Why what I teach is called Ishtam

Combining the teachings of Vedanta/Upanishads and ASTA YOGA of Rishi Agustya John calls what he teaches इष्टम् ISHTAM

‘Arriving in India, thirsty for knowledge, I finally met my Master through whose grace I discovered long before I had even looked for the Truth, Truth had already reached and found me. For impeccably revealing this timeless wisdom, I am eternally grateful to my Guru H.H. Sri Suddhananda Saraswati Swamiji, to whom I offer my eternal pranams. Without Swamiji’s grace and blessing this vagabond would still be a wandering, aimless, homeless sadhu.’


Describing himself as a vagabond, rogue and rascal John Weddepohl has been blessed with teachers.

‘Without Self-knowledge, one’s life journey is incomplete. Every journey has a beginning and end. Self-Knowledge, ATMA VIDYA, completes our life journey. Knowing oneself as the journey itself; the beginning and end of all journeys is इष्टम् ISHTAM.’

“Hearing names we forget the Nameless.

Seeing forms we forget the Formless.

  Listening to divine melodies we forget Silence.

Chasing rainbows we forget the light of our own Consciousness.

Seeking ourselves we forget our effortless Presence.”

S i d d h a r t h a n  –  J o h n  W e d d e p o h l

Without Self-knowledge, one’s life journey is incomplete.