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 इष्ट माला

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A Practice For Life

'Complicated practices can distract and separate you from oneness. Oneness already being all there is means, experiencing yourself as oneness or as the yoga itself is effortless, raw and naked.' 

 इष्ट माला ISHTA Mala 

 इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala is a personal home practice. A signature sequence designed to clear the nadhis and take away toxicity इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala reawakens the raw naked power and pure dynamism of the human body. 

Already the power of sun and moon (Yin and Yang) are working as the primal forces of nature in the human being. Harnessing their flow (स्वर  Swara) your life becomes whole and everything beautifully synchronistic.

How to keep the nadhis pure and awake, full of magnetic power (swara) and dynamism is a secret that has always been kept by the Siddhas

 इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala - Pure Dynamic power for the 21st Century

As a householder trying to keep on top of your game requires a discipline not too many are prepared for.

इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala* is retro style yoga, yoga without the frills and spills. A suite of yoga designed to do the job इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala meets every individual adapting to their needs and time frames.
Once you commit माला Mala to memory it becomes a pure joy to practice for life. 


Thousand year old Siddha Palm leaf manuscripts describing the 4448 diseases of man and their 4448 cures.

S i d d h a n t a 

 Tantra: using the apparent limitation to free yourself of limitation   

Observing the behaviour of the human body we see how the body uses whatever it falls on to lift itself. Falling on the earth or a rock the body uses that to push itself back up again. Learning from the body's example, yoga starts by using the body through which we as conscious individuals 'appear to fall' to lift ourselves back up, Pranayama (breathing exercise) to dynamically magnify and expand the body's energy, and finally, using the mind, thoughts and identifications are used to break free of the limitations of the mind. Thus using the limitation to break the limitation, a sadhaka accomplishes the goal of yoga. Having let go their limitation the person is free jivamuktah - living liberated. This principle weaves its way through all of  तन्त्र tantra, आयुर्वेद ayurveda and Gnana yoga. 

The end of Yoga

Purifying the nadhis (magnetic flows of energy) इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala establishes a steady seat or asana for the siddha yoga called siddhasana the launch pad for pranayama. In siddhasana the full dynamic expansion of power and vitality in the body sakti can take place. Adhering to a moderate diet and lifestyle (mitahari) and doing इष्ट माला ISHTA-Mala daily one can harvest the fullness of yoga.

Passed on through the timeless Tamil siddha tradition, this rejuvenation process is called Kaya Kalpam. Once the body is cleared of आम ama (toxicity), ojas, the body's natural juice or sap responsible for its immune system flourishes. Then powerful siddha kriya breathing and meditation practices (see इष्ट क्रिय ISHTA Kriya Yoga) unlock the raw dynamic energy dormant in the nadhis.  Purifying the nadhis siddhanta, the end goal of yoga possible.

Also called Rasa Vidyam, looking for the limit to ones existence, a successful yogi or abhyasi (yoga practitioner) becoming adhikari discovers the limitless.

eady to glimpse the Truth, (darshan) f
reed of all limitation that person with prepared mind - mumukshutwam - experiences इष्टम् ISHTAM oneness. Flowering in Self Knowledge, awake, fully free and liberated while living the person is jivamuktah. (see इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya).

* The term इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA derives from Ishvarapranidana the heart of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA is a garland of practices used to balance the doshas and help re-establish and build ojas in the system. A healthy body paves the way for establishing your personal relationship with your Ishtadev - your personal deity. The job of your Ishtadev is to bring you to the Truth. A prepared and clear mind, called adhikari, is ready (mumukshutwam) to glimpse the Truth (darshan).
Doing माला Mala daily as an offering of Tapas at the feet of Isha the Divine one reaches the goal.



Watch the video trailer of  इष्ट माला ISHTA Mala on you tube



for a brief introduction to इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya  and Self-Knowledge.


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