Atma Vidya

आत्मा विद्या

Light on Self

“A teaching like no other. Handed down from generation to generation from teacher to student through an unbroken chain Self-knowledge declares that long before we can even think of overcoming death, our immortality has already been won: pre-ordained by birth.”

Self Knowledge

The proof is already in the pudding!

Immortal just by being born human, the problem of death has already been solved, we just haven’t found out.

Having stood the test of time, ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या confirms what prophets, saints and sages have been saying for thousands of years:  ‘The proof is already in the pudding!’.

While most religious philosophies define the eternal as some extraordinary destination yet to be reached and yet to be accomplished, Self-knowledge of the Veda/Upanishads tears this idea apart.

Stating that already being born human being, we are the eternal destination we are looking for; already reached. That before we can even think of searching for a solution for ourselves, we are the solution. Self-knowledge tells us that Truth being ourselves, the Absolute is already ever reached. Other than knowing it, once the destination of Truth is pointed out, finding ourselves to be the solution, no other solution is needed.

Declaring that being born human in creation we cannot escape being the truth, man’s nature being absolute and eternal already, means the goal is already won and destination already accomplished. That seeking a solution when you are the solution doesn’t work. And looking in any other direction for what is already ourselves denies it and we never find it. Self-knowledge points out, for the absolute, immortality to be gained, being our nature, only knowledge is needed.

Sons and daughters of immortality

Our very nature is one of permanence

Not knowing what we are doing here, what creation has in mind for us or where the universe is taking us creates all our human difficulties and problems. But this is a problem only for as long as we are unable to recognise ourselves as the truth and the solution.

Seeing everything around us dying and impermanent, and that change and death are the only constant in an ever fluctuating universe, seeing ourselves as impermanent, we forget that – for change to occur, and appear real, there has to be something constant. Something undying, that is permanent. That we are that ever constant, undying absolute and, that our very nature is one of permanence. That to be the eternal we don’t have to do a thing. That no matter what conditions apply, we survive! Is not known to us. 

Having always pointed out the truth, Self-knowledge uses one word; ‘I’ to explode the mystery and secret of mankind. This one word is enough. For the eternal to be made clear, and existence understood the meaning of one word – ‘I’ needs to explode.

Brainwashed into believing that we are limited, while the knowledge and meaning of ourselves has always existed through the ages, still blind to the truth, it is only a matter of time before we all catch up and for ignorance to be left behind and truth to be pointed out. Having always been part of the eternal creation; inseparably bound to the universe, already the solution, while our education excludes us, Indian civilisation has flourished on sharing this wisdom. Limited to a relative point of view based on individuality, our education forgot to include us.

Already the ‘Sons and daughters of immortality’, until our education includes us and introduces us to the truth of ourselves, who we are remains secret and a mystery and humanity can’t flourish. Focused on individuality, ignorance causes all human anxiety and conflict.  

until recently Self-knowledge was kept locked in taboo and orthodoxy a well kept secret. Excluding anyone who didn’t know sanskrit – reserved for single males – it barred women. becoming so secret it became secret even to the priests, the custodians themselves, after rediscovering and Resurrecting it’s methodology modernists translated it into English and rescued atma vidya from obscurity. Making sure everyone, including children in primary school can benefit self-knowledge atma vidya, is being shared widely for the first time. 

advaita vedanta

ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या uses experience to reveal the eternally present.

Remaining absolutely invisible, our indefinable innate nature keeps itself secret and a mystery by default. Because we have never been introduced, preoccupied and obsessed with our individuality, happening as each one of us 24/7/365 pending discovery, is the Grand Prize, the mystery of the universe; the secret of the secrets.

Having no appearance, Self, that which is constant; in which everything ephemeral is fluctuating, having no appearance, and no way of being seen, seems non-existent.
Not a taste you can taste, not a touch you can touch, not a sensation, Self remains absolutely silent and invisible. Imperceptible by nature, it is in its presence, that everything percievable having an appearance appears visible and real.

While everything else may seem real, on closer examination, we discover, Self alone is existing; Self alone is Real. Putting ‘I’ under the microscope, by examination, Self proves to be the only constant. Absolute Self proves to be nothing but the fullness and permanence; the provenance of creation/life itself.

Regardless of how conscious or unconscious we think we are, as human beings, Self being eternal and universal, already the nature of everyone of us, means, our only option and outcome being the eternal, immortality is already assured. We cannot escape. 


That this applies to everyone of us; consciousness being one and the same for all and our only destination, while not obvious, our common goal is already won – already gained. Ignorance is all that stands in the way. Standing in the way of immortality is only the lack of knowledge: Self-knowledge is all that is missing

Should we believe it?

If someone can prove it by showing me I am immortal, why not? In any case, accept it or not, like it or not, already inseparably part of the unbound intelligence that is universal, already the living proof, until we accept it, truth already holds us all captive. Being all of us, truth being everywhere, challenges us every waking moment and we cannot escape.

If a teaching tells me that I am limited and dying and that death and change is all there is. Telling me that change is the only constant in an ever fluctuating universe and, that death alone is permanent, is not telling me anything that I don’t know already. Not helping anybody, showing me what I already know, I don’t need a teaching for that.

If someone can show me the opposite; that I am the immortal absolute; that in amongst all that is busy dying and changing there is something eternal. That not being ephemeral, something pure, absolutely changeless and permanent exists. Not only that; they show me beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this changeless permanence is nothing but myself already, without me having to do a thing – without lifting a finger. If a teaching can do this, surely I should be a little curious – interested?

The secret


Self-knowledge teaches me something completely different. It shows me beyond all shadow of a doubt that I alone am constant and existing. The permanence in amongst all that is impermanent and changing. That, despite experiencing it 24 hours a day in every waking, sleeping, dreaming moment, because it is closer than the closest, until it gets pointed out, I miss it and don’t see it. No matter how hard I try, before I can look, the timeless is already reached, touching me 24/7. Because I am blind, and nothing in my experience tells me anything about the nature of what I am experiencing, the Truth that is nearer than the nearest remains ever present, absolutely hidden, elusive and unknown. Existing between two unseens, until it is pointed out, truth remains in the darkness secret and invisible!

Brainwashed and blindfolded into believing our ideas are real, as long as we remain captives of our ignorance, hiding in plain sight is nothing but the Truth. If ignorance is still my bliss, thinking my innocence is a virtue, ignorance creates a vacuum the size of the universe. A black hole waiting for me to fall into, as long as I remain ignorant, I am a crisis waiting to happen.

With the weight of the universe pressing down on my shoulders is, trying to fill the vacuum, no matter how hard I try, or what I try to do, because ignorance is all I know, still intact, nothing I do can fill it.
Once the truth gets pointed out, the vacuum instantly disappears and no longer staring into a black hole, the weight of the universe lifts off my shoulders.


The Holiest Point in Anyone's Life

To resolve all conflict ‘I’ being all that’s getting in crisis, for my crisis to disappear, all I need to know is the truth of who I am.

Who am I?

My ignorance is my bliss

As long as my ignorance is still my bliss and my innocence is still a virtue I’m ok. Until crisis comes along. In crisis if the crisis is relative to me, and I know the reason for the crisis, I can do something to fix it. By reinventing myself, I can keep on avoiding the crisis.
But if I am the reason for the crisis? When I am the thing in crisis and reason for the conflict – then I can no longer ignore myself. Trying to ignore myself, ignorance no longer blissful becomes a huge burden. No longer able to ignore the truth, ignorance becomes a huge burden around my shoulders, and innocence a massive liability.

Me being the only thing in crisis, the longer I ignore myself, the more conflicted I get. Filled with doubt, wanting the conflict and crisis to end and confusion to go away, I find the very thing I depend on; myself, (or the idea of myself)is the very thing dragging me deeper into despair and further into crisis.
Once I explode the truth of who ‘I am’, the Self that was there all the time, closer than than closest, being revealed, recognised and the most familiar, makes all doubts and fears disappear. Logically convinced, all my insecurities end, and fears and doubt going away all suffering ends.
Pointing out the ‘I’, no longer a mystery and secret, the teacher unravels the mystery, and no longer feeling threatened, I am free.

What we all already are is the truth. All bringing the truth with us, the solution already being nearer than the nearest, finding out that the solution is already ourselves is Self-knowledge.

The architect and reason for all our conflict and only thing in crisis being myself, then I must be the solution! To solve my conflict and make my despair and crisis go away, all I need is to acknowledge the truth of who I am.
Like the sun burns off all the darkness, knowing Self, Self-knowledge, makes all conflict disappear. 

ATma Vidya

Ourselves already being the Truth, already the solution, knowledge being all that’s missing is the only option.

the Challenge

For society to thrive and survive we need to change our behaviour. By getting rid of our ignorance of ourselves as individual human beings and, as a society, we will reclaim our humanity and future. Already beautiful, carrying nothing but the truth with us, we already are the solution. We just need to be shown. We need to be reminded. Until we accept it, truth challenges us in every moment, ever mille-second. It is literally up to us. Either we get blessed by the miraculous and solve our ignorance or ignorance wont let us survive. Left alone staring into the abyss, allowing individuality to govern our behaviour, society as a whole challenges us and we won’t survive.

Right now civilisation is in crisis. Causing all our difficulty and putting us all on a threshold is one thing: ‘I’. Individuality. Until we understand ourselves individuality is a virus. Putting all our lives at risk and on hold is our ignorance. Ignoring our true selves. In crisis is nothing but ourselves. Ignorance erupting and corrupting, replicating itself, for us to save ourselves and survive ignorance and for humanity to keep existing, one question needs to be answered.
Who is ‘I’?
Only when we solve the question of being human by  getting the vaccine of knowledge, recognising ourself as the solution already, can society survive.

And society will survive. 

Being the only thing in crisis and reason for the crisis, to stop the mayhem all we need is to be reminded of the true Self. Self-knowledge is the vaccine. Truth already existing as us doesn’t need us to do a thing. But to keep abiding in the truth we need to do something. Truth has always existed and doesn’t need anything. Only amplifying. In order to recognise it the teacher needs to point it out.

Pointing out what is already existing, making Self-evident what is already Self-existent in all that is apparently changing and dying, is the job of the teacher. Knowing there is something constant, permanent and changeless, that is ever present, unshakeable and unbreakable – that remains all powerful and eternal, no matter what we throw at it. That this is nothing but myself changes everything. Able to face whatever future the universe can throw at us, in Self-knowledge, society will reclaim its common destiny and the individual reclaim the future.

the ReSolution

Until someone points out my secret, the truth is still pending discovery and I remain an absolute mystery and secret to myself. No longer wanting to live such chaotic lives and be in such a mess, to stop being blind to myself, hidden beneath all our ignorance is the eternal gem that creation has kept hidden for us. Yet to be found, Self being the only solution and universal destination is no longer a secret. To be known the true Self needs to be pointed out, needs to be shown.

If I have only heard about it, I should take all steps necessary to investigate and secure myself in the knowledge. 

Perhaps, creation has not yet yielded a crisis big enough to make us want to find out our collective secret. Perhaps we have not yet been challenged and threatened enough to question the meaning and truth of ourselves and our existence.

But all that is changing. The Climate Crisis and pandemics escalating exponentially force us to question our behaviour. Until then everything being questionable what is happening to us as society is forcing us to look at ourselves.

Looking for answers, challenging our existence, by answering the only question that is important and answerable: Who are you? What am I doing here? Self-knowledge solves the problem.
Knowing ourselves as the constant, the pure and permanent content amidst all of the changes is life changing and could be the saviour of the whole human race.



 for knowledge, desperate for our life crisis to be over, looking for an oasis, hoping for a little water to quench our thirst, in Self-knowledge we reach the perpetual oasis of the teacher and teaching and discover that
we are the water itself

John Weddepohl