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 K n o w l e d g e  f o r  l i f e

(आत्मा विद्या Atma Vidya)

Self Knowledge- What it has to do with modern lifestyle.
Self Knowledge – the revolution in modern thinking

Lost to the world of social media and the internet we are losing ourselves to computers and smart phones. Thinking thoughts and computers working at the speed or thought are quicker than we are we forget that as consciousness we are always quicker than our thoughts.

The thinker having the thoughts is always going to be quicker than the thoughts.

Thinking my thoughts, identifications and feelings are who I am is so 20th century. 

Adepts at knowing what my identity is made up of and what my qualifications are and how much I own, when it comes to knowing who the thoughts and identifications belong to, we don’t have a clue!
Experiencing peace and oneness in a
 forest or meditating on a beach, what happens to that peace and oneness when you step off the beach or yoga mat back into the world? As all our thoughts and emotions back up on us, experiencing separation we wonder where all the peace and stillness went. 

When do I want stillness or peace of mind? Sitting under a tree in the middle of a forest, or stuck in the middle of the traffic of my emotions, when a thought with no dimension of its own can hold me hostage? Say someone just hacked into your bank account or you discover your partner in business or life partner just ran off with your best friend or took all your money? Isn’t this when you want peace of mind?
What kind of peace allows a tiny little thing like a thought to bug and get the better of you? By allowing a thought to become more powerful than you are, you allow the thought to drag you into conflict. Becoming its victim. Under the spell of a tiny thought making you miserable allowing a thought to wrea havoc in your life what kind of peace is that?  

If someone told you that peace, stillness and happiness are already yours – that happiness is your true nature, not only this they tell you that happiness, peace and stillness are you nature without doing a thing. Would you be interested? Surely this is something you’d want to know and find out more about? If happiness and peace are already mine, and I can stop looking for happiness everywhere, that solves all my problems. No longer looking for happiness I no longer have to get upset in my life. 

 Self –  the root of Happiness

Through the teachings of  इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya – Self Knowledge –  we are shown  without a shadow of a doubt that the absolute peace and happiness we seek is already ours, already our true nature without doing a thing.

Whether you search for happiness is outside or inside or in meditation and contemplation,  you searching in all the wrong places and searching for something that already belongs to you. Looking for something that belongs to you how successful will you be?

Experience is blind

Experiencing nothing but completeness, nothing but happiness all day 24/7 nothing in our experience tells us. Because our experience is blind and tells us nothing about the nature of what we experience as creation or what we are experiencing as ourselves, experiencing nothing but our true nature all day long 24/7 in each moment we don’t know it! Until we are able to recognise what happiness looks like until someone points it out we remain blind, like a beggar stuck in the darkness.  

That we exist is obvious, but who or what is existing is not. 

Just as a person can be enjoying tasting sweetness 24/7 all day in everything like cakes, and Coca Cola, because their experience is blind, if no one has ever  introduced them to sugar, how do they know it? Only when they get introduced to sugar do they know sweetness. Trying to describe the taste of sweetness you get nowhere. Have you ever tried to describe the taste of sugar or sweetness to somebody. Likewise experiencing nothing but ourselves all day long, until someone points out our true nature is happiness we don’t know it. 

Is the sweetness in the sugar or are you the sweetness? 

प्रमाण Pramana ‘a means of knowledge’.

The guru teaches us and reveals the truth. In all forms of enquiry, to get answers to our questions a suitable means of knowledge is needed. Called प्रमाण Pramana, when it comes to knowing anything we have always had to go to a teacher.

Whether its learning to surf or drive a car.

How many answers can there be to any one question?

When it comes to ourselves, why do we think we can do this on our own? Fortunately the answer is already implicit in the one questioning! Because there is only one questioner there can only be one true answer. There being only one true answer to every question getting to know the truth about yourself is easy. We just have to be open.

Fortunately in the case of Self Knowledge we have already reached the destination – ourselves.

Truth is always very simple. Lies are complicated. Always rational truth is always the simplest of the simplest. Everything else is complicated. Knowing there always only one true answer makes it easy. What’s your name? Simple one true answer. Where do you live? All these questions are easy to answer.  

When it comes to yourself, the answer being yourself and you being already available is easy. 


Sri Adi Shankara the worlds great revivalist who revived the teachings of Self Knowledge – Advaita Vedanta  – 3000 years ago.

Guru –Teacher

The word guru is a beautiful word. Like all words though it is only useful when we know its meaning. 

Meaning the one who removes the darkness, right now the darkness I see in the world is being caused by my ignorance.

The definition of truth is: Truth is that which is never subject to cancellation upon verification. Once verified as the truth, it stays true forever.    

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