I the eternal time traveller

The veda upanishads declare long before you look for the eternal, or search for everlasting happiness, it has already found all of us. Without you, not only Truth, has no meaning, nothing has meaning. Already the meaning in everything, without knowing it, the Truth that we look for has already arrived. Being ourselves Truth has already reached all of us. No one can escape.

The Eternal that we look for; immortality has already arrived. Already gained, praptasya prapti, just by being human is happiness that is everlasting. Missing is only knowledge. Once a teacher points out the ever present Self, finding ourselves to be the meaning we are looking for in everything, all searching stops.

Called vedanta, the Self, where all questioning begins is the knowledge Itself.

Searching for meaning in our lives, what we don’t realise is, before the search can be meaningful, first we have to be meaningful.

Without you in creation; the universe has no meaning. First, we are the meaning. Looking for meaning in everything else, we miss the whole point.

In vedanta; Self-knowledge – we discover, the meaning of completeness, the meaning of fullness, the wholeness, purnam we look for in everything is already ourselves. We are the destination of completeness Itself.

The Eternal that we look for; immortality has already arrived

Not knowing it, or where our journey in creation is taking us, creation takes us on a wild goose chase. Until the destination is pointed out. Left to fill in the blanks on our own, our education leaves a huge gaping hole in our lives the size of the universe. Naming everything for us, forgetting to include ourselves, our education forgets to name the namer.

Before we name everything it is a nameless universe.

Getting lost in the names and identifications, until we recognise the Seer, our true identity remains hidden. Trying to fill in the vacuum left by our education on our own, the universal secret keeps eluding us.

Mystified, wanting the mystery to end, what we don’t realise is, the universe is only mysterious because we are a mystery in it.  For those who know its secret, there is no mystery and no conflict. One thing makes existence mysterious: We do.

” For any mystery to exist first it has to have a secret. Making the universe a mystery and a secret is ourselves.  To explode the mystery we have to explode the secret of ourselves. One word holds the secret to our mystery: ‘I’.”

That we are the solution to the mystery is its mystery and secret. A game creation is playing on itself, waiting to explode, pending discovery in each of us, is the Truth. Until we know how to uncover our secret, creation/creator keeps hiding from us, and we keep on getting conflicted.

One thing getting conflicted and conflicting all of us is: ‘I’. Hidden in a word, is the Truth. Once Atma vidya, Self-knowledge explodes the meaning of the word ‘I’ the universe has no more secrets.

To carry the mystery of the universe with us, is a huge burden we carry around our neck. Until we remove the burden, the universe keeps challenging us to find out its secret. The burden of ignorance is the only burden we carry. Knowledge, by revealing creations greatest surprise and secret gets rid of all burdens.

To explode the mystery we have to explode the secret of ourselves.

Until it is pointed out, we don’t know let alone that we carry the secret but are the solution to the mystery. For your life to be meaningful and full, and life’s mystery to reveal itself, questioning the ‘I’ unblocks the Truth.  Questioning the questioner.

The question and questioner arising as a direct result of creation and our existence in it, answering the question of the questioner, answers all our questions. Not just of ourselves, but of creation.

Doubting the perceptions is the beginning of science. Doubting the perceiver is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.

Once you own your mystery, and your secret is revealed, the universe can play no more tricks on you. 

Not even death can trick you.

Only one thing is being challenged: ‘I’. Feeling threatened because of ignorance, ‘I’ not knowing itself, is already the Truth. We don’t need to feel threatened or vulnerable. Having already exploded in all of us as all of us, Truth is just waiting to be discovered. ‘I’ is the timeless nature Truth that is ourselves. Wielding the word ‘I’, the teacher of Atma Vidya Self-knowledge, by introducing us to ourselves, points out the Truth. Doing what generations of teachers have done before them: the teacher helps us recognise our ever present changeless glory by revealing our true nature.

Through the ocean of time one teaching of mankind; Atma Vidya has survived the test of time. To unlock the truth of being human and reveal our common secret; we don’t need to go anywhere. Already available we carry the only solution with us. Finally removing the burden of conflict, anguish and suffering, the teacher of Self-knowledge uses one word; the tiniest word in the English language, to point out the unlimitable – the Truth that is ever one Self.