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The great goal of all yoga is to awaken to the pure unbound intelligence and unlimited potential that is the human being.

For the boundless, unlimited Absolute, because it is the very nature of ourselves, we don’t have to do a thing.
Because I am already what I am searching for, knowledge is all that is missing. And here is the irony; if I look for it, myself being invisible, I never find it. And if I don’t look I also don’t find it. The ultimate catch 22, to find what I’m looking for, finding the right teacher who can point it out is all the effort I have to make.
By nature, the human being is already the Truth manifest. Just being born human, truth is already gained.
Born completely ignorant, no one knows it. For the knowledge of truth to be pointed out, as soon as I find the teacher who can point it out, if my mind is prepared, recognition is instantaneous and unavoidable. Having always been myself my secret while always present, being hidden I din’t know it. It turns out this is my only problem. To get introduced and get educated I need a teacher, someone having already had the Truth of themselves pointed out to them can show me. 

Once I know the truth of who I am, nothing adverse the universe can throw at me can ever overwhelm and get the better of me again.
My nature already timeless, if I am the Truth already, being Absolutely invisible, ignorance creates all my difficulty and conflict. 
Truth by itself is unimaginable. But one little glimpse, as the millions doing yoga and meditating will testify, is enough. Because the problem of my ignorance persists though, without knowledge, I can do nothing physically to give me the completeness I am looking for.
Being complete already, someone needs to point it out. My problem being my lack of knowledge, to help me see beyond it, I need a non-relative source of knowledge
. Already the Truth we seek, the teacher who knows the Truth knowing the Eternal, helps me by pointing it out.
Thinking the peace I find in a practice is absolute, a practice can only remind. Giving me a glimpse of the absolute peace that I am,  already being all there a practice can only remind me what is already there. It cannot reveal what I do not know. Giving only glimpses, millisecond bursts of comfort, for comfort to be permanent takes a teacher and teaching. To be the what it takes is absolutely effortless. Already being myself nothing I do can bring more closer than I am already. Already bringing the Truth with me, for someone to point it out is easy. 

The reason human beings exist is to uncover the timeless beauty that is themselves. The mystery that lies beyond all our ideas is beyond belief. This is the eternal secret that the creation is hiding from you. 
No greater mystery exists and there is no greater journey than the discovery of one’s own greatness.

Yoga exercise (yogabhyasa) – asana practice  – is the first step to discovering oneself.
Lying hidden you are the great gift your whole being has has been waiting for. Because so few know it, to find a teacher who can show you the Truth is a rarity.
While Hatha Yoga prepares your mind to receive your most precious gift in life the teachers job is to reveal it. Besides knowing themselves as Truth, the teacher must know the methodology of teaching. 

Life’s journey has prepared you for its outcome: the gift that is yourself. The journey beginning with you ends in you as yourself. You are the point of departure, the journey and end of the journey. There is no other destination.

The portion of the journey that has been missing from our lives until now is the gap that is ourselves.
Knowledge fills this vacuum. 

How to become our own ‘Wish-Fulfilling Tree’ – ISHTA-Mala  इष्ट माला | A Practice for Life
To be able to lift the veil and uncover our secret destination and nature, we need a body and mind that is prepared. Otherwise the journey doesn’t work and the destination is never reached.
The only thing standing between us and the destination is: laziness, death, illness or injury.

For it to be successful requires daily practice.
Doing I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला fits any lifestyle and ability and brings the destination closer. 
Adjusting according to time available and ability, once memorised I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला it becomes second nature Becoming your practice for life, to become adept takes just 20 minutes of practice a day.

Kaya Kalpam

Adhering to the timeless principles of the Tamil Siddhas, ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला is the real yoga of India. To live a positive, friction free lifestyle, ama, आम toxicity caused by wifi, air pollution and pesticides in the global atmosphere and food chain is difficult to overcome.
To open the body’s nadhis (energy flows) and allow life energy; ojas to flow and proliferate I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला gives the body the traction it needs. To deal with viruses and vaccines, the body needs help.
Just like the sun rising in the morning, I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला brings life force into the body giving us vigour and stamina wherever and whenever we need it.

ISHTA-Mala इष्ट माला, boosting ojas enhances our ability to ward off disease. Overflowing rasa, the sadhaka (practitioner) by milking the body’s juice, becomes the ruler of their empire.

S I D D H A N T A – The End of Yoga

Patanjali in his yoga sutra states –‘Sthira Sukham Asanam’  – (Patanjali Yoga Sutras.) “Asana should be steady and comfortable’. This turns out to be easier said than done. Anyone can sit still. But few can sit comfortably enough in Siddhasana to leverage the energy of the body through the breath .

Nadhis are the fuel lines which launch the rocketship. Once purified the nadhis, open the sluice gates of yoga. On able to sit in Siddhasana, signals the readiness for Kriya Siddha Meditation the pranabhyasa practice to begin.

SIDDHASANA is not called ‘accomplished pose’ for nothing. Hatha Yoga Pradipika emphasizes siddhasana as the foundation needed to milk the body of rasa, juice or sap, yielding amrit it’s nectar, the nectar of the gods. 
Ticking in the body like a time bomb is the heart. Tricking the body into releasing its juice, can lengthen our lifespan and trick death. Once rasa and ojas builds, pranabhyasa sadhana can expand the prana lifeforce.
swara स्वर, the flow of sun and moon energy is the goal of pranayama.
Starting with physical asana yoga can be achieved

Like trying to ignite an oil lamp without oil, without ojas, doing kriya yoga the lamp will not light. (see ISHTA Kriya Yoga इष्ट क्रिय)

Diet and Lifestyle. 
Succeeding in yoga means everything in moderation (Including moderation.) Called mithahari, sticking to a non-animal organic vegetarian diet is advised.
The body has to deal with all the food we put into it daily. If the food chain is contaminated the nadhis close and all the benefit derived from I S H T A Mala इष्ट माला is short lived.
To keep the energy flowing and dynamic you need to live consciously. What you eat, drink and the type of medication you take affects your outcome.

Mastering the magnetic flow of the Sun and Moon, swara स्वर, the magnetic life force fills the two main nadhis as pure magnetic dynamism. Filling the nadi’s, ojas, becoming rasa, becomes amritam, life’s divine nectar and starts vibrating as the divine sound nada.
Flowering in the knowledge of the Eternal releases the yogi from the fetters of karma. Living in full harmony with the flow of universe is jivamuktah – living liberated.

Having tamed the dragon, living synchronistically, siddhanta the end of yoga is accomplished.

How to live synchronistically and harness the pure magnetic dynamism as sun and moon energy in this lifetime is a secret of the Siddhas

Thousand year old Siddha Palm leaf manuscripts left by the Siddhas describe the 4448 diseases of man and give mankind the 4448 cures


The principle of Tantra (तन्त्र), Siddha Medicine, Alchemy and Ayurveda.
Consciousness is the thread woven in the tapestry of Tantra, Yoga and Siddha medicine (Ayurveda). The principle of using our limitation to free ourself of limitation comes from watching the behaviour of the body. The body uses whatever it falls on to lift itself. Falling on the earth, the body uses the earth to lift itself back up. Following the body’s example, tantrika’s use the body through which we as conscious beings ‘appear to’ fall, to lift individual consciousness.
Using the limitation of the breath to free the body energy and finally, the limitation of mind to free the mind the person is free.

The jiva (the individual) no longer imprisoned by avidya (ignorance), is no longer bound.

Throughout the ages, the goal of yoga has been one. Absolute freedom and liberation from all suffering – Moksha.

Our essential nature being free and eternal already means, to be free, we don’t have to go anywhere

 or do anything. Mankind is eternally free by nature.  But we are unable to recognise it until it is pointed out.

All the scriptures and teachings point this out.

Unaware that the consciousness is common, all that is needed to point out the truth is someone who knows. The eternal having always been reached the goal of immortality has already been won by birth. Unless we have it pointed out we struggle. No ritual or practice is need to get to what is already the Truth. Doing anything denies we are IT.
To be the eternal is EFFORTLESS. All that’s needed is a free person to point it out. The free person free of their ignorance is a happy person. The job of the teacher is to introduce us to to the happiness that we are already. Then knowledge and Truth being permanent happiness never disappears. Once we are introduced to ourselves, Atma Vidya, affirms our true nature and our journey having reached the final destination ends.

Finding out who we were, our destination is reached, and outcome is assured. Free to explore the timeless expanse,  keeping the body fit and healthy, the practice of yoga continues.
The truth being there already has always been our outcome and doesn’t need a practice. Having always been the Truth by birth, we just don’t not know it. This is what all the yoga texts talk about.
Discovering the bliss that is eternal, Satchitananda, knowing our secret, makes even death a joke.

Fully liberated jivamuktah while living, the successful yogi flowers in the absolute knowledge and truth that is themselves and is free to roam the vast expanse called universe. 

इष्टम् ISHTAM is resting in the knowledge of absolute power and completeness that is one Self.

Travelling and Revelling in the joy and freedom that is permanent is Moksha – this is yoga. (see ISHTA Vidya इष्ट विद्या ).

Om Namaha Shivaya – Shivoham Shivoham

Because the journey from absolute ignorance to absolute knowledge and freedom – is the most decisive, powerful and meaningful journey a person can make in their lifetime, it is advisable to get the right guidance.   

* The term इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA derives from Ishvarapranidana the heart of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. इष्ट माला ISHTA-MALA is a garland of practices that if done daily, balances the doshas and re-establishes ojas in the system. A healthy body paves the way for establishing a personal relationship with our Ishtadev – our personal deity and preference hence – Ishvara – God. The job of our Ishtadevata is to bring us to the Truth. With a prepared and clear mind, called adhikari, you are ready to catch a glimpse (darshan) of the Truth which was ever gained and ever existing as your own Self. माला Mala is a daily offering of Tapas at the feet of Isha the Divine. 

Watch the video trailer of  इष्ट माला ISHTA Mala on you tube


for a brief introduction to इष्ट विद्या ISHTA Vidya  and Self-Knowledge.