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   A  P r a c t i c e  f o r  L i f e

Definition of Tantra: Using the ‘limitation’ to free ourselves of limitation we realise there was never any limitation to begin with.  

Be inspired.

Success in yoga comes through finding out that you already are the destination and outcome and that yoga was never anything but your true nature already.

Seeking the limit you discover the limitless.
sing the limited form of the body, through yogabhyasa – asana – we prepare ourselves for the discovery of the absolute unlimited nature that is your Self. 

ISHTA-Mala  इष्ट माला | A Practice for Life
Contracting and expanding according to each persons individual ability, I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला adjusts to your lifestyle and time frame.
Keeping our body in its natural state can demand a lot of time. The goal of I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला is once you commit the sequence to memory, making the practice second nature I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला adjusts to your available time slot everyday.  

Making the ritual of getting back to our natural state easy takes practice.

Kaya Kalpam

Adhering to ageless principles of yogabhyasa taught by of the Tamil siddhas, ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला keeps the flows of energy – the nadhis – wide open and keeps purifying them opening them for the vital flow of life energy – shakti.
By eliminating 
ama आम, toxicity,  ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला manages and maintains the juice or sap in the body called ojas that it needs for its immune system to be powerful and function properly.
Before ojas can start
 flowing properly again through the 72,000 nadhis, the body needs to reboot. This happens through asana. Once the body is ready pranashakti replenishes and refills the whole nervous system with magnetic life force.

Filled with the pure dynamic life force, practicing ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला daily keeps the nadhis full of pure vitality and energy – pranashakti.   

This why the practice is called nadhi sodhana. 

S I D D H A N T A – The End of Yoga

Sthira Sukham Asanam (Patanjali Yoga Sutras)
What Patanjali means in this sutra – is asana should be steady and comfortable. This turns out to be easier said than done.

Once all the nadhis in the body are purified the next goal in yoga, to sit comfortably for as long as possible in Siddhasana sets the stage for the Kriya Siddha Method of breathing and pranayama practice to take place.

SIDDHASANA is not called the last asana in Hatha Yoga Pradipika for nothing. Once a sadhaka finds success in siddhasana, it affords him the capability to leverage and milk the body and master swara स्वर, the energy of sun and moon flowing and governing the whole system.

I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला prepares the body and gets it into Siddhasana.
Nowadays keeping up a daily yoga routine in limited time is difficult.

This is why I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला adjusts to any time frame.
Therefore making time for yoga is easy and there should be no excuse.

Once siddhasana is successfulthe Kriya Siddha Method of breathing can be used to unlock the pure expansion of naked magnetic energy and raw vitality lying dormant in everybody. (see ISHTA Kriya Yoga इष्ट क्रिय

Before the nadhis can awaken and make the pure expansion of prana possible the body has to be prepared. 
Like trying to ignite a fire with damp logs or wet matches without preparation of the body through asana nothing combusts.

Becoming siddha, accomplished in yoga, also means living moderately. Called mithahari – sticking to a moderate diet and lifestyle is essential because it helps clear the nadhis and keep them fully opened and awake.

For the sadhaka – S
iddhanta the end of yoga is then possible.

Harnessing the body’s pure vital energy and life flow and mastering swara स्वर, the magnetic flow of Sun and Moon energy, allows the pure magnetic dynamism or flow of nectar amrit, that is secreted effortlessly to flow synchronistically. Because mastering swara स्वर is in harmonty with the world, the yogi  becomes his own ‘wish fulfilling tree’. Able to achieve all our desired goals with ease and live successfully in the world siddhanta is achievable.  

How to live synchronistically and harness the full power of pure magnetic dynamism is a secret that has long been kept by the Siddhas

Thousand year old Siddha Palm leaf manuscripts left by the Siddhas describing the 4448 diseases of man and their 4448 cures

Tantra Yoga

The principle of using the apparent limitation to free ourselves of all limitation is the secret thread that has timelessly woven the tapestry of Yoga, Tantra (तन्त्र), Siddha Medicine, Alchemy and Ayurveda.

Observing the human body’s behaviour, ancient yogis noticed that the body uses whatever it falls on to lift itself. Falling on a log of wood or the earth for instance, the body uses the earth it falls on to lift itself back up again. Thus the body uses whatever limits it to free itself of limitation. Learning from the body therefore, yoga uses the body, through which we as conscious individuals ‘appear to fall’, to pull ourselves back up again. Once we can pull ourselves back into our natural state, able to sit comfortably, through pranayama, breathing exercises, yoga then changes gears and uses the next limitation; that of the breath, to expand our energy and vitality.
Through milking the body and not drinking its juice
 – the natural expansion of prana shakti takes place.
Filling the body with Ojas
, (the vital life force) nature helps us break our physical limitations.

In this pure natural state, the body becomes its own self perpetuating mechanism. By slowing down the heart rate and freeing the metabolism, the body of a yogi can go on living for extended periods of time without breathing.

Combining the practices of yoga with knowledge, ajnana, (ignorance) avidya is the final limitation is used by the jnani to free himself of limitation. Using the limitation of the mind and thoughts, through ATMA VIDYA knowledge of the Self the final limitation of Self-ignorance is let go – and the jiva is free. (see Self-knowledge). 

Throughout the ages, the goal of yoga has always been one: absolute freedom and liberation – Moksha – of the individual – jeeva. Knowing your true nature as having always been free and ever existing, we finally know our outcome overcoming the fear of death. All pain and suffering we then realise is due to ignorance.
Once knowledge replaces ignorance, happiness anandam replaces suffering. Knowing our true nature as inseparable from Ishvara God – Creator – death becomes a joke. Liberated from the final limitation of death, yoga is then successful.

The person – flowering in the absolute knowledge and truth of themselves is free

इष्टम् ISHTAM  then is the complete resting in Yoga, Oneness or Completeness that is nothing but ones own Self.
 in the joy of pure auspiciousness, SATCHITANANDA from then on, the fully liberated the person is called Jivanmuktah – liberated while living. (see ISHTA Vidya इष्ट विद्या ).

Om Namaha Shivaya – Shivoham Shivoham

Because the journey from limitation to freedom is the most powerful and meaningful journey anyone can undertake in their lifetime, finding the right guidance is advisable.   

* The term इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA derives from Ishvarapranidana the heart of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA is a garland of practices that used daily  balance the doshas and re-establishes ojas in the system. A healthy body paves the way to establishing a personal relationship through our Ishtadev – our personal deity – with Ishvara – God. The job of our Ishtadevata is to bring you to the Truth. With a prepared and clear mind, called adhikari, you are ready to catch a glimpse of the Truth (darshan) which is ever gained and ever existing. Doing माला Mala daily is our offering of Tapas at the feet of Isha the Divine. 

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for a brief introduction to इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya  and Self-Knowledge.