Yoga Trilogy : The Knowledge of Self ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या | Yoga Vidya योग विद्या | Kriya Vidya क्रिय विद्या

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ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या 

 – Who Are We REALLY! – Self Illumined. 

Already all captured by the truth, captured and mesmerised by a word, one word holds our secret. ‘I’ being absolute, this one word can be used to unlock the truth and explode the meaning and mystery of the human being.
ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या no longer hidden away, lost in the secrecy and taboo of orthodoxy, explodes the mystery of being human. Consciousness being our very nature, awake, asleep, eating, dreaming truth 24/7/365, already complete, truth has already captured and enchanted every one of us. As the first name of the whole human race, ‘I’ is the password, the PIN code that can be used to the universal mystery that is ourselves.
Hidden in mystery is the perfection that is every human being. Once it explodes the mystery of the whole universe explodes.

Wanting absolute all out freedom, already perfect, nothing need be added or taken way. Knowledge being all thats missing, knowledge sets us free.
Hidden beneath layers and layers of human ignorance lies our true human legacy. ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या reveals the secret of the human being that helps man discover the truth that he has always been.
Living and experiencing nothing else but the truth non-stop, until we get our true inheritance by owning up to the truth, truth challenges us in every moment and living our lives is an endless struggle.
Long before we got here the truth of ‘I’ was already the truth. The most powerful word in the english dictionary, every sentence we speak beginning or ending with ‘I’ does anyone know its true meaning? 

Until you own its true meaning ‘I’ owns everything. 

Superimposing our own ideas on the word, for each of us, ‘I’ has different meanings.  Like a chameleon, it appears to keep on changing. Relying on an idea, because our idea of ourselves keeps changing, our life is like riding a roller coaster. Whenever ‘I’ gets in trouble, we get troubled. When ‘I’ gets mixed up, we get mixed up. Whenever I gets down and challenged we feel down and challenged. Whenever ‘I’ gets conflicted, we feel threatened. Challenging and conflicting everybody and getting conflicted in everyone is the same ‘I’. So rather than trying to keep up, shouldn’t we just find out who this is?
Whoever is hanging onto the truth for dear life we find is the truth.
In crisis, finding the very thing we’re hanging onto dragging us further and deeper into crisis and despair. Not understanding its meaning, until we’re forced to through crisis to question and challenge our ideas we never do. Only when crisis threatens us, and we feel challenged, does our mind suddenly open up and, ready to listen, we are ready to hear answers.
One thing alone is questionable: ‘i’. Once we answer its meaning we find we have no more questions, only answers.  

Listen to the words of the teacher unfold the mystery of ‘I’, recognising and falling in love with our true selves, brings an end to all our human conflict.

Hearing our secret and understanding the truth of ourselves from a teacher for the first time, resolves the crisis of this ‘I’. And we struggle – not to believe the truth – but how we could have missed seeing it for so long. The more we listen and more it makes sense, the more our crisis resolves, ending all our confusion and suffering the teaching ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या resolves our human crisis once and for all. No longer a roller coaster ride, as soon as our ignorance disappears, like the sun rising up in the morning, Self-knowledge illumining the darkness removing all our confusion removes all our pain and suffering.

Asking the question; ‘Who am I?’ or ‘Who is this ‘I’?’ both the question and questioner arise as a direct result of our existence in creation. Meaning, answering one, you get the answer to both. Answering the question of the questioner, revealing our secret, the creation and our existence in it no longer a mystery, all our problems are solved. No longer fearful, insecurity and doubt disappear. 

Knowing our outcome, our head no longer full of questions, lifts the weight of the universe off our shoulders.

The veda/upanishads by given us the knowledge of one thing, by knowing which everything else is known, lifts all the darkness. Our life no longer a blackhole, filling up the vacuum of our ignorance Self- knowledge removes all the pain and stops the misery.
Along with exploding the meaning of ourselves as the meaning of the whole universe explodes, aghast and agape in wonderment, finding we are the only missing piece, the universe can play no more tricks on us. 
Like finding the missing piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle, finding ourselves to be the only thing missing in our lives, the missing piece in the universe, solves all our problems. Using the laser of empirical knowledge and wisdom in a time tested manner, by challenging our ideas, Self-knowledge leaves us no option. We cannot escape the irrefutable proof that is – ourselves. 
Already the ‘proof is in the pudding’.Truth we are looking for, having always been ourselves, no longer blinded by the mystery, recognising oneself as the only ‘R’eality capital ‘R’ there is no longer any confusion.  
Until we stop ignoring ourselves, Truth challenges us in every moment. Every micro-second brings us a new challenge.  

Having survived the test of time, Self-knowledge points out the timeless destination, the eternal Reality. Self the eternal is imperceptible by the five senses. “Soundles, touchless, colourless, immutable and also tasteless, time-free, odourless is that.” Katha UpaniSad I.3.15)
Which is why you need a Self-knowledge teacher who uses a time tested methodology to point it out.

Already all we carry with us is the truth. Having brought nothing with us, experiencing nothing else,  once the meaning of that which is never subject to change or cancelation is pointed out, by a teacher (who had it revealed to them by their teacher, who had it revealed to them by their teacher in a timeless oral tradition) helping us reveal and recognise the truth of ourselves, we never look back. 
Being nothing in the universe like human being and, no other teaching like Self-knowledge, using one word points out the timeless eternal destination that frees us all. Freeing the ever free, already the eternal, already the solution, to blow it up and own the truth, all we need is pointing out.
Because ignorance creates the distance, filling the gap in our understanding, Self-knowledge completes our education. Having never been shown, Truth having always been our destination, being shown the destination is ourselves, having no distance, we’re home and dry.
Having nowhere to go, nowhere to reach, we create the distance.
All that separates us from true permanent happiness is ourselves. Our ideas separate us.}

Looking for the monument of truth, finding Self-knowledge, mankind, getting darshan, a glimpse, even for a moment is monumental and enough.
Finding the Self that has always been your best friend, the missing piece, no longer missing, the search is over.

As long as it takes us to let go our ideas that long it takes for the truth to dawn. The longer we wait the longer a dictator controls and owns our future and rules our destiny.
Confusing us all is only a thought. Confusing ourselves with a thought having the reality of our experience, pointed out, changes everything. Hidden beneath the layers of fake news is the eternal jewel of wisdom; the light of truth that we are. Lured by a thought of ‘i’, the longer we stay under its spell and refuse to answer the question ourselves, the longer we keep getting confused, conflicted and in crisis.
To stop the ceiling falling on us, a revolution has to take place. Living under the rule of ignorance, dictated to by a tyrant is like living under apartheid. Holding us all to ransom, stealing our freedom, allowing our ignorance to dictate and disrupt our lives, is one thought. One thought creates our confusion. To stop the confusion and change our behaviour we need a change in government. To stop a thought of ourselves from ruling us and remove the imposter and take back power, someone needs to introduce us to our true nature.
Holding us back is our ignorance. Self-knowledge removes the dictator. No longer held hostage, ‘I already being Absolute, no longer its captive, no more mesmerised by ignorance, the nightmare is over. To get rid of blindness we need to own our own secret. By owning our meaning, the future is no longer uncertain and insecure and the roller coaster ride stops.
Knowledge breaks the spell. Resolving the ‘i’thought, breaks its spell and, no longer under its spell the universe can no longer play tricks on you.

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Yoga Vidya योग विद्या
ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला 

Practice for Life
ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a sequence of exercise designed to suit everyday life. Suiting every individual’s body, lifestyle and ability, as a daily yoga program ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला reminds you of your true nature making you fit to enjoy the timeless secret of perfect health.
Fitting any timeframe, all it takes to become adept at ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is a practice a day.  
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Kriya Vidya क्रिय विद्या

 Bhoganathar Siddha, Maha Guru of Babaji and Patanjali SIddha

– The Great Siddha Kriya Breath. 
Searching for the limit to the human being the Siddhas of Tamil Nadu found the limitless.
Over thousands of years, the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing has systematically helped turn the human body into its own self-sustaining power system.
Rising beyond the natural to the supernatural, using your body as your personal nuclear energy plant 
Siddha Kriya pranayama is yoga’s next step.
Siddha Kriya is a system of breathing that uses the breath to trick the body’s immune system into releasing its full creative power and energy. Using the flow of life force swara to build up stamina, you build a nuclear fortress to ward off disease.
During COVID a lot of people are using the breath as a secret weapon to health.
The secret that the Siddhas used to trick death, is the secret weapon we can all use to trick the body into releasing its juice (amrit) and strengthen its immune system.
To see how it works try the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing for yourself.
Taught in a timeless living tradition.

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Asta Yoga of Agustya – the yoga of the Great Rishi and Muni Agustya is the Great (Maha) Yoga of the Tamil Siddha’s. OM NA MA CI VA YA