Who is this I?

To resolve the question of ourselves Self-knowledge challenges us to question whether indeed our ideas of who we are, are the truth. To resolve the eternal riddle and unravel the mystery that is mankind, I have to first resolve the question of myself.

Because the truth has never been farther than our selves, uncovering man’s timeless secret and mystery is easy.

To save ourselves and leave no doubt we only need to be convinced. What is more convincing than our own existence?

Using our own experience, rationale and pure logic, ATMA VIDYA आत्मा विद्या uses the experiencer to reveal the eternally present. Leaving no doubt, no longer left shivering in fear out in the cold, feeling excluded and totally inadequate, Self-knowledge proves that, for nothingness to exist, there must also be something else; something permanent, changeless and undying; something absolute.

The magic of Self-knowledge is that it reveals the unseen in which everything is seen.

That the Absolute has always been ourselves means, not even death can touch us. The answer to the crisis being yourself, changes the whole human perspective forever. Because advaita vedanta points out the truth which has never been truer or closer than yourself it solves all of our problems.

Self, already being won, who we are already, being universal and already self-evident, being limitless turns out to be the very nature of freedom itself.

“Discovering the sweetness that is eternal, the essence of all beauty and joy in the universe, stops your search.” 

Finding out that it is yourself that is the miraculous gift of the universe. To find out that you alone are what the universe and nature have been hiding. To find this out and get the truth creation has kept for you you don’t have to look further than yourself.

Freeing what is always free, in and through every single moment – is the beauty of the teaching called Self-knowledge.

Until it is pointed out and truth is recognised, seemingly hidden in endless and invisible darkness, hidden in the mystery that is ourselves, we don’t know it.

That you are nothing but the fullness of existence and life itself, and all it needed was pointing out, is the great irony and paradox of our existence and all that needs to be revealed.

I have to first resolve the question of myself

Asking me to own up to my previously hidden nature, the teachings of advaita vedanta offer a way out.

Making the invisible visible, the magic of Self-knowledge is that it reveals the unseen in which everything is seen.

This has always been its job and the job of the teacher. Suddenly upon hearing the truth, the intangible and invisible becomes instantly tangible and the only thing visible, the only reality finally all that is recognisable.

Being recognised, the truth of who you are can no longer remain dormant. Existence no longer a cold mystery, not void and invisible, you being the very nature and reality of life itself have no further to search.


Because the Truth has always been, it is the purpose and job of all scriptural teachings and job of the teacher to point this out and reveal the truth to us. 

Of all our studies, whether it is the study of a flower or ourselves, the one thing that is all important and yet to be studied in all our studies is: the Self. Subtler than subtlest, the one who is studying; the one knowing, making all our studies meaningful is ourselves. Starting with ourselves, once we get to know ourselves and the truth of our existence, our whole existence becomes meaningful.