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Tantra: Using the apparent ‘limitation’ to realise there never was any limitation 

Be inspired.

Success in yoga comes in finding out that you already are the destination and that Yoga – completeness – has always been your true nature.

ISHTA-Mala  इष्ट माला Meditation in Practice 

I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला is a vinyasa krama that once memorised becomes your practice for life.

To remember and revel in the completeness – yoga – that you are already just takes a practice a day. 

No frills or spills, Mala माला is vintage yoga at its best. A practical suite of asana designed to enhance our individual lifestyles and abilities and fit any time frame, guided by years of experience in classical yoga, the ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला suite helps manage health and wellness and adapts expanding or contracting according to your individual time frame and ability.

As a yoga teacher or business professional, keeping up a yoga practice and avoiding injuries is difficult. That is why, depending on time you have available Mala माला adjusts itself accordingly. Meaning you don’t have to miss out on a day of practice. Its adaptability makes Mala माला the perfect practice for you to carry around with you for life.

Kaya Kalpam

Acknowledging the timeless principles called Kaya Kalpam, ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला eliminates ama आम, toxicity and keeps the nadhis (rivers of energy in the body) flowing. Enhancing Ojas, the raw natural juice or sap of the body responsible for its immune system and its secretion, helping the body metabolise the Five Great Elements, ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला  makes sure OjAs flows through all 72,000 nadhis replenishing the body with fullness and vitality.

Practiced daily ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला works to keep the body in its natural state.

S I D D H A N T A  The End of Yoga

Sthira Sukham Asanam (Seated posture should be steady and comfortable.)
What Patanjali means in this sutra is not so easy in practice.

As well as keeping the body powerful ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला works to make SIDDHASANA (accomplished pose) possible.

Called the last asana in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, once Siddhasana is accomplished, it affords the leverage we need to milk the body. Bringing the universal flow of energy of Sun and Moon (called swara स्वर) under full control, able to sit comfortably in Siddhasana, the expansion of raw vital energy through merging PRANA and SHAKTI through PRANAYAMA, the next step of yogabhyasa, becomes possible.

For the yogabhyasi, (practitioner) Siddhasana (accomplished pose) is important because it is the launch pad.

Your body is your book
Once the sadhaka can sit in siddhasana, then the Kriya Siddha Method (see ISHTA Kriya Yoga इष्ट क्रिय) unlocks the pure magnetic potential of pure dynamism lying dormant.

Becoming siddha, accomplished, living moderately – mithahari  – the sadhaka who adheres to a moderate diet and lifestyle – whose nadhis are fully opened and awake realises Siddhanta the end of yoga.

Harnessing Swara स्वर the body’s vital subtle energy, enhances the magnetic flow of Sun and Moon, YIN and YANG and the pure nectar of amrit flowing effortlessly allows synchronistic and harmonious action to be accomplished in the world. 

The secret of living in synchronistic power and magnetic dynamism has always been kept by the Siddhas

Thousand year old Siddha Palm leaf manuscripts describing the 4448 diseases of man and their 4448 cures

How the body’s simple example is used as the basis of Tantra.

Observing our bodies behaviour we can see how our body uses whatever it falls on to lift itself. Yoga starts by using our first limitation – the human body to lift ourselves back up. Using asana our body, our first ‘apparent’ limitation is used to free ourselves of the limitation. Using the body through which we as conscious individuals ‘appear to fall’, we can pull ourselves back up again. Then once our body is returned to its natural state, pranayama, breathing exercises that milk and expand prana shakti – the vital life force are explored. Gaining the necessary leverage over the body, we can then milk its juice, OjAs, and increase and build up expanding pranashakti, our vital life force.

The principle of using the limitation culminates in Gnana Yoga.
Where the mind, thoughts and identifications are used to gain leverage over the mind, and bringing the mind back to its natural state, we can free ourselves of the limitation of the mind.

This principle of using the limitation is the thread that weaves the timeless tapestry of Yoga, Tantra (तन्त्र), Siddha Medicine, Alchemy and Ayurveda

Throughout the ages, the goal of yoga has always been liberation: Moksha. Once there is no longer any fear of death or dying, and all pain and suffering associated with death disappears, yoga is successful.

Starting with yoga in the body, free from bodily limitation, the person with a free mind – mumukshutwam – is able to flower in the pure knowledge and full understanding of themselves – as the yoga – the completeness Itself.  

इष्टम् ISHTAM is knowing that Yoga, Oneness was already always none other than my natural state. Revelling in the Truth, fully liberated, a person with a prepared mind – called ADHIKARI  – is liberated while living – Jivanmuktah

(see ISHTA Vidya इष्ट विद्या ).

Because the journey to freedom is the most powerful and meaningful journey anyone can take in their lifetime, finding the right guidance is essential.   

* The term इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA derives from Ishvarapranidana the heart of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA is a garland of practices designed to balance the doshas and re-establishes ojas in the system. A healthy body and mind paves the way to establishing a healthy personal relationship with creation and your Ishtadev – your own personal deity. The job of the creation and your Ishtadev is to bring you to the Truth. With a prepared and clear mind, called adhikari, you are ready (mumukshutwam) to glimpse the Truth (darshan) that is ever gained and ever existing. Doing माला Mala daily is an offering of remembrance – a Tapasya at the feet of Isha the Divine Lord who is ever One without a second. 

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for a brief introduction to इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya  and Self-Knowledge.


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