Guru Butt Masala

Guru Butt Masala

Pattabhi Jois

What is this guy looking for?

Meditation and the use of props                      

Props and meditation for modern asani’s is taking on in a big way. Asana props are easily found anywhere, while meditation can and should happen whenever the mood strikes.


Stories of enlightenment
At the ashramam of His Holiness

H.H. Sri Sri Sri Dr 1008 Fingerananda Sorryswati Ashram in Jamnaloka Rishikesh Northern India.

His Divine Fingerness born Blessed with the Divine OM symbol emblazened on his right forefinger blesses all with his Divine Presence.

Rule number one! Never touch His Holiness’s feet or you burn to ashes!

One day a fresh young newcomer arrives at the ashram and promptly touches Gurujis feet. Seeing this a long time student watching form the kitchen waits to see the flames as the girl burns to ashes. But nothing happens. So he decides after 25 years of seva to take the next opportunity to drop at his Fingerness’s feet. Serving the Guruji breakfast the next day he sees his chance and seizes the opportunity.

Waiting to burn to ashes nothing happens.

‘Hey you! Whats with you man! I told you never touch!’ Says Fingerness. ‘Whole body to ashes man! Whole body!’ He hicks the student in the head. ‘Where you from man? How long you been here?’ Guruji asks.

Student managing to regain himself jumps to attention palms pressed tightly together head bowed –
’25 years Guruji.’

‘Hey man!’ Guruji Slaps the fellow again harder this time. ‘Nobody touch feet man! Nobody. Didn’t I tell you. Too much power – shakti’ Slaps him even harder. ‘You know how many Janmas this student she been waiting to be disciple?’ referring to the attractive young newcomer. ‘1000 janmas. (1 janma=400,000,000 lak years of God) ‘She Gurujis bessssSste student.’ Gives the guy another Slap.
‘She only touch. Even she comes yesterday only she touch. Everything she must touch!’ slaps the fellow harder .
‘You’. points at the unfortunate fellow. ‘Get back in the kitchen and cut veg.’

A week later, student to Guruji. ‘Guruji this morning I levitated!’

‘Really? Levitated?’ His Holy Fingerness asks. ‘How many kilometres speed per second? How many feet height?’

‘Speed per second? How High?’ asks student perplexed ‘Ugh – just a couple of centimetres!’

‘What?!!’ Guru slaps the fellow. ‘Hey man! You dam useless fellow. Stop waisting my time. Get back in the kitchen and cut veg.’






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