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Atma Vidya

आत्मा विद्या

Light on  Self

Who You Are Really.
Truth Closer Than You Think. 

Already captured, mesmerised by the Truth, without knowing it, one word has already captured all of us. Captives in a universe we know nothing about, all we need to unlock it’s secret is one word. One word reveals the Truth of being human and explodes our mystery. ‘I’ is the universal PIN code, the first name of the whole human race. Revealing not just the secret meaning and mystery of being human, the universal passcode, ‘I’ is the secret password that unlocks the entire mystery of Creation.

Wanting to know the meaning of existence you need look no further than yourself. Self-knowledge ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या (Light on Self, Light on Truth) of the veda/upanishads, no longer a lost teaching, hidden in secrecy and taboo explodes our human mystery and reveals our timeless secret.

Yoga Vidya

योग विद्या

Light on Yoga

ISHTA Mala: A Practice for Life

ISHTA Mala yoga sequence is a suite of asana’s designed to suit every individuals lifestyle and ability and fit every timeframe. The perfect way to keep fit anywhere anytime, all it takes to become adept is a practice a day.

Culminating in SIddhasana, the final pose of yoga (adepts pose) ISHTA Mala prepares you for the serious yogi’s next step.

Kriya Vidya

क्रिय विद्या

Light on Kriya

The Great Secret: The Siddha Kriya Breath.

Searching for the limit to being human the Tamil Siddha’s discovered the limitless. Over thousands of years, the Siddha Kriya Method of breathing has been used to systematically turn the human body into its own self-sustaining nuclear power plant. Rising beyond the natural to the supernatural, freed from limitation Siddha Kriya pranayama is the Siddha’s secret.

About John

“The sign of a true teacher is when he can share his knowledge in a way that inspires, helps us to understand concepts and ideas through our own deep knowing and experiences, as well as leave us with the desire to want to know more. John is this kind of teacher.” Jodi Boone,  Seattle Washington

At Peace we are our most Powerful

John Weddepohl  |  Siddharthan सिद्धार्थन

Describing himself as vagabond, rogue and rascal, John has been blessed with teachers. A native South African, born in Johannesburg, John began teaching yoga at nineteen and, in 2004 went to India to pursue his lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Meeting his visionary master H.H. Pujiya Suddhananda Saraswati, John was initiated in Atma Vidya, Self-knowledge or Para Vidya the tradition of the veda/upanishads.

Mandated by his Guru to start sharing the teachings, John has been travelling with the knowledge and sharing ever since.

Be Careful What You Ask For  

Deciding late in his life what little fame and fortune had to offer was not good enough, hoping to catch a glimpse of what the sages and prophets call truth, John found out that there is only truth – we just haven’t seen it yet!

Truth being everywhere, has never been closer than the closest. Looking for completeness in everything, the solution we find, already ever present, is ourselves, but we miss it!
Self-knowledge points out our true eternal nature as a human being. Finding perfect peace and happiness has never but a destination but, the very nature of ourselves: ‘In Self-knowledge I discovered the timeless destination of completeness, ever reached, and ever present as myself.’

Searching for Self

At nineteen, John took to yoga like a fish to water. Urged by ISHTA founders Alan Finger and his late father Mani Finger to teach ISHTA Yoga, John opened the ISHTA school in downtown Johannesburg in 1969. Located on the top floor of the city’s first flea market, the building soon became a hotbed of anti-establishment radicalism under South Africa’s apartheid system. Forced to shut down by the authorities, John found himself out of a job. A talented musician from the age of seven, John soon found success as a singer-songwriter performing with some of South Africa’s popular bands.

Study with John

Foundations in Atma Vidya

In this dynamic series of lectures, John takes us on a journey of revelation and understanding to the pure Self. 

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Upasana Meditation

A practical meditation method woven so seamlessly into our lives that not even we notice it being there.  

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Siddha Kriya Breathing

Calling all experienced yogis who want to learn Siddha meditation and develop their breathing expertise.

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A brilliant methodology for understanding the nature of Self.


“I don’t believe there is anything I could do on this planet more valuable than gaining this teaching. What an extraordinary blessing and privilege to have the deepest and most ancient revelatory wisdom not only available but given by a living teacher in a timeless lineage of living teachers.”

- Dale Rhodes

Happy Students

That’s the thing with John – he doesn’t just rattle off ancient wisdoms – he engages you in a story that has you hooked from the start – the story of you – and what an amazing story!


I would be surprised if you could find another source of this knowledge presented so clearly and succinctly and from someone who does it with such grace and humility, so unassumingly. 


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