Self-Knowledge – Power of ‘I’ ATMA आत्मा 


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Self-knowledge the jewel of Advaita Vedanta 

Asking the question ‘WHO AM I?’ the Self-knowledge teacher wielding words and a unique teaching methodology breaks open the timeless truth to reveal the immortal Self shining all powerfully and eternally as ‘I’ – Atma.  Anadhigata – knowledge that is not available from any other source, abhadita – not subject to cancellation, historically the teaching of Self-knowledge break the barrier of time uplifting and resolving the problem of human suffering for each generation. Traditionally hidden in orthodoxy, threatening to get lost in obscurity, before the modern revivalist movement in India started translating Self-knowledge into English it was forbidden for teachings to be given even to the common people of India. As a result finding a Self-knowledge teacher even in India is as rare as hens teeth.

Taught by Krsna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Ghita and revived by Adi Shankara 2500 years ago, Atma Gnanam has stood the test of time.

Nothing less than the flowering of the human spirit in the knowledge of the Divine “The highest aim of religion is Atma-jnanam, Self-knowledge.” The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. (Guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Questioning our existence wanting to know the truth human beings have always had to go to the Upanishads.
Not for everyone, asking the question ‘Who am I? it takes a particular type of wit and intellect to stomach the truth.
Having said that, Self-knowledge could not come at a better time.

As popular as yoga is today these timeless teachings will be for all the future generations.

Called Sampradaya, tradition is the human Blockchain, a ledger recording and keeping the knowledge alive through the ocean of time. Since man first questioned the nature and meaning of his existence the knowledge of who we are has been kept alive by a living tradition of teachers.

As timeless as the Self Atman so are the teachings of the Upanishads called Self-knowledge – Atma Gnanam

As the wave of modern spirituality and yoga keeps rising higher and higher due to popular demand, Self-knowledge comes to show us that the true path to happiness and liberation – moksha – has always been knowledge.

Upanishadic Wisdom

The vedas are said to be the oldest books of mankind. As part of the vedas, older than the vedas are the upanishads. Like all relative systems of knowledge, including mathematics, science, physics, chemistry etc. the vedas only deal with the world of relativity and matter we see around us. Incapable of answering questions of a non-relative nature, throughout history this has always been left up to the upanishads. Absolutely rational, the upanishads take away the responsibility of unraveling the mysteries of creation from mathematics, physics and chemistry etc.  

The revolution in modern thinking. Yoga’s next wave

‘As long as creation remains a mystery and we remain a mystery to ourselves we suffer. Education and upbringing teaches us to look for happiness in the world. Religion and modern spirituality takes this a step further telling us to look within or that eternal happiness is waiting for us in the hereafter. Both these ideas are false. Happiness already being our true nature (only hidden behind a cloud of ignorance) means searching for it anywhere is a huge mistake. Spending our whole lives looking in all the wrong places results in all our pain, misery and endless suffering.  

Fortunately just like the sun destroys the darkness, Self-knowledge destroys all the darkness of our ignorance and like the sun shines a huge light on the Truth. Knowing your true nature is nothing but happiness the search is over.
Called moksha, liberation, this is what the sages and prophets have been teaching us 
throughout history. No matter how much time we spend in contemplation, meditating and doing things like yoga, as long as the true nature of who we are remains unknown, that long all our suffering continues.’

Yoga for the i generation

For the wave to even appear to be separate from ocean, the whole ocean is needed. For us to appear separate from one another the Creation and everything in it needs to come into existence first! 

How to deal with this appearance and get rid of all our notions of separation is what Self-knowledge is here to teach us. 

Yoga for the i-generation where no fancy practices or exercise is needed, just as the wave in the ocean already water, married to the ocean, is already perfect, whole and complete in itself and needs nothing to make it ocean (it can’t escape being ocean!), so you dont need anything to make you more your best whole and complete Self than you are already. 

Ignorance being all that stands in the way only knowledge is needed.

If you are sick of constant crisis struggling with the truth of your existence check in on one of our events or contact us personally. 

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