The Greatest Secret

It is said nothing is new under the sun. When it comes to the human being, as the seer of time, Self outshines and outlives everything.

Described by Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita as brighter than a thousand exploding suns, shining through the mists of time, the Self and the teaching that reveals it Atma Vidya आत्मा विद्या; Self-knowledge, has always shone the brightest.

Resolving mans greatest mystery, the mystery and enigma that is ourselves and our human existence, Self-knowledge by revealing the truth of who we are, unlocks the universal secret and treasure and explodes the eternal mystery that is man himself.

Adi Shankara (509-477BCE) India’s great saint, spent his life dedicated to the revival of Self Knowledge.

Having stood the test of time, after saving countless generations before us from needless pain and suffering, flawlessly revealing the universal nature and true identity of who we all are, the teaching remains as ever fresh and inexhaustible as the day it first dawned and Truth was told.

When the teaching threatened to disappear 2500 years ago, to stop it going extinct, saving future generations, Adi Shankara (509-477BCE) India’s great saint, spent his lifetime dedicated to it’s revival.


“The secret to the teaching of Self-knowledge is in its methodology. After Shankara revived the teaching, priests thought to safeguard the teaching of Self-knowledge, they’d keep it secret and ‘in house’. “

Hidden in secrecy, getting lost in religious taboo and orthodoxy, it’s methodology forgotten, over time, Self-knowledge teaching became so secret it became secret even to the priests themselves.

Becoming a los teaching, had Indian modernists not stepped in and revived the teaching of Self-knowledge and rediscovered its methodology, Atma Vidya would have disappeared for good.

In the 21st century after translating Atma Vidya from Sanskrit into English for the first time, modernists are reviving the tradition of Self-knowledge teaching children in primary schools .

No longer the exception, to become educated and ‘enlightened’ to our true nature as human beings in Self-knowledge, is easy.

What was once thought exceptional and kept hidden in secret, no longer exceptional, consciousness being common and universal to all, is now available in English.

Through education, what once was once thought exceptional, becomes the new norm. Only a generation ago, a child being able to read and write would have been thought exceptional. Now through education, a child by the age of eight is expected to read and write or considered to have a learning disability. No longer the exception, Self-knowledge becomes common and, becoming educated and ‘enlightened’ to our true nature as human beings becomes n o r m a l.

The less we limit ourselves and more normal our human behaviour becomes. No longer governed and dictated to by ignorance, knowing ourselves as the Truth, we can no longer destroy ourselves and our environment and will look after the world we inhabit. Thriving on the truth, enjoying the wonderment of mother Earth we can go about saving rather than destroying the only Planet with chocolate.