Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या



Warning – Disclaimer: Anyone not wanting to be ‘enlightened’ should close this page on their electronic device and stop reading immediately.
Everyone is the enlightenment Itself. Enlightened already (being able to read this page you would have to be!) – we just don’t know it.
ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या
Self-Knowledge is a teaching like no other. Teaching the truth about man’s eternal destination and nature it has stood the test of time. Handed down orally through countless generations – from ear to ear, generation to generation; teacher to teacher, long before we can even look to the future for the truth of who we are, ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या has already revealed our secret and answered all our questions.

While most religious and traditional teachings share an idea god who is omnipotent and all powerful and, talk of an absolute solution and destination yet to be reached. Saying that change, death and impermanence are the only constant in an ever fluctuating universe and, consciousness being empty and void means nothing but radiant nothingness exists, Vedanta says the opposite.
Tearing this idea apart, declaring that there is no such thing as death. That simply being born human man’s eternal destination is already ever reached. Sharing that in amongst all that appears to be dying and impermanent there is something far greater, forever permanent and undying. That all impermanence is only an appearance happening in Its presence.

Self-knowledge of vedanta/upanishads points out that what appears at first void and empty on closer investigation proves to be nothing but the fullness and beauty of all life Itself. Not only does ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या show us the eternal, it proves that this is who we all are unconsciously and unconditionally, regardless of what we think, without limitation and without having to do a thing.

Should we believe it?

If a teaching tells me that I am limited and dying. That everything is in a constant state of flux and, that change and death are the only thing permanent. Is it telling me anything I don’t know already for myself? I can see this all clearly with my own eyes.

A teaching is something different. It shows me something I could not see. A teaching shows me what has always existed but is hidden and ‘as though’ invisible to me remains secret. That unless someone points it out I can never see.

Showing me something which is ever changeless, undying and permanent amongst all that is forever changing. Something that is ever still, whole and complete. Not only this, that this changeless, undying permanence is nothing but myself. Without me having to do a thing. Without me even having to lift a finger. If a teaching can show me this, then shouldn’t I investigate it further and want to least know a little more?

Challenging all our ideas, the Self-knowledge teachings of advaita vedanta removes all mystery and doubt and reveals that the eternal secret of the human being has never been in any doubt and never closer than ourselves. Using the pure rationale of logic, ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या goes beyond all other teachings to reveal the absolute truth that is ourselves.  Changing all our perceptions to include rather than exclude ourselves, no longer left feeling inadequate, Self-knowledge proves that, even for nothingness to exist there has to be something; something Absolute. That the Absolute is none other than ourselves means, not even death can touch us. Changing our human perspective completely, advaita points out that there is nothing truer than Self. That the nature of Self is limitless. That the sweetness in all that is sweet is nothing but the sweetness of Self. That Self is the essence of all sweetness, beauty, joy, fulfilment and accomplishment that we are all searching for and enjoying in and through every experience without knowing it.
That there is nothing more permanent and changeless and, anyone wanting to be permanently free and happy need only look as far as themselves.

Asking us to own up to our previously unknown invisible nature, the teachings of advaita vedanta through ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या present us with the possibility of knowing the invisible. Making what was invisible visible, that Presence, in which everything is present suddenly becomes recognised as being our only reality.

It is the purpose of all scriptural teachings and job of the teacher to reveal the truth of who we are. 
All our studies, including our study of ourselves, cannot begin or end without starting with the Self. Regardless of our identity, until It gets pointed out by the teacher of Self-knowledge, who having had the truth pointed out to them by their teacher (who had it pointed out by their teacher, who had it pointed out by their teacher!) unknown and remaining invisible, Self stays secret. Staying absolutely hidden, because it is nothing but ourselves, we keep taking its existence for granted.

Until we get the knock of our lives and getting hit by the truth end up shaken and in crisis. Waking up we can never fall asleep and fall into crisis again.

Falling into ay personal crisis it is no longer possible to take ourselves and our existence for granted. In crisis we discover it is the very nature of existence to force us to want to seek and want to know the truth.

Until then so much is ignored. Starting with ourselves. Used to ignoring ourselves, our ignorance is our bliss and our innocence still a virtue.  
Neither do we know that we don’t know nor do we want to know that such thing as Self or the Truth of Self exists.

But how long can we stay that way?

Eventually our ignorance no longer blissful becomes a huge burden and, our innocence becomes a liability and getting conflicted, we seek the truth. 

Mankind’s existence is real. But nothing is as real as the Self in whose perennial presence all experiences are taking place. 

As large and as real as the creation is and our existence in it, so is the universal truth of who we are.
Because nothing else like mankind exists; being ‘one without a second’, whenever mankind has wanted to know the truth of itself and nature of its existence and nature and beauty of Reality, it has only had to look as far as itself.

No longer locked in exclusivity, lost in an exclusive bubble of Sanskrit, who few can understand. Self-knowledge and it’s methodology has been translated into English so those of us who want to know the truth can benefit. 

Clearly humanity is in a crisis. Even the mosquitoes are laughing at us.

Having arrived at a crossroad, a tipping point, it’s like the universe has pulled the brake on humanity putting all our lives on hold. Putting us all on notice, creation has given us this time to pull our act together, or face the consequence of our own extinction. The time bomb is ticking. This is the wake up call! Challenging us to wake up, we either change our behaviour, or it pulls the plug.
It’s our choice.

The scary thing is, other than humanity nothing is in a crisis. Creation is not in crisis.
The climate is not in crisis. 
Nor is covid.  
Only humanity is in crisis.

Not only is the human being in crisis, humanity being the cause of the crisis and the crisis itself means:

We must be the only solution.

Existing in something we call universe, not knowing where the universe is taking us, or what the universe has in mind for us, our destiny is in its hands. No wonder we are in crisis. Being totally ignorant, crisis is unavoidable.

Wanting to know the recipe of creation so we can find out our destination and own our collective future, where do we go?
Does anyone know what the recipe of creation is? Even the scientists themselves keep telling us they don’t know.
So if science cannot help us, who can?

Wanting to know what our relative destination in the universe is and what the creation has in store, as human being’s, we have always had to turn to a non-relative source of knowledge.  
Existing 24/7 365 in something we call the relative universe that no one knows anything about, because our existence and the existence of universe is a direct result of creation, searching for the truth of both, we have only to look as far as ourselves.
Self being non-relative and absolute means, to understand the secret of the universe to go as far as ourselves, is enough. Creation has made it this way, so it makes it easy for us. There is nowhere else to go.
We are not the first human beings to get caught in a crisis. Like countless generations before us who have discovered the truth of themselves through the teachings, ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या having always pointed out the truth of our existence, offers us the way out. This is why it has always survived.
By continuing to ignore ourselves, as long as creation is still a mystery and we remain a mystery to ourselves, we give the universe collateral to push us off the edge of a cliff.
Without knowing ourselves, anywhere we go in creation (creation being our only option and being only one), without knowing our destination, because of our ignorance we keep getting pushed into crisis. If we keep basing our whole future existence on a recipe of false notions and ideas that we have concocted and cooked up about ourselves, having nothing to do with reality makes no sense and crisis is inevitable.
By turning our ignorance into knowledge we get rid of the cause of conflict and allow knowledge to take and guide us into the future. Not a destination, because the future is not a destination without us, all we need for that future to be real is to know ourselves. Then in the brightness and light of knowledge the future that beckons is bright with possibilities and, no longer seeing ourselves as separate and apart from creation suddenly we all stand a chance.
As long as ignorance is there, ignorance is all we know and our only obstacle. Living in a perpetual vacuum of darkness bound and blind, unless we can remove the blindfold, we don’t stand a chance and keep on getting in our way. Hit by crisis after crisis, going nowhere, knowing that we exist, combined with not knowing what creation means by our existence, creates all the our human hardship and behaviour. Resulting in all our human conflict and difficulties. Until the turning point is reached, hardship and crisis is all we know and keeps pushing us until all we want to hear is the truth,

Simply through learning Self-knowledge, no longer bound, no longer the victim of our own circumstance stuck in our tiny little ignorant vacuums, losing it’s collateral, the universe can no longer push us around.
Just like sun destroys all the blackness of the night before, Self-knowledge is like the sun coming up in our lives. Making all the darkness disappear knowledge removes all our difficulties.
No longer ignorant, our eternal destination is reached.

Suddenly free, the mosquitoes stop laughing at us.

Until then, spiralling into nowhere, our ignorance keeps putting us under enormous pressure. While ignorance the size of the universe is all we know, only when we clear the cloud of our ignorance does the BIG BANG science talks about finally come.
Finally able to hear and acknowledge the truth of our existence, knowing ourselves as the truth, no longer a mystery to ourselves, the human brain explodes in Self-knowledge. Revealing our true uniqueness and greatness as mankind, the Self being fully realised, man’s final freedom is won. 
As unstoppable and inseparable as we are from our journey with the universe, so unstoppable and inseparable are we from universal journey of Truth. That the journey is ourselves, we just don’t know it.

To stop our journey from turning into a nightmare and future from turning on us and turning to ash all we have to do is know ourselves.
Knowing our true nature changes all our human behaviour. Knowing that we are the changeless nothing can affect us. Stopping our human behaviour, suffering on account of ignorance stops.
To stop living in a little tiny bubble and the earth falling out from underneath us, all we need to hear is the truth.

The teaching called Self-knowledge removes the vacuum and releases all the pressure.

Creation doesn’t come with an instruction or service manual. Not in any conflict, creation clearly never needs fixing.
Only we human being’s do.
To stop our human behaviour from dragging us into oblivion we need to stop ignoring ourselves – that is all.

As long as society still doesn’t know itself, that long, blindfolded, ignorance keeps dragging us into conflict and wars and we will all keep suffering.

How do you fix something you know absolutely nothing about?
How do we fix ourselves and change our behaviour if we don’t know ourselves?

Crisis is always the reminder that we exist. Crisis whether relative or absolute, reminds us we ought to take our existence seriously. No longer taken for granted, crisis forces us to open our minds and makes us open door’s we never ever thought possible or even knew existed.

Putting us all at the edge and at ground zero, because our very existence is in 2020 is in question, 2020 challenges us as a species and putting us under pressure puts us all under the microscope.

If we want the future to include us, we need to all get to know the truth.

Creation and the universe that we can see all around us is not the mystery. We are the mystery. Because you are still a mystery, crisis is inevitable.
Self-knowledge, because it answers the question of the questioner, reveals the secret that creation has kept hidden, the eternal secret and destination that has always been mankind.

To answer the question of ourselves, because both question and questioner arise as a result of the same universal creation, both being inseparable from one another means, answering one, you automatically answer both.

Answering who you are, finding out your place in the universe has always been secure you find that peace that never ends. At no time thereafter can anything in the universe ever get the better of you again.
No longer imprisoned in a bubble, able to glimpse a future that includes rather than separates you, suddenly everything becomes doable and acceptable. Able to accept any situation, suddenly the future no longer daunting and unimaginable is bright with endless possibilities.
Feeling secure, suddenly any future that includes us is acceptable and everything becomes manageable and living goes back to normal.

Before we go scouring the universe for answers, setting up human colonies on Mars and trying to live on the moon, let’s find out what creation has in mind by our existence in it in the first place. 

Anyone know? 

A person in India wanting to own their final destination and outcome, has always been able to go to the teacher of Self-knowledge; ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या.

For every generation, the teaching’s have been the key that unlocks creation’s greatest secret and biggest mystery.

Having always explained the A-Z of mankind, Self-knowledge is the manual on being human.

Different from self-help or being self-taught, Self-knowledge has survived throughout the ages and civilisation’s of mankind, because it comes handed down. From generation to generation, teacher to teacher, the oral tradition of teaching has always been the map to point the way by pointing out our essential universal nature and man’s eternal destination.

Crisis: A time of rebirth and renewal. 

In India the crisis of the human being has always been held sacred. Honouring a time in each person’s life when life reaches a crossroad, a turning point, to honour this time, the holiest cities of India are built. Where the massive body of water called the river Ganges, after plunging headlong down endless valleys and cascading waterfall’s high in Himalayas, reaches the plains of India below and takes a huge u-turn, as though the river itself in crisis has reached a crossroad, a tipping point and is desperate to return to it’s source high in the Himalaya’s. Because it signifies a time in our existence, when life throws us a curved ball and our life get’s threatened, thrown into a balance, crisis is the only time when our mind’s are open and asking question’s we are ready for answers. To honour this, India’s holiest city, Varanasi the oldest city in the world, is built where the huge river Ganges turn’s back on itself. Originally called ‘Kasi’, meaning ‘to give up that which you love the most’, the city Varanasi (City of Light) honours crisis as the most sacred point in human life. At our weakest and our most vulnerable point in our journey, forced to face our darkest fears, even our fear of death, seeking answers to our deepest, most meaningful questions, we are ready to give up everything and anything, including our idea of ourselves, just to hear the truth.
Forcing us to back up and turn within, traditionally it is at this time that a person seeks out a teacher and teaching.
Immersing ourselves in the quest for knowledge, wanting to know the knowledge of truth and the truth about knowledge, if we are lucky enough, our crisis points us and leads us to finding the teacher of Atma Vidya or Atma Gnanam, (knowledge of Self). Who revealing Self alone, having always been the truth and man’s eternal destination, resolves all our fears and human conflicts and drawing our crisis to its rightful conclusion draws our crisis to a close.

Like the river Ganges already being the water itself, has no farther to look that itself for it’s source, so too, in searching for the truth of being human, we only have to look as far as ourselves.
Thirsty for knowledge, desperate for our crisis to end, hoping for a little water to quench our thirst, in Self-knowledge we discover that we are the water itself.

To discover this is life’s greatest secret and biggest blessing and brings life’s greatest joy.
There is no greater achievement and blessing than this.

Finding out the truth is easy. Because it’s already yourself. Being the truth already, we don’t have to look or go anywhere or wait for truth to arrive. If you have to wait for truth to show up then, it is not the truth. Already being the truth, having it pointed out, ends our search. Finding out what was seemingly way beyond our reach is already ourselves, stops all our stress and anxiety and the battle is over.

In the pursuit of happiness, wholeness and completeness, thinking the more exotic or esoteric our experience, the more ecstatic and happy we become, we discover, as the only destination of happiness is ourselves, there has never been a more exotic destination to go in the universe than ourselves.
We only need to recognise it. Recognising that wholeness and completeness are the very nature of ourselves, simply by being born human, happiness no longer a destination becomes permanent. Having always been the eternal destination of happiness, being ever reached and permanently accomplished, everything immediately becomes worthwhile and every situation acceptable.

Accepting the truth is easy. It is in the knowledge of Self that we realise, before we even looked for the truth, truth had already reached and found us. A far cry from the exclusive, seemingly unreachable places that religion, self-help and modern spirituality talks about.

This is why a person who has reached a crossroad; a turning point wanting to know the truth must be introduced to Self-knowledge. In Self-knowledge you discover crisis was your best place. Because without it you would never have thought about it or wanted to know and discover the truth. Crisis for anyone means they are about to discover life’s greatest blessing and have life’s greatest joy and mystery revealed to them.

Even a glimpse of the greatest truth and mystery of this universe is enough. This mystery and story is a journey that is never ending and just getting started, it is the tip of the iceberg.

To get to remove all the darkness – someone just needs to turn the lights on. 

Wanting to know yourself you have always had to go to a teacher.
Someone who having understood and discovered the secret of themselves can point out the truth to you.
By showing you what you are not, the teaching’s reveal to you your true treasure, the essence of nature. Which has always been you, ever present, only, hidden by the darkness of ignorance, it could not be seen.

It is therefore in crisis that if we get lucky enough, we get to find the teacher who can show us the truth.

Crisis though is also our opportunity to get taken for a ride.
To avoid getting taken for a ride and taken advantage of, we need to be sure the teacher knows what they are talking about. A maths teacher for instance must know mathematics. Someone teaching you surfing must know how to surf.
In Self-knowledge teacher doesn’t know themselves and how to teach then they can’t help.

If all you are getting sold is practices and told truth and true happiness are a point yet to be reached at some as yet undetermined destination, yet to be gained, know it is not the truth.

So you do need to be extremely cautious.

Being cautious at a time when we are at our most vulnerable, is difficult enough. Anyone can use this time to take advantage of us and use our crisis to get the better of us. So caution is advisable.

When ignorance the size of the universe is pressing down on you, to release the pressure, you need only one answer. Questioning ‘I’ – ‘Who am I?’ Who is this ‘I’ that is questioning? ‘I’ is the only question you need answering.
The creation being so vast and wild, it’s secret being so well hidden means, being invisible to you, you will spend your entire life searching for the answer and never see it.
One tiny word opens up the secret of the entire universe. Ignorance of one word ‘I’ creates all our human difficulties. Creating all our obstacles and problems, the miracle of Self -knowledge is, it rid of them all in one foul swoop.
Once and for all. Once our ignorance of this ‘I’ get’s resolved, like a PIN or passcode to the universe, knowing who we are releases all the pressure. Knowledge is instantaneous. It all depends on us. Knowledge of ourselves can get rid of all our obstacles instantaneously, or we can hang on to our preconceived idea of the truth as well as our preconceived idea of ourselves as individuals being the truth and never find the cure.
Knowledge of ‘I’ as the absolute is the cure. Therefore only one obstacle stands in our way.

No good saying ‘I am the universe’ if you don’t know what the universe is. Still struggling to know ourselves, universe is just another word; another label to hang our hat on. Still something you know absolutely nothing about, until someone helps lift the obstacle, ignorance still being there means, the vacuum can’t disappear and pressure can’t release the pressure. To release all the pressure and stop ignorance following you around wherever you go, you need Self-knowledge.

‘I’ being the only thing under pressure, knowing ‘I’ releases it.

Hearing the words ‘maybe’, ‘could be’ or ‘should be’ doesn’t work. Because ‘I’ is absolute, the answer we get given has to be the absolute answer. Being universal, understanding ‘I’, the job of the teacher and teaching is done.
If you end up with another spin doctor, spinning you into another orbit, all we end up orbiting and spinning around is ourselves. Until we know ourselves and true meaning of our existence, we can’t help orbiting one word ‘i’. Like a spinning top, we can’t help or stop spinning. To slow the top down one has to first get in a crisis. Then with knowledge the spinning stops.

Life is a crazy journey. Like being on any journey though, every journey having a beginning has to end. For our journey to end happily, and for the top to stop spinning, like any journey only our ignorance of the destination has to end. Ignorance being the cause of the spinning, ending in knowledge, both ignorance and knowledge having done their job disappear and the journey ends in the only place it can, ‘I’ – ourselves.
Being both the beginning and destination in all journeys, you are the journey itself.

Crisis: A time of rebirth and renewal. 

On the path of seeking knowledge if you are still on a path, you have yet to reach your destination.

Discovering the truth through the teaching’s of Atma Vidya, we can’t stop being amazed at how easy it is and, how stupid we must have been for missing it and getting lost in the first place. 

Existing in something as vast as the creation, the opportunities of getting lost are endless.
But knowing that there has only ever been one destination, makes it easier.
Truth being all there is and therefore the only destination, the seeker of truth ourselves already being the only destination, all journeys and paths lead right back to us.
Because we are always present, the ability to get the teaching and to hear the truth is also always present.
We just have to find the opportunity. If the teacher is right, Self always being the best means, the results are always the best.

Born into a conflict free universe, until I understand this, the only thing ever getting conflicted is myself. Not knowing myself as the meaning of every idea, every thought; the meaning of every word including the word ‘I’, I can’t help getting lost in all my ideas. Once the truth is heard, discovering myself as having always been the destination I can never get lost again.
Recognising my place in the universe, I am able to live a conflict free life. Ignorance alone having always been the root cause and source of all my conflict once cauterized disappears and, I am eternally free.

Experiencing nothing else than creation 24/7/365 days a year, because experience is blind – some would say dumb – our experience tells us nothing about the nature of what we are experiencing nor, anything about ourselves the experiencer. Because experience blinds you to the truth, betting your life on our experiences, can only lead to trouble and gets you in a mess.
Believing our own impressions and interpretations to be the truth, subtler than all these is the one experiencing; the experiencer; the interpreter; the seer, in whose presence everything appears real. Not a projection, the seer alone is real.
The one projecting alone is real. If we don’t know this we keep projecting our ignorance on the world. Taking ‘I’, a thought of ourselves to be real, our experience and projections to be real, the experiencer who alone is real gets taken for granted and we forget and lose ourselves in every experience. While the experiencer experiencing everything is the only thing real; the only reality, to know this is to no longer get taken in by the universe.
Ignoring oneself, you can’t help projecting all your own ideas onto creation you know nothing about.
Until the crossroad is reached; the turning point. Then truth being realised removes the blindfold, and we no longer keep stumbling around in the dark.

Projecting everything onto one word ‘I’, our whole lives have become a projection; a presumption. Until we learn the truth, and put ‘I’ under the microscope, ‘I’ is a misconception. Identifying with every thought, because a thought cannot be the truth, every thought therefore is difficult. Ending up getting conflicted, looking for the cause, ignorance of ‘I’ being the only cause, knowing ‘I’ cures all the conflict and gets rid of the crisis.

Until then the universe is a lovely place to get lost in, until it puts on your brakes on and stops you in your tracks.

Then Self-Knowledge alone gets us out of the danger and out of all trouble.

Superimposing meaning, making a cocktail out of a word we know nothing about, we forget the word ‘I’ is only meaningful because we are meaningful. The only word in our vocabulary that is worth getting to know the meaning of, getting rid of all our confusion in the world, one word, stops the merry go round and all the conflict stops.

Like getting lost in a tough neighbourhood, until a map or someone points out where you are, every direction you go is dangerous.
Getting lost in the creation, knowing who you are stops all confusion. If you want to be comfortable in the creation and all the confusion to disappear, all you need to know is yourself by knowing the meaning of one word; ‘I’.

– Answering who you are Self-knowledge is the key, Self-knowledge is the map.

Every direction you go from then on being the right direction is a blessing and every moment being acceptable no longer meaningless becomes filled with more opportunity and meaning.

As long as our personal data and beliefs are used as our compass, being personal, we can’t use them to navigate the universe. Having nothing to do with the universe, anything can go wrong and does.
To stop life from going the wrong direction, because you are the compass, you need to know the truth. Then, using Self as the Compass, nothing can ever go wrong.

Having reached the eternal destination, having always been nothing else; no other destination, you have nowhere else to go.
No longer at a crossroad, the greatest blessing’s are yet to come.
Every moment from then on is a new opportunity, every second filled with wonder and, every direction a new blessing and beginning filled with endless possibilities and solutions.

Always blessed, we just don’t know it. No longer crushed, seeking answer’s, realising we never had to wait to realise the truth, our full potentiality becomes realised and our greatest blessings are yet to come.

No longer shouldering the burden of ignorance, consciousness the Self, being nothing but light, fills the universe with light and everything and everyone is blessed in that light.

This is why Varanasi is called ‘The City of Light’.

To get this gift that the universe has always kept secret and hidden from us our whole lives, we have only to go as far as ourselves. Having always been conscious having always been ourselves, we don’t have to wait for consciousness, or do anything.

Like the Sun rising in our lives, Atma Vidya आत्माविद्या shows us our true destination. Destroying all the darkness Self-knowledge removes all our suffering.

Today the traditional mantle of ‘guru’  and the role of ‘ashram’  in India is being superseded by the primary school teacher and school classroom. Excavating it’s past, India is going ‘back to the future’ to save future generations from needless and pointless suffering. 

Extracting Self-knowledge from the past, Atma Vidya आत्माविद्या takes us back to the timeless. From the very beginning, we are already ever free. But we need Atma Vidya आत्माविद्या the teaching, to remind us and come back to ourselves.

Self-knowledge reclaim’s the universal future that belongs to all of us.

No longer taking our existence for granted, no longer hidden, our true nature and eternal destination having been reached, no longer stumbling around in darkness we no longer suffer.

While secular education can provide the human being with relative skills that help to bring relative solutions and relative comfort in the world, modernists argue, that because Self-knowledge helps a person know their true essence nature, no longer distracted by the world they become fully functional in society and the world. The not-knowing, the self-ignorance that has always left the individual blind and at a huge disadvantage disappears.
Try being comfortable in any situation you are unfamiliar with. Being uncomfortable and unfamiliar with our situation in creation leads to all our discomfort, misunderstanding’s and all our wars and conflict have been fought because of it.
To remind us of our universal oneness as humanity, our education as human being’s has to be complete. Without Self-knowledge lifting the blindfold, the individual in society will always be left feeling uncomfortable and inadequate.

At 27 schools Schools, trained teachers tasked with including Self-knowledge in classes on mathematics, science and geography etc, students knowing themselves, are yielding a 100% pass rate year on year.

The results speak for themselves.

If unhappiness is still a destination. 

Everyone wants to be happy. Because we all know what will make us happy no one needs a teaching for that. Today everything and everyone is out to sell us happiness. Whether happiness is a holiday destinations or food or entertainment not wanting to be unhappy we are all gullible and in the name of happiness everything is marketable. Including yoga and meditation and spirituality. Religion too. While everyone is in the happiness business, ready to sell us anything to make us happy – to be truly happy, what do we need? Does anyone know?
To be truly happy you need to know the true nature of happiness. The source.

Is there is anyone telling us what that is? What is true happiness? Because if you knew the true source of happiness you would no longer have to look for it would you.
If anyone was able to uncover the nature of true happiness imagine how in demand they’d be.
Well we’ve got good news for you. Self-knowledge teaching starts with the nature of happiness.

Like I said, no longer stuck living in the stone age, living free of fear and doubt, knowledge lifts all the pressure, paving the way for the complete realisation of the full human being. That knowledge must include revealing the true nature of happiness.
For life to be real you only have to be real to yourself. For happiness to be real you have to know it’s source.

While we keep seeing happiness as a destination, seeking happiness in things in the world where it can never be, true happiness will keep eluding us. Dreaming of dream happiness, true happiness never comes.
Having never been absent, always present as our ourselves, thinking happiness is in the world it is always we who are absent.

Because you are ever present, happiness cannot elude you. If happiness keeps eluding you, it means you still don’t know yourself.

As timeless as the Self Atman so is the Upanishadic teaching called Atma Vidya आत्माविद्या

Without knowing the one thing that is changeless and limitless, the eternal Self, the freedom that is waiting can never be yours.
Seeing truth and freedom as relative, separates us from our true heritage as human beings. Seeing happiness as relative, our own ideas of happiness and freedom separate us and stop us from being truly happy. Dragging us moment by moment away from our true essence nature; satchitananda – is only our human ignorance.
As long as we keep ignoring ourselves, true lifelong happiness cannot be ours.

Practices like yoga and meditation are useful because they remind us of the peace, beauty and stillness that is already ourselves.
As the source of stillness and beauty, once your own beauty and stillness is pointed out you can’t help seeing beauty and stillness everywhere and in everything. Like you don’t have to practice being conscious, so you don’t have to practice being still and beautiful. Meditation is not a practice.
Meditation reminds you of your already present nature that is always eternally calm and present.

This is the job of meditation and the meditation teacher. Not to give practices. If at all meditation practices are useful, they are useful only as a reminder.

True meditation happens once all the practices end.

You always being present, ever changeless and constant, before you can even think of beauty, you already are the Beauty itself.

What could be more beautiful.

This in yoga is kevalyam.

All yoga culminates and resolves not in the practice but the practitioner. Having experienced it’s dawn in the practices, the knowledge and teaching of the Self confirms and completes our human experience.
Truth is the awakening in the reality of Self. Knowing yourself as the the end of knowledge the journey is complete. Then the boat – the practices – are no longer needed.
Like you have never had to wait to be present, you never have to wait to be your own completeness. Already whole and complete, Self-knowledge takes the universe that was outside and puts it in you. Putting you in the picture sets you free; Jivamuktah. 
Having thought I had to stop thinking to be complete, to stop breathing to be complete, knowing yourself as having always been complete, completes the picture ending the quest for freedom and happiness. We don’t need to go and sit in a cave or in a forest or on top of a mountain. A flat in any city will do.
Realising that the freedom you sought has always been yourself- married to freedom – inseparably bound to the truth – is ‘enlightenment’. Enlightened in every moment, every second, enlightening everything has always been only you.
Knowing stops the anguish and end’s all the searching.

Who creates the distance? We create our own distance.

Because we have always been the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle, the piece we were all waiting for, now knowing ourselves, the piece no longer missing there is no more waiting for the jigsaw to be complete.

No longer reaching out to be happy, no longer seeking completeness everywhere, we never feel distant, separate or apart from the truth; call it God, call it Self, call That Brahman; Shiva; Atman call THAT whatever you like.

What eventually unlocks the secret of the universe has never been closer than your Self.

Already we are an inseparable part of Reality. Truth being universal, subtler than the subtlest includes all humanity. No one is separate. No one is left out.

Upanishadic Wisdom

The vedas are said to be the oldest books of mankind. Part of the vedas yet older than the Vedas are the upanishads. While the vedas, like all relative systems of knowledge – e.g. mathematics, science, physics, chemistry etc. – are able to point out relative truth’s to do with the relative world of matter and form we see and experience around us. Unable to answer the question of the ‘I’, the absolute, they cannot point out the truth. Because the upanishads point out true essential nature as human beings, the upanishads have always been regarded as superior knowledge.

Always absolutely rational, upanishadic teachings called Self-knowledge take away that responsibility from mathematics, physics, science and chemistry etc.