Siddhanta- the end of Yoga

Patanjali in his yoga sutra states –‘Sthira Sukham Asanam’  – (Patanjali Yoga Sutras.) “Asana should be steady and comfortable’. This turns out to be easier said than done. Anyone can sit still. But few can sit comfortably enough in Siddhasana to leverage the energy of the body through the breath .

Nadhis are the fuel lines which launch the rocketship. Once purified the nadhis, open the sluice gates of yoga. One able to sit in Siddhasana, signals the readiness for Kriya Siddha Meditation the pranabhyasa practice to begin.

SIDDHASANA is not called ‘accomplished pose’ for nothing. Hatha Yoga Pradipika emphasizes siddhasana as the foundation needed to milk the body of rasa, juice or sap, yielding amrit it’s nectar, the nectar of the gods. 

To open the body’s nadhis (energy flows) and allow life energy; ojas to flow and proliferate, ISHTA Mala इष्ट माला gives your body the traction it needs.

Ticking in the body like a time bomb is the heart. Tricking the body into releasing its juice, can lengthen our lifespan and trick death. Once rasa and ojas builds, pranabhyasa sadhana can expand the prana lifeforce. Mastering swara स्वर, the flow of sun and moon energy is the goal of pranayama. Starting with physical asana yoga can be achieved.

“Like trying to ignite an oil lamp without oil, without ojas, doing kriya yoga the lamp will not light. 

Succeeding in yoga means everything in moderation (Including moderation.) Called mithahari, sticking to a non-animal organic vegetarian diet is advised.

The body has to deal with all the food we put into it daily. If the food chain is contaminated the nadhis close and all the benefit derived from ISHTA Mala इष्ट माला is short lived.

To keep the energy flowing and dynamic you need to live consciously. What you eat, drink and the type of medication you take affects your outcome.

Flowering in the knowledge of the Eternal releases the yogi from the fetters of karma.

Mastering the magnetic flow of the Sun and Moon, swara स्वर, the magnetic life force fills the two main nadhis as pure magnetic dynamism. Filling the nadi’s, ojas, becoming rasa, becomes amritam, life’s divine nectar and starts vibrating as the divine sound nada.

Flowering in the knowledge of the Eternal releases the yogi from the fetters of karma. Living in full harmony with the flow of universe is jivamuktah – living liberated.

Having tamed the dragon, living synchronistically, siddhanta the end of yoga is accomplished.

How to live synchronistically and harness the pure magnetic dynamism as sun and moon energy in this lifetime is a secret of the Siddhas