I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला

Shiva and Shakti the deities of a small Tantric Temple found in the Jungles of Orissa.

ISHTA MALA इष्ट माला

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   A P r a c t i c e  f o r  l i f e


A Yoga practice brings wellbeing and gives a way to manage stress. Yoga isn’t complicated at all. It can be as simple as breathing. Using your whole body, asanas can help you access and smooth out the deeper levels of stress. Memorising a set asana sequence simplifies it even further.

Ishta Mala sequence meets everyone at the heart of their yoga practice, avoids injury (and can heal yoga injuries). Ishta Mala can be done by anyone. As a beginner who has never done yoga before, Mala meets you at the level of your ability. When you are ready to progress, Mala expands to meet you at the next level.

To reach the level of an adept all it takes is one practice a day.

Using the limitation breaks the limitation   

Observing the body’s behaviour shows how the body uses whatever it falls on to lift itself. Falling on the earth the body uses the earth to push itself back up again. Through its example the body shows us how using the limitation can free us of limitation. Learning from the body yoga uses the body through which we as conscious human beings fall, Lifting ourselves back up
ana and the Kriya Siddha Method of breathing uses the ‘apparent’ limitation of the body and breathing to heal and bring dimension to the body’s vital energy and life force. Thus the body itself is used to free us of limitation. Not yet moksha, because the freedom is still limited to the body, the freeing of the individual of all limitation through Self-knowdge has yet to take place.   

The principle of using the limitation to break the limitation is the thread that weaves the tapestry of Yoga, Tantra (तन्त्र), Siddha medicine and Ayurveda.  

ISHTA-Mala  इष्ट माला – Meditation in Practice 

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is Retro style yoga without frills and spills. Designed to meet every individual at the very heart of their practice Mala माला is a suite of asanas designed to suit individual lifestyles and abilities and fit any time frame. As a teacher or business person finding a practice that’s not limited to a time frame is difficult. Injuries can be the result. Healing and managing yoga injuries is why ISHTA Mala इष्ट माला is finding a following with students and teachers alike.   

S I D D H A N T A  The End of Yoga

Sthira Sukham Asanam (Seated posture should be steady and comfortable.).

Once committed to memory Mala माला also becomes a pure meditation in practice. The breathing through the sequence becomes pure pranayama.
Harnessing the raw power of the mind the life force called swara flows evenly distributed through the nadhis. ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला done daily keeps clearing the way for the energy. Establishing siddhasana which is the launch pad for powerful yoga practices, Mala माला makes a temple of the body giving adepts the full leverage and mastery of the body’s dynamic life force. Being able to rest in siddhasana the alchemical process of pranayama and the Siddha Kriya Method – merging of and sublimating vital energy, prana & sakti is then possible. Mala माला opens sushumna nadhi giving full awakening of dynamic power and magnetism. Once the temple of the body is mastered, HA and THA, Sun and Moon, Yin and Yang power (called swara स्वर) comes under your control. Combined with moderate diet and lifestyle (mitahari), doing ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला daily transforms the body allowing the adept to reap the full benefit of yoga.

Based on the timeless principals of the Tamil siddhas, the process of Kaya Kalpam purifies and cures the body of ama आम toxicity bringing us back to our natural state. The flow of Ojas, the natural juice or sap of the body responsible for its immune system makes everything possible. Keeping the body in its natural state is not so easy. This is the primary job of all yogabhyasa – yoga practice.

Re-establishing the natural body’s natural state, siddha kriya breathing and meditation methods (see ISHTA Kriya Yoga इष्ट क्रिय) unlock the raw naked dynamic life force that is dormant and asleep in the nadhis. For the body to return to its natural state nadhis have to be completely pure. Then siddhanta the end of yoga is possible.

Called Rasa Vidyam, looking for the limit to ones existence, the successful yogi or abhyasi (yoga practitioner) becoming adhikari finds the limitless.

As a conscious human being you are already the raw power of sun and moon (Yin and Yang) the primal force of nature in the human body. Harnessing the dynamic flow called Swara स्वर – everything in your life becomes beautifully synchronistic.

The secret of how to keep the nadhis (Pingalam, Idam & Sushumna) pure and full of power has always been kept by the Siddhas

Thousand year old Siddha Palm leaf manuscripts describing the 4448 diseases of man and their 4448 cures

Freed from all limitation the person with a prepared mind – mumukshutwam – can start to explore the frontiers of the mind. Flowering in the knowledge of Self the adept experiences the Oneness इष्टम् ISHTAM that is none other than their true self.

Glorying in the Truth fully liberated while living the person is jivamuktah. (see ISHTA Vidya इष्ट विद्या ).

* The term इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA derives from Ishvarapranidana the heart of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA is a garland of practices used to balance the doshas and re-establish ojas in the system. A healthy body paves the way to establishing a personal relationship with your Ishtadev – your personal deity. The job of the Ishtadev is to bring you to the Truth. With a prepared and clear mind, called adhikari, you are ready (mumukshutwam) to glimpse the Truth (darshan).
Doing माला Mala daily as an offering of Tapas at the feet of Isha the Divine one reaches the goal.

Watch the video trailer of  इष्ट माला ISHTA Mala on you tube



for a brief introduction to इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya  and Self-Knowledge.


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